Monday, September 24, 2018

Weekend Recap

We are taking full advantage of weekends and trying to squeeze in all the fall activities!!  This weekend was no different.  After I got a haircut on Saturday, we headed to a local corn maze along with Nani, Papa, and my mom.  Are corn mazes just a Midwest thing?  Assuming they are.  Anyway, with the exception of last year, we’ve gone to this corn maze for the past 10ish years or so?  We always have fun.  A is amazing at navigating through the maze – I just follow along.  We always have apple donuts.  The past few years, we’ve brought a wagon for the boys and it wasn’t easy pulling that wagon over the uneven terrain in the maze.  With both boys a bit older, we didn’t need the wagon and it was SO MUCH easier!!  This was probably my favorite maze year to date because the boys were super into it.  A or Papa would lead the way and the boys would often run ahead to find the check point.  It was as if they thought they were leading us through the maze.  W was awesome at finding all the numbered check points on his map.  We navigated the maze for over 2 hours and it wasn’t until the very end that the boys mentioned they were getting tired.  I was so impressed.  Once we finished, the boys picked out popcorn.  S was overly excited about his cheese popcorn.  In keeping with tradition, we headed to a nearby restaurant on a lake and watched the sunset as we ate dinner.  Such a fun afternoon/evening!  I thought for sure the boys would fall asleep on the way home, but no.  Also, S insisted on sleeping with his cheese popcorn.

Sunday was our usual.  The boys were a bit crazy (loud) at church and Starbucks.  I was so tired and once we got home, I tried to lay on the couch for a bit.  I think I fell asleep for about 5 minutes and when W noticed, he woke me up by beating on his toy drum.  How thoughtful.  We attempted to watch football and baseball – always a losing effort with kids, but on the bright side, our teams won.  The boys made a mess of the house.  I made dinner.  And that was our weekend.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Weekend Recap

Not a whole lot to report from our weekend adventures.

A attended Virtus training on Saturday morning (it’s a Catholic thing, but has to be done in order to spend any time in W’s school).  I was supposed to go too, but we couldn’t find a sitter for the boys.  Instead, the boys and I decided to check out the new park near W’s school.  I thought the park was so neat – artificial grass, lots of structures to climb, and a relatively big playground.  

W somehow skinned his ankle and seemed to lose interest quicker than expected.  Luckily A got out of the training early and joined us.  Since W was ready to go and S was not (so typical), W and I headed to the pet store to pick up more cat supplies while A and S stayed at the park.  We met back at home for lunch.  The boys played for a while, I made mac and cheese, and then it was time to head to the preschool picnic.  I serve on the school Executive Board with four other ladies and I’m really enjoying it.  The other ladies are wonderful and I honestly wish I could quit my job and work for a nonprofit educational organization – it won’t happen, but that is my dream.  Anyway, I enjoyed catching up with the ladies while the boys enjoyed a picnic dinner and running around the play area.

Sunday, we attended church at our new church.  It was packed and we sat in an area filled with kids.  There are times when I think my kids are too loud at church, but on this occasion, they looked like angels compared to some of the kids who were yelling and tackling each other.  Whoa.  We met up with my mom at Starbucks afterwards.  That afternoon, we had groceries DELIVERED.  What what?!?  This is a total game changer, friends!!  We decided to try it because it was free for the first delivery and the drivers can’t even take tips.  So we had nothing to lose.  We got all of our groceries, didn’t have to deal with 35 trips to the bathroom, didn’t have to listen to S ask to play with the toy cars, didn’t have to deal with kids throwing random junk food in the cart.  IT. WAS. AMAZING.  Grocery delivery forever!!!  

I made dinner, which I love doing on Sundays.  The boys were defiant and crazy for the second Sunday in a row.  I purposely try to keep Sundays free so we can have some downtime and prepare for the week ahead, but I’m starting to think I need to make more plans because the boys are bouncing off the walls while A and I question our sanity.  And that was our weekend.

Also, A had to head out to pick up something and when he returned, W declared, “Dad is home?!?  I was LITERALLY just in the garage!!”  How is my 5 year old speaking like a teenager?!?  What is happening??

OH!  I received another Stitch Fix.  It was a good one and I’ll share soon! J

Monday, September 10, 2018

Weekend Recap

What. A. Weekend.

Saturday started as a lazy morning.  My favorite.  The weather was cool and felt like fall.  We finally headed out late morning so the boys could get haircuts.  The lady cutting their hair was running a bit behind schedule and when we were finally finished, the boys were cranky because they were hungry.  After a quick stop at the bank, we grabbed lunch.  While waiting for food, the boys were given paper and crayons and told that if they drew a picture, it’d be hung on the wall with other drawings.  They took their job seriously and this was a great distraction while waiting for food.  I always appreciate when restaurants go out of their way for kiddos.  After lunch, everyone was full and happy and we made our way to the apple orchard.  This is one of my most favorite fall destinations.  Nani and Papa introduced us to this particular orchard 3 years ago and we’ve been going ever since.  Of course, I had to take this opportunity to dress the boys in some super cute fall attire!  At the orchard, we took hay rides, picked apples, played at the playground, rode the carousel, and visited the animals.  I let the boys each choose a treat.  In true form, W chose a lollipop and S chose a giant brick of fudge.  We had the best time!!  We even found the very same chicken restaurant we ate at last year for dinner and the boys got such a kick out of the giant rooster.  They asked to have their picture taken with it.  Such a fun day!

Swapped their cute sweaters for comfy attire :)

 Sunday was the usual.  After such a busy Saturday, the boys were cranky and just crazy.  I’ve decided we really need to partake in the grocery delivery service because shopping with the boys takes forever and I can only handle so many bathroom trips and meltdowns. A and I were counting the minutes until bed time.  On the bright side, I made white chicken chili for dinner and it was amazing!!  Will definitely make it again.  It was fun to watch football again, but not so fun to see the Bears lose in epic fashion.  All in all, a great (really busy) weekend.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Thoughts

This week, I’ve had to ask, “How did Mr. Chocolates end up on the light fixture?” and also “Which one of you used my deodorant to write on the wall?”  If you’re wondering, I think S threw Mr. Chocolates (and immediately burst into tears when he got stuck) and both boys thought it’d be fun to write on the wall with deodorant.  

I’ve learned that the cats eat any and all table food, including, but not limited to pancakes, mac and cheese, turkey sandwiches, bagels, sausage, and yogurt.  My kids have a tendency to not finish their food.  And I had no idea cats ate people food.  

I’ve had to Google ‘how to remove vomit stains from clothing’ (still not successful) and also ‘why do cats poop in laundry baskets’ (NO idea and hopefully it doesn’t happen again!).

And so I say bring on the weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

CF Blogs

My blog was featured on the My Therapy App site along with a few other CF blogs - most of which I already follow.  I love the summary that was written.  Check it out!  And follow the other fabulous blogs highlighted! :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Weekend Recap

I always have such a hard time returning to work after a holiday weekend!  And long weekends always seem to go so quickly!!  Boo.

Friday, a couple of my work friends took me out to my favorite Mexican restaurant for a belated birthday lunch.  The food was so so yummy and I couldn’t get enough of the guacamole – delicious!!  I got out of work a little early and we headed to my mom’s for our usual Friday night pizza.  I didn’t eat much because I was still stuffed from lunch.  Still a fun evening.

Saturday, we took my mom out for an early birthday lunch.  We decided to introduce her to W’s favorite: Cheddars.  Not exactly fancy, but my mom didn’t seem to mind.  

Once we got home, we decided to get out the fall decorations.  My favorite!  While I worked on the decorating, A headed to the grocery store.  We finished with decorations before A returned and the boys wanted to play outside.  It had rained most of the morning and there was finally a break in the rain.  The boys rode on their favorite scooters.  

At one point, S hit a bump and flew forward.  I knew it didn’t look good and ran towards him.  He had bit his lip hard and there was blood everywhere.  Poor guy.  I took him in to get him cleaned up and tried to convince him to have a popsicle, but he was completely inconsolable.  He finally calmed down and decided to lay on the couch to watch some video.  He was soon asleep.  It was only 5:30 and A and I debated if we should wake him or put him to bed and anticipate an early wake up.  We tried waking him, but he was not happy and just fell back asleep.  To bed he went.  Of course, right around 10:30, thunderstorms rolled through and S woke up.  A offered to go console him and ended up sleeping in his room most of the night.  Another round of storms came through at about 3:30 waking us up again.

Sunday, the usual church and Starbucks routine in the morning.  Our friends and their three girls came over in the afternoon to visit Franklin and Theo and have lunch with us.  Lots of good food and it was great to catch up.  All five kids played really well together and it was such a fun afternoon.

Monday, we went to A’s parents’ house for a fantasy football draft party.  Pizza, cake, and play time with cousins made for a fun afternoon.  Unfortunately, it was rainy again.  I've had enough rain!!