Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Return of Mommy Owl

For the past couple years, W's "security blanket" has been Mommy Owl.  She was handmade by my mom's cousin and ever since she arrived, she's become W's best friend.  She goes on vacation with us, often goes to dinner with us, goes to school every week, and sleeps with W every night.  W isn't always the nicest to her - sometime he makes her fly down the stairs or steps on her, BUT she remains his beloved best friend.

We had a close call a couple weeks ago.  When I arrived home with W after school, I realized Mommy Owl wasn't peeking out of his backpack as she usually was.  I searched my car and she was nowhere to be found.  I was almost afraid to tell W and when I did, he nearly cried worrying that she fell out of his backpack in the school parking lot and may be run over by a car.  I assured him that wouldn't happen and I'd head back to look for her.  Luckily on my way back, one of W's wonderful teachers called to tell me she had found Mommy Owl in the parking lot and that Mommy Owl was now having lunch with her.  So sweet!

Then this weekend happened.  When it came time for bed Sunday night, I couldn't find Mommy Owl, but didn't think much of it.  W is always losing her in the house and I figured she was in a toy truck or had "flown" to the basement.  He didn't seem to notice she was missing and we carried on with his bedtime routine.  When Nani texted me the next day asking about Mommy Owl's whereabouts, I began to get a little nervous - it occurred to me I hadn't seen her since Sunday morning.  I thought hard and suspected W had brought her to church.  We had also gone to Starbucks and the grocery store that day.  When I arrived home from work, A and I tore the house apart, looking everywhere for her.  I called my mom to ask if she remembered seeing Mommy Owl at church.  She had.  At that point I was certain she hadn't made it home, but I had no idea where or when she was lost.  To make matters worse, we had gotten snow and if Mommy Owl had been dropped, she was now buried in a couple inches of snow.  A called Starbucks and the grocery store while I continued to look in obscure places.  No sign of her anywhere.  I was sure she was gone forever and at this point, I was more upset than W.  Mommy Owl has a sentimental place in my heart and W didn't really understand that there was a very good chance we may never see her again.  In a last ditch effort, I posted a photo of Mommy Owl on the church Facebook page and A said he'd try calling church the following day.

Fast forward to Tuesday.  It snowed another 10ish inches.  If Mommy Owl was outside, we had no chance of finding her.  I really hoped she was at church - it seemed our only opportunity to get her back.  A called church and the secretary told him she'd check and call him back.  In the meantime, many Facebook friends had seen my desperate post and were sending hopeful thoughts and prayers.  It was really kind and very much appreciated.  About an hour later, I received the best text message from A.  "Mommy Owl has been found!"  I also received a reply to my FB post - "We have our sights on the owl!"  It was such a relief and W was thrilled.  We'll definitely keep a close eye on Mommy Owl from now on.  I feel like St. Anthony was especially watching out for us on the day.  So thankful for a happy ending!

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