Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Thoughts

Do you ever have days where something upsets you, but you can’t quite figure out why you’re so upset?  That was Wednesday for me.  On Tuesday night, information was released regarding promising clinical trial results.  A combination of drugs had resulted in improved lung function for study patients with specific CF mutations.  I got SO excited.  And then Wednesday, after doing a bit of research, I realized that the drug was not studied in patients with A’s mutation type.  At first, I was disappointed, but as the day went on, I couldn't stop thinking about it and I felt so discouraged and disheartened.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for those who will benefit from this drug.  Though it is far from a cure, it’s a step in the right direction.  But I’m so saddened that it won’t help A.  In fact, no drugs are approved to improve CFTR function for A's specific mutation.  I’ve been waiting 14 years (and I know that’s nothing compared to those who have been waiting a lifetime) and I’m tired of waiting.

The day continued with coworker moving into his brand new office (one of the perks that came with his promotion) and the rumor mill speculating that my job will be changing.  With new management, a change appears to be inevitable and I’m really nervous.  I’ve always enjoyed my job and I think my team does amazing work… so why change it?  Funny how decisions made to “improve business” don’t always seem to accomplish that objective and just add stress to the work environment.  By the end of the day, I was incredibly frustrated.

And then I thought to myself, why am I so upset?  Nothing has really changed.  I'm not worse off than when I started the day.  Does that even make sense?

With all that going on, I took a half day today and A and I are going on a little date (I had actually requested the time off prior to my challenging day and the timing couldn't have been better).  We’re seeing Beauty and the Beast and grabbing lunch.  I also booked myself a pedicure appointment for tomorrow.  Annnnd my next Stitch Fix arrives this weekend.  I peeked and it has lots of potential.  When the going gets tough, I always try to do a little something extra for myself.  Also reminding myself that I have a heck of a lot to be thankful for.  Sometimes those obstacles and hardships turn out to be our biggest blessings.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

IVF Consultation

A and I had our consult with our RE earlier this week.  Going into the consultation, I was convinced that our odds for having another baby were very low and had accepted that we'd remain a family of 4.  I was at peace with that conclusion.  Between the not so stellar ultrasound at my previous appointment and knowing everything we'd have to go through, I accepted that another baby was just not meant to be.

After talking with Dr. S., I'm more confused than ever.  He doesn't believe that insulin or CF in general has any negative affect on sperm quality.  In a way, this was frustrating to hear because it just seems that we should have better results.  And it seems many couples in which the male partner has CF require several tries at IVF.  I know IVF is not fool proof and each clinic is very different.  When I asked about this, I was told that 4 blastocysts out of 11 embryos was actually pretty good (and this was the best we've ever gotten).  But those blasts only resulted in 1 baby.  Dr. S. said that although I'm the dreaded 35 (my words, not his), it's still possible to have a baby and he's not very concerned about my age hurting our chances.  I asked how I could possibly go from an antral follicle count of 29 to 11 and if that drastic decline was typical.  He said no that it was very unusual to see such a dip and that antral follicle count changes monthly.  He said 29 was probably my high and 11 was likely my low and he expected that my count was probably higher than 11.  I'm not so sure, but he wasn't overly concerned and said he would change the protocol a bit for improved stimulation.  He also emphasized that quality was much more important the quantity.  A concept I understand, but I also know that more eggs equates to more chances for a baby.  I asked if he could give us an idea of our chance for success, knowing full well that the number was simply a guess, but I like numbers.  He said he would give us about a 40% chance of success for one embryo transferred (the same odds as our failed FET) and 55% for two embryos transferred.

I honestly have no idea what we'll do.  Some days I'm sure that we're done and I never want to think about IVF again.  Other days, I'd like to try one more cycle and even if it fails, I'll know that I tried everything.  I'm extremely torn.  Praying for guidance.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Recap

Happy to report that A seems to be feeling better.  He’s not even half way through his antibiotic, but he definitely seems more himself.  If you sent him some good vibes, positive thoughts, prayers, or anything else, THANK YOU!!  All well wishes are so very much appreciated.  I suppose A’s not completely “out of the woods” – I always worry about viruses affecting his lungs, but at least I know he’s feeling better and that’s most important.

Our weather on Friday was crazy.  It got up to near 80 degrees and then within an hour, it was in the 50s.  The boys spent as much time outside as possible and it was so nice to have a (very brief) taste of spring/summer.  We even got out for a long family walk.

Saturday, it basically rained the entire day – so depressing.  I took S to preschool and W went to swim class.  Both activities went well.  I scheduled a haircut for the boys and was absolutely dreading it since S screamed through the entire haircut last time.  Even W was complaining about not wanting his hair cut and liking it the way it was.  I told him he could have a juice box, gummy bears, chips, whatever he wanted if he cooperated and promised the same to S, though S doesn’t really understand bribes yet.  Anyway, much to my relief (and thanks to all the junk they consumed), both boys did relatively well.  There were still tears from S, but it wasn’t the scream fest we experienced last time.  And they both looked so cute!

I called my mom and begged asked if she’d mind if we came over for a bit.  I was just tired of being stuck in the house, but wasn’t sure what else to do.  She told us to come on over.  The boys played with Meiko the cat and had fun playing with a mix of toys they brought over and the toys Grandma keeps on hand.  We ordered Chinese food for dinner and relaxed.  It was a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Sunday was church and Starbucks.  Since it was pouring rain again, we headed to the mall.  I had hoped to get a photo of the boys with the Easter Bunny.  W obliged, though I think he thought the whole thing was ridiculous.  S just repeatedly yelled no and refused to go anywhere near the Easter Bunny.  Yet another photo fail – though I do think W looks adorable… maybe I can photoshop S. ;)

From there, I had to return a shirt and pick up my wedding ring, which was being repaired and polished (I had realized earlier in the week that one of the prongs was bent and the center stone was loose – so thankful I noticed!!).  When I got my ring back, I couldn’t believe how sparkly it was!  Guess I should get it cleaned and polished more often than every few years!!  I snapped a couple photos because I’m a dork, but also because I love things that sparkle.  Can’t believe I’ve had this ring for 10 years!  I still love it!

Then it was off to the indoor play place.  It may be a cesspool of germs, but the boys LOVED it and couldn’t get enough.  W also experienced his first crush when he fell in love with “the girl in the polka dot dress”.  As we headed out of the mall, he asked several questions and chatted on about her… “Where did she go?  I don’t see her.  Did she park by us?  I think she’s 4 like me.  I like her.  Where can she be?  How many exits are there?  Why don’t I see her?  Did she leave through a different exit?”  It was adorable and I felt sad for his 4 year old broken heart.  Maybe they’ll meet again someday. 

The day would not be complete without an S meltdown because I wouldn’t let him ride the escalator over and over.  I’m so mean.  (And I’m joking – both boys are usually really good when we’re out.  But poor S loves to have fun and just CANNOT understand why anyone would ever make him STOP having fun).  I was that parent getting all the looks because she had a screaming toddler in tow.  Oh well.  No one goes to the mall for peace and quiet, right?

All in all, a fun weekend in the books.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

A is still not feeling 100%.  He called his CF doctor on Tuesday and started an antibiotic.  He is getting his energy back and the congestion and coughing are definitely better – all great signs.  But his breathing isn’t completely back to normal and he just doesn’t seem himself, which concerns me.  Please keep him in your thoughts.  I always worry when he comes down with a nasty virus!

A had conferences last night so it was just me and the boys.  I made a yummy dinner (baked ravioli for me, spaghetti for the boys), gave both boys a bath, had a dance party with W, read books with S, and had both boys in bed (one asleep) when A arrived home just after 8.  I was feeling like super mom.  I was also tired and I’m so appreciative that A is such a hands-on dad!  And now that I just bragged about that, I’m sure tonight will be a disaster. J

We have rain in the forecast nearly every day next week.  How depressing!  I need sun!

I recently signed up to receive alerts from the FDA.  This was something I should have done ages ago given my job.  Better late than never!  Anyway, seeing approvals for new drugs gives me hope that there will be better drugs for CF patients in the future.  I just wish they’d hurry up!

Finally, my sweet S is having quite a few terrible twos moments lately.  Last night, he kept insisting on sitting on the coffee table.  I’d tell him no and take him off the table and he’d just laugh.  I gave him a time out and when it was over, he climbed back on the table.  He thought it was the funniest thing.  Stinker.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekend Recap

This weekend had a little of everything – good, bad, fun, exhaustion, etc…

I’ve mentioned a few times that S hasn’t been sleeping well and wakes nearly every night.  A and I are just going with it, chalking it up to molars, and hoping it’s a temporary thing.  We’ve been trying to alternate who gets up with him.  Anyway, Thursday night, S woke per usual and A got up with him.  Typically, we give him milk and he falls back asleep after some time.  But on this night, I could hear S crying/screaming for mommy, which he doesn’t usually do.  I was about to get up when A came in our room and told me S had thrown up everywhere.  Is there anything worse than puke in the middle of the night?!?  I went in and S was so upset/screaming/inconsolable.  He was also burning up.  I thought we might have to take him to the ER because I knew he had a high fever.  Have I mentioned that S refuses medicine?  Yeah.  I attempted to squirt some grape Motrin in his mouth only to have him gag and start spitting up more.  Eventually he quieted down and I rocked him until he fell back asleep.  I was still really worried about him, but he didn’t feel as hot to me.  I just prayed that some of the Motrin stayed in him.

When he woke on Friday morning, S still had a slight fever.  I gave him a bath and washed all his bedding and blankets (so thankful to be working from home that day!!).  For the most part, he was himself.  Unfortunately, A was now sick too. :(

Also on Friday morning, we had a leprechaun visit!  The boys made a leprechaun trap with Nani on Thursday and on Friday, discovered gold coins and 4 green gummy bears that the leprechaun left behind.  Upon seeing them, W said, “I eated the gummy bears, but I’m gonna save these two for my brother.”  Melt my heart. (He never says the past tense of 'eat' correctly and I find it hilarious)

S ended up taking a two hour nap and I was able to sneak Motrin and Tylenol in some apple juice throughout the day.

At one point in the day, I was working in the extra bedroom and could hear the boys coming up the stairs.  I looked out the door to see the boys holding hands as they reached the top couple steps.  W approached and told me my mom (who was watching them that day) was in the bathroom so he helped S up the stairs.  I’ve been waiting for this day for the past two years!!  It was so nice to see my two loves getting along and helping one another.

The remainder of the day was mostly non-eventful with S acting pretty normal and A continuing to feel worse.

Friday night, S woke again, as usual, but when I went in, he had no fever whatsoever and fell back asleep quickly.  A on the other hand, had developed a bad cough and cold.

Saturday morning, S woke totally fine with no symptoms whatsoever.  He had preschool and I figured it was ok to bring him.  We had fun painting, playing, and dancing, but at this point, I was so darn tired.  Getting up with S every night was getting to me.  After preschool we stopped at Starbucks and waited for A and W to come home from swim class.  Coffee has never tasted so good!

We were supposed to go to my mom’s house for St. Patrick’s Day dinner and I was really looking forward to it.  I offered to just bring the boys so A could stay home and rest, but he wanted to come with.  When we arrived, he headed straight to bed where he slept for the next 2+ hours.  Not sure why he didn’t just stay home. :)  The boys had a blast playing with my mom’s cat.  Not sure why they’re so obsessed.  S ate: corned beef, potatoes, cream of chicken soup, apple sauce, strawberries, ramen noodles, goldfish crackers, and then cake.  Needless to say, he was feeling better!  A continued to rest for most of the afternoon/evening.

Sunday, I suggested A stay home while I took the boys to church, but he was feeling a little better.  We did our usual routine of church, Starbucks, and groceries.  The boys are all about mommy lately and I have to share this prime example.  At Starbucks, the boys had to go to the bathroom so I asked A if he’d mind taking them.  I had to go too and just wanted to pee in peace (sorry, TMI).  While in the bathroom, I could hear S crying and W complaining outside the door.  I opened the door and they were both waiting for me to take them to the bathroom.  So even though A was offering to help and the men’s bathroom was empty, they waited for me.  What?!?  When it was time to go, both W and S wanted me to carry them.  Never mind that they’re both perfectly capable of walking.  I had picked up W first so my mom picked up S.  S was still fussing and reaching for me so I grabbed him with my left arm and had W in my right.  70lbs of children.  I headed to the door laughing because I knew I looked crazy and I just found the situation comical.  People were jumping from their chairs to open the doors for me.  I didn’t realize I was causing a scene.  When I got outside, S had already started sliding down and I set him on the sidewalk.  He was off balance and ended up “falling” on his butt.  Not a big deal at all.  A lady basically came running over and asked if he was ok.  The whole thing was just absurd. 

When we got home from grocery shopping, A told me to leave.  Something along the lines of “just get out and do anything.”  I can’t shower, go to the bathroom, put on makeup, or walk up stairs without someone following me or asking me questions.  It’s “mommmmyyyyyyy” all day long.  And for the most part, I don’t mind.  But it can be exhausting.  Especially this weekend when A wasn’t feeling well.  I declined A’s invitation to leave, but I appreciate that he understands how mentally and physically exhausting it can be.  Especially for an introvert like me who craves alone time.

Anyway, I ended up going to Target with W to pick out a new lamp for S’s room (the original had broken) and we finished the day by celebrating our nephew’s birthday with a little pizza outing.

When both boys were in bed and I headed into the bedroom to change into my pjs, I couldn't help smiling.  Yes, our days can be all consuming and exhausting, but it's a wonderful feeling to be so loved.  I wasn't sure what to expect with having boys, but my boys sure love their mom and I wouldn't change them for the world. :)

A still isn’t feeling great, but he does seem to get a little better each day.  Hoping he can shake this virus soon.  Of course he has conferences this week so it will be a long week for everyone. :P

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Return of Mommy Owl

For the past couple years, W's "security blanket" has been Mommy Owl.  She was handmade by my mom's cousin and ever since she arrived, she's become W's best friend.  She goes on vacation with us, often goes to dinner with us, goes to school every week, and sleeps with W every night.  W isn't always the nicest to her - sometime he makes her fly down the stairs or steps on her, BUT she remains his beloved best friend.

We had a close call a couple weeks ago.  When I arrived home with W after school, I realized Mommy Owl wasn't peeking out of his backpack as she usually was.  I searched my car and she was nowhere to be found.  I was almost afraid to tell W and when I did, he nearly cried worrying that she fell out of his backpack in the school parking lot and may be run over by a car.  I assured him that wouldn't happen and I'd head back to look for her.  Luckily on my way back, one of W's wonderful teachers called to tell me she had found Mommy Owl in the parking lot and that Mommy Owl was now having lunch with her.  So sweet!

Then this weekend happened.  When it came time for bed Sunday night, I couldn't find Mommy Owl, but didn't think much of it.  W is always losing her in the house and I figured she was in a toy truck or had "flown" to the basement.  He didn't seem to notice she was missing and we carried on with his bedtime routine.  When Nani texted me the next day asking about Mommy Owl's whereabouts, I began to get a little nervous - it occurred to me I hadn't seen her since Sunday morning.  I thought hard and suspected W had brought her to church.  We had also gone to Starbucks and the grocery store that day.  When I arrived home from work, A and I tore the house apart, looking everywhere for her.  I called my mom to ask if she remembered seeing Mommy Owl at church.  She had.  At that point I was certain she hadn't made it home, but I had no idea where or when she was lost.  To make matters worse, we had gotten snow and if Mommy Owl had been dropped, she was now buried in a couple inches of snow.  A called Starbucks and the grocery store while I continued to look in obscure places.  No sign of her anywhere.  I was sure she was gone forever and at this point, I was more upset than W.  Mommy Owl has a sentimental place in my heart and W didn't really understand that there was a very good chance we may never see her again.  In a last ditch effort, I posted a photo of Mommy Owl on the church Facebook page and A said he'd try calling church the following day.

Fast forward to Tuesday.  It snowed another 10ish inches.  If Mommy Owl was outside, we had no chance of finding her.  I really hoped she was at church - it seemed our only opportunity to get her back.  A called church and the secretary told him she'd check and call him back.  In the meantime, many Facebook friends had seen my desperate post and were sending hopeful thoughts and prayers.  It was really kind and very much appreciated.  About an hour later, I received the best text message from A.  "Mommy Owl has been found!"  I also received a reply to my FB post - "We have our sights on the owl!"  It was such a relief and W was thrilled.  We'll definitely keep a close eye on Mommy Owl from now on.  I feel like St. Anthony was especially watching out for us on the day.  So thankful for a happy ending!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekend Recap

We had a busy weekend complete with a couple “firsts”.  Friday afternoon was W’s first visit to the dentist.  I’ve heard lots of conflicting information regarding when children should have their first dental visit.  I hate going to the dentist so I was in no hurry to take W.  I asked my own dentist what he recommended and he said three years old was an appropriate time – which I interpreted as “I have until W turns 4 to schedule an appointment”.  I debated taking W to my dentist or a pediatric dentist.  I think A suggested a pediatric dentist might be a better fit and since I don’t love my dentist (there’s nothing wrong with him, I just hate going), I was for it.  W told me a couple times that he was nervous and we discussed how the appointment would go.  He wanted to tell his preschool teacher that he was going and seemed a little excited so that was a good sign.  Once we got there, the boys found a play area and loved it.  W could not have been better.  He answered all the dentist’s questions, told her his favorite food was strawberries (ummm yeah, right!), and followed instructions.  He was awesome!  We learned that W has a low frenulum and may require a frenectomy depending on how his adult teeth come in.  A little worried about that because I don’t want him to experience any pain.  Also wondering if this is why I had lots of trouble nursing him.   Other than that, the appointment went great.

We let W choose where to go for dinner and he chose a local pizza restaurant.  All was good until it was time to go.  W had a fit because I was holding S and wouldn’t/couldn’t carry him.  The boys are all about mommy lately and for the most part I love it, BUT it’s also very exhausting – mommy has to make breakfast, mommy has to buckle them in, mommy has to carry them, mommy has to push the cart they’re in, mommy has to get them out of their car seat… you get the idea.  I can’t even shower these days (let alone pee) without someone knocking on the door.  I know I’ll miss it someday.

Saturday, S didn’t have his preschool class so we got to watch W at swim class for the first time.  He did awesome!  After the awful soccer experience last year in which W refused to participate, it’s wonderful to see him actively participate in swim class, follow the directions of the instructors, and enjoy the class.  He kept looking up to where I was standing and smiling… and of course I waved too enthusiastically and grinned back at him. :)

After that, A and I had an appointment to drop off tax documents and then it was off to lunch.  I love Cheddars and I can’t remember the last time we were there.  We had to wait 25 mins for a table and the boys were troopers.  Aside from the 3 bathroom visits, S dropping his juice and having it spill all over the floor, and S getting mad that I would not allow him to push his chair over in order to get a better view of the fish in the fish tank, we had a great lunch.  S’s new thing is choosing an item for each family member.  So he picked out the W fish, the mommy fish, the Nani and Papa fish, etc.  It was cute.

Sunday was the usual.  We squeezed in a very cold family walk.  My team did not make the NCAA tournament (they were on the bubble) – not a fan of the selection committee.  And we woke up to a couple inches of snow today.  Very funny, Mother Nature.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Stitch Fix #14

Stitch Fix #14 arrived recently.  In the note to my stylist, I explained that despite our cold temperatures, I was ready for spring and hoped to receive some spring-like items.  I had pinned quite a few on my Pinterest board and let my stylist know that it would be a good place to start.  As soon as I received the shipping notification, I decided to peek and see what was headed my way.  And here’s where I sound like a spoiled brat… Initially, I was really disappointed and thought there was no way my usual stylist, Kate, had styled this Fix.  I was so sure this had to have come from a different stylist.  Then I came to my senses and told myself I was being ridiculous and maybe Kate thought I should consider stepping out of my comfort zone and try different items for a change.

It turns out that my intuition was correct and Kate was not my stylist this time around.  Although the items I received weren’t from my Pinterest board, they were spring-like and narrowly missed the mark.  When I examined them in person, I understood why the new stylist had chosen them.

First up, the Sana Floral Print Infinity Scarf.  Did I need another scarf?  Nope?  Was this one gorgeous?  Heck, yes.  I have to say that I think scarves in general look terrible on me.  They make my hair stick out and I look like I have no neck.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Instead of my hair looking full and like it has a lot of body, it looks more like a triangle.  Anyway.  I think everyone else looks great in them, but I can’t seem to pull them off.  I thought this particular scarf, however, was beautiful.  It was thin enough so I didn’t feel like it was swallowing me up or making me uncomfortably hot.  And even if it looks like I have no neck and my hair sticks out, I think the pretty floral pattern detracts from that.  Ha.  KEEP

Next, the jeans.  Apologies because I tossed the style card before writing down the name of these.  Through a search, I think they may be the Level 99 Giovanni Ankle Jean, but I’m not certain.  Another trend that looks good on seemingly everyone else, but not me.  I cannot do colored denim.  I think it just accentuates my bottom half and does nothing for me.  I also have trouble figuring out what tops to wear (besides black) with colorful jeans.  This mauve color seemed especially bad for me.  Colorful denim is really in for spring and I can understand why my stylist sent these, but they’re just not for me.  I’m a dark denim all the way kinda girl.  RETURN

Next, the Lailya Jade Bowie Dolman Sleeve top.  I believe the style card suggested this was a light gray, but it looked white on me?  A’s take on this was, “it’s not bad”.  I don’t want to look ‘not bad’; I want to look fabulous!  I didn’t like the fit of this top in my mid-section.  Notice how you can see the lines of my jeans through the top.  No thank you.  And I was even wearing a cami under this.  Also, this top was a bit boring for me.  I think it could look really cute with a spring jacket and scarf, but it wasn’t right for me.  RETURN

I tried on the Daniel Rainn Narcissa Crochet Detail Blouse next.  Daniel Rainn tops are almost always an automatic keeper for me and this was no exception.  I love the loose fit of his tops and the pretty floral patterns.  I added a bright pink cardigan to bring out the pink in the flowers, but I think this would also look great with a neutral gray cardigan and white jeans.  Perfect for work and totally my style!  KEEP

Finally, the Gilli Tahj Maxi Dress.  I had requested a specific maxi dress from my Pinterest board, but mentioned that I always have trouble with maxi dresses being too long.  The dress I requested had a teal top and floral skirt – I thought it was gorgeous.  I didn’t love the pattern on the skirt of this particular dress – I’m more of a stripes and florals girl and this was a bit much for me.  My stylist sent me a petite since I was worried about the length, but I felt like the fit was off for me.  The top didn’t seem to hit at the right place and the skirt could have been just a bit longer (though I’m sure the regular size would have been way too long).  I will say that this dress was incredible soft and comfortable, but it missed the mark on fit/style.  RETURN

2/5 this time.  Not bad.  And I'm already looking forward to my next Stitch Fix!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was non-eventful – just the way I like it!  Friday night was rough.  S has not been sleeping well.  I’ve read a few different articles that suggest when young children are learning something new or completing a milestone, they’re so excited, it’s hard to relax and they often don’t sleep well.  S has been talking up a storm lately and seems close to speaking in sentences so that may have something to do with it.  He’s also getting molars, which may have something to do with it as well.  If he naps, it takes an hour to an hour and a half to get him to sleep.  If he doesn’t nap, he falls asleep right away, but wakes in the night.  Either way, we’re screwed.  S napped really early (I think – it’s all a blur now) on Friday so we had hopes for a great night.  Haha!!!  He didn’t fall asleep until 9pm, was up again around 11:30pm, and up for the day around 6:30am.  I know W had lots of sleep issues around the same age too.

Because my husband is the best ever, he went out and picked up coffee, bagels, and donuts on Saturday morning.  I was so grateful!  S and I headed off to school and we had fun as usual.  S ended up getting more paint on himself than on paper and fell in the toilet, but we still had a blast.  Turns out that when he yells, “potty!”, he actually attempts to sit on the potty.  Now I know.  And luckily, I remembered a change of clothes!  Bonus points for me.  It was all great until it was time to leave.  At that point, S had an epic meltdown – he was tired, he didn’t want to leave, he wanted to play outside.  Naturally, the dad in front of us was taking his sweet time and blocking me from getting to S’s cubby.  I mean, if you see a tantruming toddler behind you, don’t you do everything you can to stay out of the way?!?  Oh well.

W had swim lessons and did well once again.  He had two other kids in his class this time and a different instructor (which seems strange), but did great nonetheless.

We finished the day by heading out for Mexican food.  The boys were great and as we headed to the car, I told myself to remember these days… holding hands with the boys and listening to them chatter away as they admired the lollipops they had selected from the restaurant made me smile.  Yes, there are meltdowns and time outs, but there are also sweet moments in every day.

Sunday was our usual.  W claimed he had a tummy ache and didn’t want to go grocery shopping so I went solo.  The boys played outside with A and I made dinner.