Thursday, June 2, 2016

S at 16 Months

I totally dropped the ball and never posted a 15 month update for S.  Mom fail.  How about a 16 month update instead?

At 16 months, S is sleeping better (except for the past week for some reason).  Hallelujah… please say this will continue!!  He still wakes up once or twice a week, but goes right back down after a bottle.

He’s still a good eater for the most part, but seems to be a little more picky or have his own preferences lately.  He’ll almost always eat meat and strawberries and also seems to enjoy Mexican food.  He still loves his bottle/milk.  He seems to know how to drink from a sippy cup, but doesn’t want to.  Hopefully this changes soon.  So far, he isn’t a fan of water or even juice.  Funny enough, he ALWAYS wants his brother’s sippy cups though they are basically the same as his.

He’s developed a bad habit of watching TV.  We were good about keeping W away from the TV until he was nearly 2.  But I’m not sure how to let W have tv time without S also watching.  Hoping to work on this and make sure it’s off during the day during the summer, or only on when S naps.

On the bright side, S still loves to be outside and could easily spend the entire day outdoors.  This guy is my rough and tumble boy.  He’s always finding mud or mulch, always has food in his hair, and he’s always a sweaty mess.  W used to have a bath every other day and that was fine (and also good for his sensitive/dry skin).  Not so with S – there have been several days in which he gets 2 baths per day.

He still loves books.  Current favorites are Freight Train and the Hungry Caterpillar.  He also loves books with flaps and pop ups.

He seems to love sports and often points out footballs, basketball hoops, soccer balls, etc.  He also enjoys his toy basketball hoop and will continuously dunk his basketball.

S is starting to understand words and commands.  If you tell him to go get his shoes, he’ll head to the mud room and knows which shoes are his.  If you ask if he wants a bottle, he’ll run to the refrigerator and attempt to open the door.  We were reading a zoo book recently and got to the page with a monkey.  I told him what it was and he pointed to the monkey on his pajamas.

He suddenly has a mouth full of teeth.  They seemed to come in out of order – he has all molars, but still doesn’t have his bottom lateral incisors (I had to look that up – basically the teeth next to the bottom middle teeth).

He’s still a daredevil and climbs on everything.  He’ll also attempt to walk down the stairs by himself or get out of his high chair and stroller without assistance.

S is wearing mostly size 18-24 months and some 2T items.

He continues to be an easy going/happy little guy and if there was a guarantee that future babies would have his temperament and sweet nature, I’d have 10 more (not really, but he makes this parenting gig a lot easier).

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