Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Thoughts

Happy happy Friday!!

It’s been a tough week for the U.S.  So much tragic news.  As if the news itself wasn’t heartbreaking enough, some terrible people feel the need to judge and degrade others.  So unnecessary and insensitive.  My heart hurt reading the comments posted on some of those new stories (not sure why I felt compelled to do that – lesson learned).  So let’s focus on some good…

While A is home with the boys, he often sends me a picture or two (or five) during the day and I LOVE it.  I love seeing what all my guys are up to.  Here are my favorites from the week:

I got a text from a good friend last night asking if I had a minute.  I’ve known her since Middle School and a few months ago she confided in me that she and her husband had been trying to have a baby, but were unsuccessful.  I told her if she ever wanted to talk or needed someone to just listen, I was available.  So when I got her text, I thought she might want to discuss IVF.  Our conversation went something like this:

E:  I’ve been taking a music class, blah blah blah (she’s a music teacher)
Me: Sounds fun!  How long is it?
E: It’s only a week, but 8 hours each day.  It’s really great because we’ve discussed teaching little kids music – kindergarten and preschool.  We’ve even gotten into lullabies and chants and how music is important at a really young age, which has been really beneficial because I’m pregnant.
Me: That sounds great.  WAIT!!  WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?!?

I was over the moon so happy for her, I teared up.  She’s going to be an awesome mom.  She explained that she had started the process to begin IVF – initial appointments, tests, paperwork.  She had found out that her insurance covered nothing (which is such crap) and was preparing to sign up for some grant offered at the fertility clinic.  She had to sign up by April and got pregnant at the end of February.  So awesome.  After a rough week, this amazing news totally lifted my spirits.

W has completed his second installment of summer camp and he’s doing so well that we went ahead and signed him up for the next two sessions.  I guess he was hanging from the monkey bars yesterday and told his teacher that he was proud of himself.  Haha.

On tap for this weekend: Carnival, W starts swimming, and celebrating A.  Hoping it’s a good one.

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