Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Recap

Holy. Moly. I have a lot to recap.

For starters, I wrote a post on Friday and forgot to publish it.  There was nothing very significant about said post, but if it seems strange that I posted “Friday Thoughts” on Sunday, well, now you know.

So Friday was a big day.  I met some former colleagues for lunch.  I hadn’t seen a couple of them in about 8 years so it was fun to catch up.  Then, it was off to get my new car!!  Very exciting!!  We’ve always worked with a family friend to purchase our cars.  As a side business, he helps people find cars for the best price and charges a small fee for his services.  Totally worth it to have someone else do the searching and negotiating!!  A had talked to the owner of the dealership prior so we had already agreed on the car model and had a tentative price.  After we got there and it seemed like everything had been worked out, the price they offered the new car at was $1000 more than the price given to us over the phone.  The dealer told us the car had upgrades.  Maybe so, but mama didn’t raise no fool!  After some negotiation, they lowered the price by $500 and offered me $1000 more than I had been quoted for my trade in.  I also argued the financing rate since A and I have excellent credit and got them to lower it by half a percentage point.  Hey, every little bit counts!  So at the end of the day (after 3 hours at the dealer), I felt like I got a great deal and I love my new Toyota Highlander.  The best thing about it is the third row and captains chairs in the second row (which allows easy access to the third row).  Also, the car reads me text messages and tells me the weather, which I didn’t even know was a possibility?!?!  W has been calling it my Toyota Calendar or Canada… hahaha.

Saturday morning, A installed the car seats in the new car and took the boys on a Starbucks run. J  That afternoon, W went to swim lessons.  He’s doing awesome!  So much better than soccer.  I guess soccer just wasn’t his thing. J  While W was there, S and I headed to my family reunion.  It was sooo hot and humid.  Uggh.  But we had fun and A and W eventually met up with us there.  My second? cousin’s (I have tons of cousins) son happened to be about 3 months older than S and kept coming up to him and bear hugging S.  It was so cute.  The boys got to play at a nearby park and we had some yummy food.  I loved catching up with family I hadn’t seen in a while.  Oh!  My dad was a huge Minnesota Vikings fan.  I have no idea why he chose that team to love, but he did.  Anyway, when my brother was little, my dad got him a Vikings football uniform and helmet.  When my brother grew out of it, he passed it on to another cousin.  Well, Saturday, my cousin gave me the Vikings helmet back for my boys.  It’s a bit beat up, but I love having that reminder of my dad. J  We finished the day with an ice cream outing.  Once again the boys had about 2 bites and were finished.  A and I decided that future ice cream trips will not include the boys. :P

Saturday night/Sunday morning, S was up for nearly 3 hours and ended up spitting up all over A, his blankets, and his rug.  It doesn’t get much better than cleaning up puke at 2am.  I have no idea what’s going on.  He had been sleeping well and seemed to be feeling fine.  Despite being so tired, we still kept our usual church, Starbucks, and grocery shopping routine.  The boys spent the afternoon playing in their kiddie pool.  I finally got around to trying on my Stitch Fix items – more on that in an upcoming post.  Basically, the boys were in full on meltdown mode while I was trying on clothes so that was fun.  I gave A a few new recipe options.  He chose spinach artichoke pasta so I made that for dinner and it turned out pretty good – except I haven’t mastered cooking for two adults so I ended up making enough pasta for a small army.  Oh well.  Definitely a great weekend!

Annnd for some reason, S was up last night for 2ish hours.  We even tried a bit of Motrin before bed, thinking his teeth could be bothering him.  Not sure what’s going on, but lots of caffeine in store for today!

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