Sunday, June 26, 2016

Friday Thoughts

W has now completed 3 weeks of “summer camp” and he continues to do amazingly well.  Sadly, that means we’re already 3 weeks into summer vacation.  Where is the time going?!?!

I’m getting a new car today!!  I finally made a decision on what type of car I wanted and we’re off to pick it up this afternoon.  I’ll share more when I actually have it.  W is very disappointed that I went with black instead of purple (not an option) or red (he doesn’t understand why I wouldn’t choose my favorite color).

Speaking of cars, have I mentioned that W’s new thing is identifying car makes?  He’ll walk through a parking lot naming them off… Honda, Ford, Mercedes, Toyota… it’s pretty funny.

In other exciting news, another Stitch Fix arrives today.  I requested summer tops and dresses.  We’ll see what shows up.  I’ll share the items as soon as I have a moment to try things on.

I have been bitten by the travel bug – lately I can’t stop thinking of vacation destinations.  Unfortunately, it’s a bazillion times harder to travel with kiddos (and a bazillion times more expensive).  We have our annual Maryland trip coming up in a couple weeks and I’m thinking an end of summer Michigan road trip may be in order.  I’ve actually never been to Michigan despite it being 2-3 hours away.  It would be fun to add another state to my list.

Finally, I have a family reunion this weekend!  I adore most of my extended family.  Guess I’ll just ignore the others… ha.

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