Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekend Recap

I’m so bummed to be back at work today and not feeling great.  Blah.  I loved spending quality time with all my guys.  How about a little recap?

I took Wednesday off so that we could participate in our second annual Kindness Day (read about last year's Kindness Day here).  Not only do we get to spread kindness, but we also have so much fun.  We started the day by boxing up some cookies, chocolates, and a Target gift card to give to our mail carrier.  Then, we headed out to Target and walked the store handing out $5 Target gift cards to 5 groups of people.  We generally chose groups with children and W handed over the gift card.  We loved wishing people a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope we brightened their days.  Next it was off to Starbucks where we bought coffee for a stranger and left a tip for the awesome baristas.  We also dropped off doggy treats at doggy day care and packed up a box of treats for our recycle man.  We finished our little outing by picking up Chinese Food and heading over to my mom’s house for lunch.  Such a great day!

Thursday morning, we watched the parade for a bit and then it was off to Nani and Papa’s house for Thanksgiving.  As always, Nani cooked an amazing meal… Hi, Nani… I think you’re one of the few people who reads this blog. ;)  It was just great to be surrounded by family… and food!!  I seriously LOVE all of the Thanksgiving sides.  Why can’t Thanksgiving be twice a year??  Anyway, the boys had fun with their cousins and I even got a little break when A took the boys downstairs to play.

Friday morning, my mom and I set out to do some shopping.  This has become our little tradition.  I didn’t need a ton (I do the majority of my shopping online), but I did manage to find gifts for all my nieces and nephews.  We also adopted a family for the holidays (another yearly tradition) and I found everything on their list.  A very successful day!!  We met the boys at our favorite pizza place for lunch and I’m happy to report that we all made it through the entire meal.

Saturday, we headed out to order food for W’s upcoming birthday party and stopped for lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant.  Once again, the boys were good… phew!  After S napped, it was time to decorate the Christmas tree!!  W was super into it and loved hanging all the ornaments.  S couldn’t have cared less.  However, now that the ornaments are on the tree, he loves removing them.  He is especially fond of the cupcake ornament and the Starbucks cup ornament.  This boy has his priorities in order!!  :)  Only two ornament casualties so far…

Sunday, was our usual routine.  I made dinner and it took twice as long as I anticipated, but ended up being delicious.  While, I was cooking, S went through the cabinet, found a jar of sprinkles, and emptied it all over the floor.  He then got his broom and attempted to sweep them up.

And that was our long weekend.  I love this season…

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Stitch Fix #12

Number 12?!?  Holy moly!!  It recently occurred to me that I never shared my latest Stitch Fix.  It was another great one.  I say that every time, but I think I’ve kept everything in my last 3-4 fixes.  Pretty impressive considering my stylist has never even seen me.

As always, if you’re considering giving it a try, I’d be so grateful if you used my referral link.

First up, the Stanley Striped Raglan Knit Top.  I have similar tops, but this was SO comfortable and I loved the loose fit.  It was almost “flowy”.  I’m a sucker for these types of tops and although I initially thought I might send it back, after trying it on, there was no way this baby was going back in the box.  I also loved it under my green cargo vest, which I wear all the time.  KEEP

Next, the Jana Poncho Pullover.  Confession: this was really the first item I tried on.  I wore it on Halloween while trick-or-treating with the boys and it kept me really warm.  I initially paired this with riding boots, but felt too covered up.  Does that even make sense?  I think I like it with flats better.  This is a true poncho in that the sides are open so definitely need a thin shirt underneath.  All in all, I loved this and I don’t really have anything similar.  KEEP

Next, the Borrego V-Neck striped sweater.  This was actually purple with magenta stripes – it’s difficult to see that in the photos.  The sweater was also somewhat loose, which I appreciated.  It seems sweaters in this style are usually really clingy or tight.  Again, I didn’t have anything similar in my closet and I loved the stripes.  This was also cute under a black vest.  I’m really into vests lately obviously.  KEEP

Then it was time for the purple Underwood Cardigan.  I loved the color and loved that this was a thin material and long.  My only concern was that I really didn’t need another plain cardigan.  I practically live in these and as a result, I have a ton.  BUT I don’t have purple.  I’m still on the fence with this.  I kept it, but may sell it in the Stitch Fix group I belong to. ???

Finally, the Bailey Open Cardigan.  This is the “I give up, just take the freaking picture because the boys are going bonkers in the background” pose. J  So don’t let the pose or my expression or the fact that A likely took this while being accosted by two littles distract you.  I loved this cardigan.  It just felt so cozy and I loved the colors.  I actually had this pinned and I’m happy I received it.  I’ve worn this already (actually I’ve worn all of these items except the cardigan), but I foresee having this on when it’s -35 degrees in January.  KEEP

So another Fix in which I kept everything.  My stylist, Kate, is amazing.  Since starting Stitch Fix, I’ve purchased a few items here and there from other stores, but this is where the bulk of my wardrobe has come from.  I just love it.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekend Recap

Happy Thanksgiving week!!  I really do love Thanksgiving.  Family, food, what more could you ask for?

This weekend was exactly what I needed.  We stayed inside primarily – our weather went from 70 degrees on Thursday to 20 degrees Sunday morning.  But I can’t complain – we’ve had some extraordinarily beautiful fall days throughout November.  Anyway, Saturday morning, A took S to school while W and I went grocery shopping.  W asked if we could stop at Starbucks and because I’m a pushover who was really in need of some coffee, I agreed. ;)  There happens to be a Starbucks inside our Target so it all worked out.  I swear we had been in the store for 30 minutes by the time we got our drinks and made a bathroom stop and we had zero groceries to show for it.  I’m happy W is mostly potty trained, but it means a bathroom stop (or two) everywhere we go.  A texted us as we were checking out and asked if we wanted to meet for lunch.  W picked BWW (not my favorite) and off we went.  Unfortunately, I didn’t bring the diaper bag since I hadn’t planned on meeting up with A and S so I didn’t have any milk for S or any distractions while we waited for our meal.  S got super cranky so we ordered an appetizer and milk in a straw cup.  S is going through a phase where he thinks he is a big boy and can do anything – i.e.  sit on the potty, sit at the table sans booster seat, drink out of a cup… Anyway, he got furious when we wouldn’t let him dip his chips in the chili queso (because he was double dipping and making a mess) and threw his cup down, which spilled all over the carpet at BWW.  So embarrassing.  We quickly finished up and headed home so that S could take a much needed nap.  I don’t think there will be any more lunch outings for a while.  Side note:  This boy can go from a crying/screaming mess to the sweetest little love… as I watched him wake from his nap, he grabbed his Winnie the Pooh Bear and just sat there hugging him until I went and got him.  He’s also been known to bear hug you and then quickly fall asleep on your shoulder. 

After S woke, we decided to decorate the house for Christmas.  W, my helper/decorator extraordinaire was totally in his element.  We got all of the d├ęcor out with the exception of the tree – that we’ll do next weekend.  The house looks so festive – I just love it!  We also had our first fire of the season in the fire place.  Alls well that ends well!

Sunday was our usual with a couple errands thrown in.  With the exception of the restaurant experience, it was a really great, low key weekend.  W asked if he could watch Charlie Brown Christmas and both boys loved it.  S burst into tears when it was over, which was so sad, but so funny.  I also sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer to S and when I was done, he yelled, “more, more!”.  I think I sang it 3 more times.  So so excited for the holiday season!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Thoughts

W's school was looking for volunteers this week.  Since I drop him off and pick him up and have already earned some volunteer hours, I asked A if he could miss a couple hours of school to help in W's class.  He agreed and W was so excited.  Normally, W's very much mommy's boy, but as soon as he woke up this morning, he exclaimed, "Daddy is coming to school with me today!!".  Aww.  They made "friendship soup" together and I hear that W loved every minute.

I finally got around to writing my latest Stitch Fix post - I'll share that next week.

I started ordering birthday and Christmas gifts.  Five packages arrived today.  Pretty sure the delivery man hates me.  Tis the season!

I love doing my makeup every day.  For me, it's fun and makes me feel good.  I've discovered a new lipstick that I'm obsessed with... Lipsense!  It lasts all day - through breakfast, lunch, etc. and still looks great!  And no, I don't sell it, I just love it.

Awkward lipsense selfie

I'm excited for Thanksgiving... my tummy is rumbling as I type that.  Yummmmm.

Happy Friday!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Weekend Recap

It was another insanely busy weekend in these parts.  A and I agreed that we need to find a baby-sitter one of these weekends so that we can grab lunch and have a little time to ourselves.  As fun as these weekends have been, I need a break from constantly being busy.  Anyway, our weekend…

My company had an event at the Museum of Science and Industry.  Basically, we got in free of charge and there was a room set up with snacks and beverages.  We left the house around 9:30 and arrived an hour later.  My plan was to see a few exhibits and then have lunch.  Well, you know what they say about plans.  After a trip to the hospitality room, 4 bathroom trips for W, and one exhibit, S lost it because he couldn’t sit in the tractor forever.  So we decided it was time for lunch.  Both boys were in a better mood after our $40!!! chicken finger lunch (what the heck?!?!) and we finally got to see a few exhibits.  The boys really enjoyed the transportation vehicles – cable car, steam engine, airplane and the model train that was set up to run in a giant display.  They also loved the chick hatchery.  W liked the miniature fairy tale castle (me too!) and S liked the butterflies projected onto a wall.  S was furious that I would not let him walk up and down the steps to the steam engine the entire time and had a little meltdown.  Suffices to say the trip wasn’t without its share of challenges (S!) and I think W had to go to the bathroom about 15 times, but all in all, we had fun and I was happy we went… until the ride home.  S started to cry.  I know drinks and the car do not mix and it was extremely stupid of me to give S milk.  My hope was that S would drink milk and fall asleep.  Unfortunately, he proceeded to puke all over – and then fall asleep about 5 minutes before we arrived home after a 2 hour drive.  W also spilled all his goldfish crackers in the back seat.  I seriously thought we might never make it home and you what’s worse than milk puke smell in an enclosed space?  Nothing.  That’s what.  We were all pretty worn out by the time we arrived home.

Even though everyone slept well, I was still tired the following day.  We did our usual church, Starbucks (thank God for coffee), grocery shopping routine and then it was time to head to my nephew’s birthday party.  The boys had fun checking out their cousins toys and they both ate cake, which was shocking since W is not a fan.  Sidenote: S was OBSESSED with this little ride on toy.  He seriously sat on that thing on and off for the 3 hours we were there.  I Googled it and found it for $29.99 on Zulily!  Score!!  I don’t think we need any more ride on toys, but for $29, I can make an exception.  I think he’ll love finding it on Christmas morning.  By the time we got home, S was so tired, he fell asleep at 6:30.  I cleaned up a few things and then headed upstairs to bed, exhausted.  Of course, I wound up with a major headache and barely slept… grr.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Anyone else feeling shocked and horrified today?  I've already come close to bursting into tears multiple times.  I don't understand.  I can't make sense of it.  I'm afraid for the next four years and I truly believe this country has taken many, many steps backwards.  And for those who say nothing will change, I call bs.  You just showed the world that a misogynistic, hateful bully can win, which is the opposite of everything I was ever taught.

So with all that, how about a tiny bit of good news (because I'm trying to muster a bit of optimism, though it is incredibly difficult in this moment in time)...

A had CF Clinic yesterday and all went well.  His lung function remained stable.  His weight was down, but only by 2 pounds, so nothing major.  W was good company and kept us entertained.  He also had the staff fawning over him.  We did see the doctor that A and I aren't so keen on, but she's going on maternity leave soon... winning!  I also may be talking to a few couples about our experience starting a family, which I'm excited about.  I learned a lot during that process and I'm excited about the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience.  I really feel like I could help and provide support.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekend Recap

We had nothing planned for the weekend (other than a haircut for me) and I wanted to make sure it stayed that way.  We’ve been so incredibly busy lately, I was in desperate need of some down time.  Our weather has been incredible and we spent much of Saturday outdoors.  W and A played at the park while S and I went for a walk.  I got my hair cut and changed it up a bit – shorter, added layers, and lowlights.  Not sure if I’m loving it, but trying to give it a chance and I really needed a change (just not sure this was the right change :\).  By the end of the day, the boys were worn out and went to bed early so A and I got to enjoy an episode of New Girl.  I also spent some time going through a stack of mail and gathering clothes to send for consignment.

Sunday was another beautiful day.  After church, Starbucks, and grocery shopping, we headed outside once again.  I raked leaves – 5 yard waste cans full, while A cut the grass and put up Christmas lights.  Note: we have no plans of turning the lights on any time soon, but it’s so much easier to put them up in 70 degree weather.  I made mostacolli for dinner and called it a day.

We received our family photos back from the photographer.  I think I look terrible in all of them.  Boo.  Scarves look good on everyone else, but I look like I have no neck and my hair looks crazy.  Double boo.  At least the boys look adorable!

Trying to respect A's wishes of not appearing on the blog... hahaha

I seriously cannot believe we’re into November – where is the time going?

And finally, A has clinic tomorrow so please send good thoughts our way. :)

Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Thoughts

I still can't believe the Cubs won the World Series.  Someone pinch me!!  The big parade and rally is today - our CEO sent out an email telling us we could go.  Best CEO ever!!  Unfortunately A had a work meeting he couldn't miss.  Adulting stinks sometimes!!

On a related note, since most of our nights have been dedicated to watching baseball games, my house has been neglected, I haven't been cooking dinner, mail is piled high.  It was worth it - but I'm looking forward to life returning to normal.

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and I'm considering a change.  I always chicken out and never follow through with a change, but I'm so fed up with my hair lately.

I complain a lot about our weather, but it has been absolutely perfect lately!!  60 degree weather in Chicago is practically unheard of in November.  Thank you, Mother Nature!!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

It Happened.

I must’ve been in about the fifth grade when my great grandma passed away.  I didn’t know her very well, but I remember my parents cleaning her house and helping pack up her belongings.  My dad generously gave me my great grandma’s television.  It was ancient, complete with an antenna and maybe 10 channel buttons – though it only got 4 channels and even those were a bit fuzzy.  But none of that mattered to me.  I was a kid with a tv in her room and I felt like the coolest.  One of the channels that old television picked up was channel 9 – WGN.

When I was in junior high and high school, I remember coming home and watching the Cubs on that antique television.  My parents weren’t super into baseball (my mom is now) so I’m not sure how I became so interested.  But I followed the team and developed a love for the so called “lovable losers”.  The Cubs had some decent teams throughout the years, but never made it very far into the post season.

In college, my friends and I were so excited to see the Cubs make the playoffs, we even decorated our dormitory window with the players’ names (and were later asked to remove them because it was considered a fire hazard).  We went to Wrigleyville during the playoffs and rooted for our team.  Most people recall the infamous Bartman fiasco and a World Series appearance was just not meant to be in 2003.  That also happens to be the year I met A, an even bigger Cubs fan than myself, and I remember texting him and exchanging emails about the Cubs.  He even sent me a newspaper photo of my favorite player.

Throughout the years, A and I have enjoyed so many games together.  Cheering on our beloved Cubs no matter how pitiful they were, never wavering in our support and devotion.  We had fun taking the boys to their first Cubs games.  And this year, we had the opportunity to attend 5 games, including one in Pittsburgh.

And then last night happened.  The moment we’ve been waiting years and years for.  The moment we thought would never ever happen.  Sure, we always hoped, dreamed, wanted, and wished, but the Cubs were known for losing in spectacular fashion and breaking hearts.  It was something we’d grown accustomed to.  Yet somehow, our team came back from 2 games down, winning three games in a row, winning in extra innings, to be crowned World Series Champions.

Some say it’s just a game.  But it’s so much more than that.  There is something to be said about supporting a cause bigger than one’s self.  The emotions that come with each victory or loss, the camaraderie with fellow fans, the passion, the perseverance, the inspirational moments that accompany a game, the vulnerability.  Supporting something you have absolutely no control over and keeping the faith isn’t easy, yet somehow it’s good for the soul.  And when the stars align and the impossible happens, the sheer joy is worth every heartache, every tough loss, every disappointing year.  In so many ways, sports are a metaphor for life.

No more waiting.  "Next year" is here.

If the Cubs can win a World Series, anything is possible.