Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Recap

Happy to report that A seems to be feeling better.  He’s not even half way through his antibiotic, but he definitely seems more himself.  If you sent him some good vibes, positive thoughts, prayers, or anything else, THANK YOU!!  All well wishes are so very much appreciated.  I suppose A’s not completely “out of the woods” – I always worry about viruses affecting his lungs, but at least I know he’s feeling better and that’s most important.

Our weather on Friday was crazy.  It got up to near 80 degrees and then within an hour, it was in the 50s.  The boys spent as much time outside as possible and it was so nice to have a (very brief) taste of spring/summer.  We even got out for a long family walk.

Saturday, it basically rained the entire day – so depressing.  I took S to preschool and W went to swim class.  Both activities went well.  I scheduled a haircut for the boys and was absolutely dreading it since S screamed through the entire haircut last time.  Even W was complaining about not wanting his hair cut and liking it the way it was.  I told him he could have a juice box, gummy bears, chips, whatever he wanted if he cooperated and promised the same to S, though S doesn’t really understand bribes yet.  Anyway, much to my relief (and thanks to all the junk they consumed), both boys did relatively well.  There were still tears from S, but it wasn’t the scream fest we experienced last time.  And they both looked so cute!

I called my mom and begged asked if she’d mind if we came over for a bit.  I was just tired of being stuck in the house, but wasn’t sure what else to do.  She told us to come on over.  The boys played with Meiko the cat and had fun playing with a mix of toys they brought over and the toys Grandma keeps on hand.  We ordered Chinese food for dinner and relaxed.  It was a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Sunday was church and Starbucks.  Since it was pouring rain again, we headed to the mall.  I had hoped to get a photo of the boys with the Easter Bunny.  W obliged, though I think he thought the whole thing was ridiculous.  S just repeatedly yelled no and refused to go anywhere near the Easter Bunny.  Yet another photo fail – though I do think W looks adorable… maybe I can photoshop S. ;)

From there, I had to return a shirt and pick up my wedding ring, which was being repaired and polished (I had realized earlier in the week that one of the prongs was bent and the center stone was loose – so thankful I noticed!!).  When I got my ring back, I couldn’t believe how sparkly it was!  Guess I should get it cleaned and polished more often than every few years!!  I snapped a couple photos because I’m a dork, but also because I love things that sparkle.  Can’t believe I’ve had this ring for 10 years!  I still love it!

Then it was off to the indoor play place.  It may be a cesspool of germs, but the boys LOVED it and couldn’t get enough.  W also experienced his first crush when he fell in love with “the girl in the polka dot dress”.  As we headed out of the mall, he asked several questions and chatted on about her… “Where did she go?  I don’t see her.  Did she park by us?  I think she’s 4 like me.  I like her.  Where can she be?  How many exits are there?  Why don’t I see her?  Did she leave through a different exit?”  It was adorable and I felt sad for his 4 year old broken heart.  Maybe they’ll meet again someday. 

The day would not be complete without an S meltdown because I wouldn’t let him ride the escalator over and over.  I’m so mean.  (And I’m joking – both boys are usually really good when we’re out.  But poor S loves to have fun and just CANNOT understand why anyone would ever make him STOP having fun).  I was that parent getting all the looks because she had a screaming toddler in tow.  Oh well.  No one goes to the mall for peace and quiet, right?

All in all, a fun weekend in the books.

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