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Here is the story of a wonderful guy (A, hubs) – he happens to be a great husband, a fabulous father, a teacher, a serious sports fan (particularly a fan of Chicago teams), a Simpsons watcher, and a trivia buff.  He also has Cystic Fibrosis.  Me (C, wifey) – I’m a (super) wife, a (wonderful) mom, a bit of a science geek (I have a degree in Chemistry), an animal lover, and a shopaholic.  And I should warn you that I can be a bit very sarcastic – it often gets me in trouble.  I went through two rounds of IVF in order to have our miracle baby.  W (little man) – he’s currently 2.5 years old and perfect in every.single.way.  He is my everything and I’m constantly amazed by him.  Seriously, I don’t have words to describe how awesome he truly is.  Not to mention he is unbelievably adorable.  And last, but not least – Addie.  I’ll use her real name.  She’s our first baby; our fur baby, our rescue dog.  7 years old and 25 pounds of crazy.  She’s a Beagle/Jack Russell terrier mix.

Update:  After a third round of IVF, Baby S joined our family in February 2015.  He's the sweetest, smiley-est baby and the prefect addition to our family.
I should also mention I’m not yet comfortable with the entire world knowing who we are.  With that said, I will start with very few pictures and will not use names… not yet, anyway… we’ll see how the blog evolves over time.  Enjoy…

Meet the Westy's:
A: Husband, dad, teacher, sports fan, trivia buff, Simpsons watcher.  A was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis shortly after he was born.  He is currently 34 years old.  A is amazing at keeping up with his daily meds and treatments.  He's extremely easy going and patient and I greatly admire him.  A doesn't appear on the blog, but take my word for it - he's a handsome dude. ;)

C: Wife, mom, chemist, animal lover, shopaholic, undomestic diva.  New to the blogging world.  I am sarcastic, impatient, and a worrier.  A keeps me grounded and calm.

Together, we make a great team.

A and I were married on October 27, 2007.  A gorgeous fall day.

W:  Arrived on December 20, 2012.  He is named after his grandpas and amazes us every day with his sweet nature and new tricks.  His red hair garners lots of attention. :)

Baby S:  Arrived on February 5, 2015 weighing in at 10lbs 4oz.  My gentle giant.  He is the happiest baby you'll ever meet.

Addie: Our fur baby.  Named after one of the streets surrounding our beloved Wrigley Field.  She’s 7 years old and a crazy mix of beagle/Jack Russell terrier.  We adopted her from a local animal shelter and she’s brought so much joy… along with severe separation anxiety, leash aggression, and a hyper personality.  BUT she’s also extremely smart, loyal, and we absolutely love her.  She was my constant companion during IVF treatments and pregnancy.  She’s adapted well to W for the most part.

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