Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Stitch Fix #13

I think the photos are especially bad this time.  Do I say that every Stitch Fix post?  Probably.  But I attempted to take photos right after Christmas and the house looked like a toy explosion.  This was pretty much the only spot that wasn’t a complete disaster and the lighting was horrible.  My apologies.

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I actually opened up my Fix at my mom’s house because she loves seeing what I receive and I was anxious to see too.  Upon opening the box, I really liked everything, however the Lada Cowl Neck Sweater looked enormous.  I knew that was intentional and it was the style of the sweater, but I thought it would overwhelm me.  And I was wrong.  While it was big, it was also so soft and warm and I loved the oversized look (especially since I’ve gained weight)!!  I thought the color looked great on me too.  It looked adorable with the Black Cordelia Skinny Jeans I requested and booties and I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this considering our temperatures are supposed to be in the teens for the next few days.  And these jeans were awesome.  I have no black skinny jeans so I requested a pair and Kate delivered.  KEEP and KEEP

Ok, just ignore the print - I was trying to remember the lipstick shades I was wearing.  But this gives a close up of the beautiful colors in the sweater.
Next, the La Roda Pullover Sweater (also paired with my black skinny jeans and my awesome slippers).  I had this pinned and I love that Kate checked out my Pinterest board.  The sweater is a pretty dark blue.  I wore this the day after Christmas when my side of the family came over for brunch and it seemed perfect for the occasion.  Cozy and casual.  The photos don’t do it justice, but I liked that this was a longer length and somewhat fitted without being too clingy. KEEP

Then it was time for the Novah Elbow Patch Textured Cardigan.  I also had this (or something similar) pinned.  I wear long gray cardigans all the time because I’m always cold and gray goes with just about everything.  This is the softest cardigan I’ve ever encountered and I loved the elbow patches.  I’ve had this for about 10 days and have probably put it on 5 of those 10 days.  It’s that soft and comfortable.  KEEP

My other pair of awesome slippers.

Finally, the Sylvester Split Neck Blouse.  Do you like how S is trying to pull me away?  He was very neglected for the 5 seconds it took to take these two photos. :)  This is one of my absolute favorite colors to wear and I liked that the blouse had a little stretch to it.  Blouses like this are great for work and I love that you can layer them under a cardigan (see previous always cold statement).  I would not recommend wearing this to the movies because I somehow ended up with several popcorn kernals down my shirt… classy. ;)  KEEP

I thought each of these pieces was great for work or a day at home.  Once again, Kate nailed it.  Now if only I could get some decent photos… ;)


  1. Cowl neck sweater - amazing!

    Slipper game - strong!

    Elbow patches - my favorite!

    Your eye makeup (esp. mascara) - runway ready!

    Another great Stitch Fix. With so much cold in the forecast, you'll put all those cozy sweaters to good use. I'm always chilly, too. Again, your eyes makeup is lovely. Oh that little gingery bugger of yours, like mom isn't allowed a MINUTE to herself. So cute - while driving you nuts! I remember those days...

    1. Thanks so much! I've always enjoyed makeup. I know some find it superficial, but I think it's fun and it makes me feel confident, happy, and put together. :)