Thursday, March 29, 2018

Stitch Fix #19

I’ve lost track of how many Stitch Fix boxes I’ve received.  I thought maybe this was #15 and I’m actually up to #19...  wow!  Prior to receiving this one, I only planned on keeping one or two items.  A blogger I follow and love recently started her own clothing line and I really wanted to purchase one of her pieces.  I love her fashion advice and love the opportunity to support other women!

As always, here is my referral link if you’re interested in giving it a try.

The first outfit I tried on was entirely Stitch Fix.  Let’s start with the Mia Belen Loafers.  These were so wrong for me.  I liked the idea of them, but I’m just not a fan of the loafer style.  I do love the red!  But I felt like Bozo. J  These shoes were too big for me and I didn’t think they were at all flattering.  Maybe if they weren’t so pointy?  These were a no.  RETURN  I really liked the Liverpool Elizabeth Super Skinny jeans and would have kept them, but wanted to stick to my budget.  These are the coveted pull on jeans that I previously received and Liverpool jeans are my absolute favorite.  I even requested these so felt a little guilty returning them.  Maybe I’ll request them again in a later fix, but I just felt like I didn’t need them.  RETURN  And finally the black Sweet Grey - McCarthy Woven Sleeve knit top.  I liked the fit of this and really liked the overall style.  It wasn’t a boring black top by any means – the sleeves and neck area made it more interesting with the sheer fabric and dots.  I also felt like this would be a great work top, but at the same time, it wasn’t too fancy and I could wear it while hanging out with the boys.  KEEP

Next, the floral Market & Spruce - Bambrey Cowl Neck Knit Pullover top.  When I peeked to preview what I’d be receiving, I thought this was a definite no.  The picture of it made the floral pattern seem very subdued and I thought it was a turtle neck.  It looked like something a grandma would wear.  And then when I tried it on, I realized I was completely wrong.  It was not even close to being considered a turtle neck and felt more like a sweatshirt with a front pocket.  And I really liked the floral pattern.  I absolutely loved this under my favorite cargo vest.  This is perfect for hanging out with the boys on a spring day, you know, if it ever actually warms up! KEEP

Finally, the 41 Hawthorne – Paloma Embroidered Trim dress.  I loved the material of this.  It was thick and stretchy and really flattering.  I also loved the embroidered cut out details.  Unfortunately, the fit was a little off for me.  I think the waist needed to be a little higher for my body type.  I also felt like this was a bit formal for everyday wear and I just didn’t need another work dress.  RETURN

Monday, March 26, 2018

Weekend Recap

Every Sunday night, we each take a turn and tell about our favorite moments from the weekend.  It’s become our Sunday night tradition and we all look forward to it.  I didn’t realize how busy our weekend actually was, until we were discussing our favorite things last night…

Friday night I picked up pizza and afterwards, we decided to open a science kit that the boys received for Valentine’s Day.  (In case anyone is interested, I recommend this one and at $9, the price is right! )

They each picked out an experiment and we had so much fun completing them.  BUT three year olds are impatient and do NOT really like to follow step by step instructions, nor do they like to take turns with their brother.  I’ll admit that as an analytical chemist whose job it was to follow instructions carefully and precisely every time, this was a bit stressful for me.  I felt like I was constantly telling S not to do something.  On the bright side, the next morning, he asked if we could open the science kit again.  We’ll definitely do more experiments, but this was a much better activity for W vs. S.

Both boys prefer to wear their Christmas footie pjs - I mean our "spring weather" still feels like December, so why not?

A and I finished the night with our little beer tasting and basketball, which turned out to be a lot of fun.  I found that I like amber ale, while A prefers pale ale.

Saturday morning, S woke up at 4am for the second day in a row.  It was brutal and admittedly, I was not in the best mood.  Mom needs her sleep.  When I asked S what was going on, he told me his ear hurt.  Aha!  He’s had cold symptoms on and off for a while, including a nasty cough that is finally improving.  I had a pedicure scheduled for 9:45am so A kindly offered to take S to the doctor.  Thankful our pediatrician has sick hours on the weekend!  I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that S is awful when it comes to seeing the doctor.  He starts crying as soon as we pull into the parking lot and doesn’t want the doctor anywhere near him.  I felt bad about not going, but went over how the appointment would go with S.  We sort of made a game out of looking in his ears.  And lo and behold, A reported that S was wonderful at the doctor.  I was shocked.  So A gets to take him from now on. ;)  The guys made it back before my pedicure appointment and even arrived with coffee for me.  YES!!

I appreciate the extra cuddles!
My pedicure was fabulous.  I really appreciated the quiet and relaxation.  And soon after I got home, Aunt S (my brother’s fiancé) arrived to watch the boys so that A and I could enjoy a lunch date.  We had a great lunch including a fabulous dessert and used a gift card so it was FREE!  Then we headed to the grocery store to complete our weekly shopping – so much easier sans kiddos.  It was wonderful to be able to relax and talk to A without any interruptions or bathroom breaks.  The boys were great with Aunt S.  She explained that she had to change S’s diaper at one point.  He told her she was using way too many wipes.  Her response: “I never do this!  I don’t know how many to use!”  We were both laughing.

A and I finished the night with another beer tasting, homemade sweet onion dip, and basketball.  Pretty sure I consumed about 10,000 calories that day.

Sunday was the usual morning routine that included a long Palm Sunday mass.  We decided to dye Easter eggs Sunday afternoon… another stressful activity for me that resulted in a few cracked eggs and spilled dye… eek!  But the boys had a great time and were disappointed that there weren’t more eggs to dye.  I’m the only one who eats hard boiled eggs so this activity is a bit of a waste, but oh well… we all had fun.

The guys are all on Spring Break this week… wishing we had warmer weather!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Thoughts

Hooray… we made it to Friday!

It was a long week because A had conferences.  He was stuck at school late and I had solo bed time duty.  No big deal, but it makes for a long day.  Nani was so kind and had the boys and me over for dinner on Wednesday.  Dinner was delicious and S fell asleep on the way home so it made for a much easier night.  Thank you, Nani!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I tell someone I will follow up when I have additional information and a few days later that person asks for an update.  IF I HAVE NOT YET PROVIDED YOU WITH ANY NEW INFORMATION, THAT MEANS I DON'T HAVE AN UPDATE.  Uggh.

For our anniversary, I gifted A with a subscription to a craft beer club.  Basically, he receives 4 different types of beer to try every other month.  He likes beer and I thought it would be fun to try something new.  What I failed to remember is that A does NOT try new/different things.  He is a creature of habit.  He brings the same lunch to school every single day.  Epic fail on my part.  So we have lots of unopened beer.  A and I decided we’d have our own little beer tasting tonight to find out if we like any of the new types.  I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I do love trying new things so I’m really looking forward to it.

Speaking of A, he has been a reading machine lately.  I think he’s finished nine novels in just a few months.  We decided to start our own little book club of sorts.  I’m going to read something he’s read and he’ll read the book on raising healthy boys that I’ve been trying to finish (I’ve learned I’m not so great at finishing non-fiction books) and we’ll discuss.

Earlier in the week, after one of S’s puke episodes, I jokingly asked on FB who would be watching my kids this weekend.  My brother’s fiancé responded right away.  I’m not really sure if she’s actually his fiancé because I’m convinced they’ll never actually get married, but let me tell you about her.  First, I need to explain that my brother is a total slacker.  I love him, but gosh, he is unmotivated and a free spirit.  The opposite of me in every. single. way.  He is unemployed and basically a mooch at the moment.  But then there’s his fiancé who is incredibly sweet, works at least two jobs, and is either pursuing her Master’s or a second degree (I can’t recall).  She loves my boys.  I remember one particular evening when we were at our usual Wednesday dinner spot.  My brother and his fiancé decided to join us.  While we were walking up the stairs, S tripped and bumped his chin on one of the stairs.  It looked like a scary incident and my new mom self would have panicked and run over to scoop him up and love on him while assessing his injuries.  But my seasoned mom self knew that his fall hurt, but also that this wasn’t a crisis situation and he’d be just fine.  I watched, though, as my brother’s fiancé, who happened to be closest to S ran over, scooped him up in her arms, and rocked him while saying, “Oh no, oh no...”  She reacted on instinct and her genuine concern for S was very obvious.  A later asked if I minded that she had intervened and was the one comforting S.  My response, “No, not at all.  I actually loved it.  Her concern for S was so aparent to me in that moment and he was comfortable in her arms.”  SO long story short, my bro needs to get his sh** together because I think this girl is way too good for him.  And I am so looking forward to a little lunch outing with A this weekend – it’s been a long time since we've been out sans children!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Weekend Recap

If I had to choose one word to describe this weekend, it would be vomit.

I know.  Gross.

I got home from work on Friday, pizza in hand.  I left the pizza on the kitchen table and dashed upstairs to hurriedly change into comfy clothes.  When I got to the bedroom, I quickly realized that Addie had puked after taking her medicine and left spots all over our bedroom carpet.  Spots that were impossible to clean.  Awesome.  I seriously want to rip all of the carpeting out of our house.  And if that weren’t enough, S puked in my bed after a coughing fit.  Super.

Saturday, we planned to grab lunch while A’s car was at the mechanic for an oil change.  We chose a nearby (crowded) restaurant that we just so happened to have a gift card for.  Lunch was going well when S starting having a coughing fit and puked all over the restaurant.  I know what you’re thinking… C, haven’t you learned your lesson by now??  And you’re right.  I should’ve known better.  S had been fine all morning, had lots of energy, but I should have known it would inevitably happen at the worst possible time.

The cutest Irish boys in town

Note S's painted toenails
On the bright side, the weather was nice and we got to spend some time outdoors.  So good for the soul!  Late afternoon, we headed to my mom’s house for our annual corned beef dinner.  W got to drive the Jeep again (after some initial hesitation) and dinner was delicious.  Corned beef, sides, and cake for dessert.  We headed home with full tummies.

S is obsessed with his jean jacket and W asked if I'd order one for him too. :)

I didn’t sleep well at all Saturday night, anticipating that S would wake up.  He did.  At 4:30am.  It was rough.  And he basically puked all day long after every meal.  A and W went to church while I stayed home with S. His cough was bad and I wondered if I’d have to take him to the doctor.  A kindly did the grocery shopping and I went on a solo trip to Target just to get a break.  S took several warm baths throughout the day.  I made a yummy dinner and we called it a night.

Monday night, S puked in his bed again.  Or as he says, “I pooked!”  Luckily, he seems to be on the mend and has hardly coughed today.  Phew.

I need a vacation.  The end.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Work, Life, and In Between… Friday Thoughts

It’s no secret that I’m unhappy with my job lately.  On Wednesday, I had a meeting with my new boss as I do every week.  I watched as he hesitated just a bit and then asked about my professional goals, where I saw myself in the future.  Internally, I panicked a little.  Should I be honest about how miserable I was, should I provide some vague response, should I pretend everything was ok?  I quickly decided I needed be honest and hoped it would be a catalyst for change.  I explained (in a professional and respectful manner) that a year ago, I liked the work I was doing.  I was challenged and on track for a promotion.  I was learning and developing professionally.  When the reorganization happened, my title changed to the same title I had four years ago.  It felt like a demotion.  Not only was I no longer learning and developing, but I felt like I had taken a huge step backwards in my career and in the work I was doing.  I felt like I was heading nowhere and I was incredibly discouraged and frustrated.  I told him that I could not be doing the same type of work a year from now – it was unfathomable to me.  That I absolutely needed a change.  I told him I had questioned my role and my future within the company numerous times.  And while I have a new project on the horizon (which I have not begun to work on yet), I still had concerns about my role and responsibilities.  We talked for an hour.  I explained that I was hesitant to discuss my frustration because I didn’t want to be labeled a complainer or uncooperative.  I was afraid my concerns and dissatisfaction would impact how I was perceived and ultimately my job.  And as our conversation came to a close, my boss thanked me many times for my transparency.  He said the ultimate goal was to keep me and if that meant moving to a new role or a new department, then so be it.  I’m not sure what further changes will occur or what the future holds, but I will say that it feels like a huge weight was lifted.  I’m proud of myself for speaking up.

On a completely different note, W has been asking for a sibling lately and it’s a little heart breaking.  I’ve tried to explain that my body can’t have any more babies – it’s just how God made me.  But that we do have an incredible family.  I’m not sure where he got this idea.  There are a couple pregnant moms at his school so maybe that sparked his interest.  I’m slowly coming to terms with accepting our family status.  ‘Accepting’ doesn’t seem like the correct term because I don’t think I’ll ever be completely fine with not growing our family, but I find myself not dwelling as much as I once did.  W then asked about a former classmate, David, and pointed out he had several siblings.  I had to think for a moment because I didn’t remember exactly who David was.  And then I realized David was adopted and had three adopted siblings (plus two biological siblings!).  I explained that yes, I would be open to adoption, but I didn’t think it was going to happen.  By that I mean, I’m open to adoption, but at this point in time, I’m just not willing to go through all of the financial, legal, regulatory, etc. hoops.  Perhaps that means I’m undeserving.  But it would basically take a birth mom reaching out to A and I or a baby appearing on our doorstep and that’s not going to happen.  So family of 4 it is.

And on a much lighter note, we have no major plans for the weekend.  Just a corned beef dinner at my mom’s.  I’m desperately in need of an uneventful weekend and I couldn’t be happier about having no plans.

Sadly, Addie doesn’t seem to be getting any better and it appears there isn’t much we can do (aside from major surgery that offers no guarantees of full recovery).  We’re just making sure our girl has lots of love and treats.

S appears to be getting yet another cold.  His second one in just a couple weeks.  That means that A and I will be cleaning a pukey mess because puke is inevitable every time S gets a cold.  I need a vacation.

Speaking of vacation, we booked our annual trip to Maryland.  Yay!!  But now I’m worried about Addie and her care while we’re away. L

I can't end this on a sad note so are you all doing March Madness brackets??  I am currently in very last place.  Number 22, baby!!  You may find that sad.  I, however, think it's hilarious!  Someone has to bring up the rear... haha!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Recap

Such a busy weekend for us!

Throughout the day on Saturday, W kept a running total of how many errands/destinations we had completed and how many we had left.  I have a feeling this boy is going to be great at math!  We started with a trip to the bank.  W has started doing chores and earning an allowance and both boys had birthday money to deposit.  We’re mean parents and make them put any money they receive into savings. ;)  It just so happened that the “Easter Bunny” was supposed to be at the bank so we decided to accomplish several things at once.  Per usual, S wanted nothing to do with the Bunny – he’d only wave from afar.  But W humored us by sitting next to the Easter Bunny for a picture.  Are kids really supposed to believe that this is the Easter Bunny?  I’d be very skeptical if I were them.  I can’t blame S for keeping his distance. 

From there, we had to drop off documentation to have our taxes prepared.  Every year, I say I’m going to be more organized and keep all necessary receipts and necessary documentations and I suck at it.  BUT A and I are at least good at keeping track of expenses and deductions and always have that organized – our tax preparers/accountants have complimented us and it makes me wonder if other people just throw a bunch of receipts at them.

The boys were getting hungry and cranky at this point so the next stop was lunch at W’s favorite restaurant.  We were also running late.  We ate as fast as we could and headed to our next stop (stop #4 if you’re keeping track): haircuts for the boys.  The boys were great, thankfully, and they looked adorable when they were all done.

Next stop: a quick trip to Target to pick up birthday cards for our final stop, a birthday party.  I always forget to buy cards ahead of time.  We made it through Target and W mentioned something about the Target Starbucks.  In full disclosure, I was wanting a coffee myself so I offered to get the boys drinks (apple juice) as a reward for being so well behaved throughout our several errands.  And that was my mistake.  S could not understand why nothing was written on his Starbucks cup in the usual black Sharpie and had a meltdown.  Because these things are of the utmost importance when you are three.  So I carried him out of the store screaming.  A classic mom mistake – instead of getting the hell outta there on a high note, I had to stretch it.  BUT I did get my coffee so there’s that.

Finally, we headed to a birthday party for our friends’ three girls.  The boys had fun playing and A and I had fun catching up with friends – something we don’t get to do very often.

It was a crazy busy day and I was exhausted when we finally got home.

I woke up the next day so tired and cranky.  Damn time changes.  I really despise them.  We did our usual routine.  I began organizing items for the consignment store.  A did all the laundry and took the boys outside for a bit.  I made dinner.  And that was our weekend.

Friday, March 9, 2018

S at 3

The two comments I hear most often regarding S are “he’s so big” and “he’s so happy”.  Lately, I’ve been asked quite a few times if W and S are twins or if they’re really close in age.  S has always been off the growth charts and that remains true.  He’s tall for his age and I love that he’ll eat almost anything.  He definitely has a major sweet tooth and has been known to ask for cake or cookies for breakfast.  Also, DONUTS.  I’m sure we’ll share many sweet treats together in the years to come. J  I also think that at some point, he’ll level off – A and I are not even close to being considered tall so I can’t imagine S being well over 6 feet.

As far as happiness goes, S can find joy wherever he goes (except for the doctor’s office) and in whatever he does.  He just exudes happiness and is usually found with a smile on his face.  He’s always been that way and I consider myself incredibly lucky to experience and cultivate his jubilant spirit.  I never have to worry about S fitting in or taking on a new endeavor – he just does it.  With that said, he is 3 and being 3 comes with stubborn streaks and the occasional tears when things don’t go his way, but he rebounds to his happy self quickly.

You can often find S with one sock off or both socks off.  I re-read his one year post and apparently, this has always been his “thing”.  He also wants to take off his shoes wherever we go.  At a restaurant, grocery store, church, wherever, he’ll ask, “I take shoes off?”.

He just loves to have fun – even if it means getting in trouble.  He often tests limits by jumping on beds, standing on chairs, and climbing furniture.  At school, his teacher’s only concern was that S sometimes finds “naughty behavior” fun (or funny) and will join in even when he knows it’s against the rules.

He seems to have natural athletic abilities and can easily climb, throw, etc.  I’m anxious to sign him up for sports and discover his interests.

S still adores his brother.  This hasn’t changed over the years.  One thing that HAS changed is the boys now play together well and communicate.  They certainly have disagreements and argue over toys, but they’re also really sweet to one another.

S communicates really well.  Talking seemed to come rather easily to him.  He speaks in complete sentences and has a rather large vocabulary.  He knows all letters, numbers (through 10), colors, and has even begun to identify some words and spell his name.

S is incredibly sweet.  He gives hugs freely and often and it melts my heart every time.  He’s been known to yell, “Mommy!” and then run at me for a giant bear hug.  Lately, before tucking him in for the night, he’ll tell me he loves me and then declares, “I love everyone in the whole world”.  No doubt this world needs more of that.  He’s told me that I’m his best friend ever and asks to cuddle.  I can’t get enough.

He LOVES to be read to and will remain attentive through an entire story.  Pete the Cat, The Little Snowplow, Apples and Robins, and garbage truck books are his favorites.  He’ll easily go through 8-10 books in a day.

He is NOT potty trained and has been fighting potty training and diaper changes like a champ.

He enjoys painting and coloring and often comes home from school covered in paint.

Outdoors is still his favorite place to be and we are eagerly awaiting warmer weather.  He’ll ask to go outside or to the park multiple times per day.

I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am for this boy.  I love watching him learn and grow.  He and W have quite different personalities and it’s been amazing to see each boy become their own unique person.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Weekend Recap

Not too much to report from the weekend.

On Saturday, we finally made it to the restaurant S affectionately refers to as “Cluck-a-doodle-doos”.  I had promised we’d go for his birthday and it ended up snowing when we wanted to go.  W tells me they have the best chicken there (even though he initially did NOT want to go) and S can’t get enough of the French fries and homemade chips.  Obviously it’s a very healthy choice.  But I was happy to have finally fulfilled a birthday promise.

Sunday was our usual.  We met up with a family friend (or maybe more of an acquaintance?) who will likely be watching S next year, 2 days per week.  I’m really hoping this works out for the best.  She loves the boys and talked about spending a lot of time outside, which is great.  But she also asked if I had a back-up plan, which made me nervous.  We will see…  It’s definitely going to be a big change having W in school all day every day and having to get him there by 7:45… gasp.  I can’t even get myself out of the house by that time so getting both boys out the door is going to be really challenging.  On the flip side, I’ll be able to start work a little earlier.  The school schedule this year has been tough on me since the boys don’t start or finish school at the same time.  I’ve been super stressed about making sure I’m getting in enough hours for work and have worked some nights to catch up.

Nani and Papa are on vacation this week so I took Monday off to watch the boys.  W had the day off of school for Casimir Pulaski day so we decided to grab lunch and go to a local museum.  A had a workshop to attend and was able to meet us for lunch and my mom decided to join us too.  With the exception of S dropping his drink no less than 3 times, it was lots of fun.  After lunch, we headed to the "museum".  I would NOT classify this as a museum at all, more like an indoor play area, but it was super cute.  The boys had a blast and we were the only ones there.  When we left they both described it as “really fun” and we can’t wait to return.  Mom win!  I loved hanging out with the boys all day and told A that I was quitting my job.  If only… ;)