Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekend Recap

We had a busy weekend complete with a couple “firsts”.  Friday afternoon was W’s first visit to the dentist.  I’ve heard lots of conflicting information regarding when children should have their first dental visit.  I hate going to the dentist so I was in no hurry to take W.  I asked my own dentist what he recommended and he said three years old was an appropriate time – which I interpreted as “I have until W turns 4 to schedule an appointment”.  I debated taking W to my dentist or a pediatric dentist.  I think A suggested a pediatric dentist might be a better fit and since I don’t love my dentist (there’s nothing wrong with him, I just hate going), I was for it.  W told me a couple times that he was nervous and we discussed how the appointment would go.  He wanted to tell his preschool teacher that he was going and seemed a little excited so that was a good sign.  Once we got there, the boys found a play area and loved it.  W could not have been better.  He answered all the dentist’s questions, told her his favorite food was strawberries (ummm yeah, right!), and followed instructions.  He was awesome!  We learned that W has a low frenulum and may require a frenectomy depending on how his adult teeth come in.  A little worried about that because I don’t want him to experience any pain.  Also wondering if this is why I had lots of trouble nursing him.   Other than that, the appointment went great.

We let W choose where to go for dinner and he chose a local pizza restaurant.  All was good until it was time to go.  W had a fit because I was holding S and wouldn’t/couldn’t carry him.  The boys are all about mommy lately and for the most part I love it, BUT it’s also very exhausting – mommy has to make breakfast, mommy has to buckle them in, mommy has to carry them, mommy has to push the cart they’re in, mommy has to get them out of their car seat… you get the idea.  I can’t even shower these days (let alone pee) without someone knocking on the door.  I know I’ll miss it someday.

Saturday, S didn’t have his preschool class so we got to watch W at swim class for the first time.  He did awesome!  After the awful soccer experience last year in which W refused to participate, it’s wonderful to see him actively participate in swim class, follow the directions of the instructors, and enjoy the class.  He kept looking up to where I was standing and smiling… and of course I waved too enthusiastically and grinned back at him. :)

After that, A and I had an appointment to drop off tax documents and then it was off to lunch.  I love Cheddars and I can’t remember the last time we were there.  We had to wait 25 mins for a table and the boys were troopers.  Aside from the 3 bathroom visits, S dropping his juice and having it spill all over the floor, and S getting mad that I would not allow him to push his chair over in order to get a better view of the fish in the fish tank, we had a great lunch.  S’s new thing is choosing an item for each family member.  So he picked out the W fish, the mommy fish, the Nani and Papa fish, etc.  It was cute.

Sunday was the usual.  We squeezed in a very cold family walk.  My team did not make the NCAA tournament (they were on the bubble) – not a fan of the selection committee.  And we woke up to a couple inches of snow today.  Very funny, Mother Nature.

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