Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Recap

It was a very productive weekend for us!  I feel so accomplished when I can check things off of the old to do list.

We started with dishwasher shopping on Friday.  Exciting stuff.  Before we left the house, W was not happy about having to go.  He even told us he’d stay home alone.  Yeah, right.  Once we got into the store, he was in appliance heaven.  So so funny.  Hopefully the new dishwasher will work well and we won’t have to schedule any more repairs or wash dishes by hand (actually I don’t mind hand washing, BUT it does take quite a bit of time).  After that, we paid a visit to Nani and Papa since their house was virtually across the street from the appliance store.  The boys had fun checking out their basement and looking at the garbage cans?!?  From there it was off to pick up a pizza and have dinner at Grandma’s house.  All in all, a good day!

Saturday, my mom came over and watched the boys while A and I went car shopping.  I’m at a point where I’m quickly nearing the 100k miles mark on my little SUV.  It seems to be the right time for a new vehicle since I can still get something for my current car ($9000!!) and nothing has gone wrong with it YET.  We test drove two larger SUVs, both with a 3rd row.  Both were excellent.  The one I liked best is really pretty, BUT you have to remove a car seat to access the third row and that is not happening.  No point in having a third row if you can’t get to it!  The other SUV has captains seats in the second row, which I love, and easy access to the third row.  Just not as pretty as the other more luxurious SUV.  So after discussing, the choice was obvious.  Maybe I’ll get my pretty car in a few years when the boys are out of car seats.  Goodbye for now, pretty car.  J  After that, it was off to a haircut.  We finished the day by going out for ice cream.  The boys don’t quite understand the amazingness of ice cream yet.  A few bites and they’re done.  Very sad.  And since they both had the sniffles, I couldn’t even finish what they didn’t.  Boo.

Sunday, W woke up with a nasty cold.  AGAIN.  Seriously, the amount of colds we’ve experienced is ridiculous.  A and S went to church while I stayed home with W.  W spent much of the day napping or laying on the couch (so unlike him!!).  I took S for a walk and made a delicious pasta with broccoli and lemon cream sauce, while A grilled chicken to go with it.  So yummy.  Until next weekend…

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