Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Thoughts

The new year has brought a few challenges our way.  A’s car wouldn’t start one day and we had to call a tow truck.  It turned out to be the battery, as we suspected.  For some unknown reason, A was unable to jump start his car, hence the tow truck.  We also had to purchase new tires and A also needs new brakes.  He’s not the best at maintaining his car. :\  Then we received a call from the tenants in our townhouse.  Apparently one of the pipes to the toilet leaked and soaked through the floor so there is a large water mark on the ceiling below.  Seriously?!?  I know these are just inconveniences, but still very frustrating.  And I’m sure that will be a costly repair.  I look forward to the day we can sell that house.  Unfortunately, right now, I think we’d just break even on what we owe.  Damn housing market crash.  Oh, and did I mention our property taxes for the townhouse (which is hilarious because townhouse = NO PROPERTY) increased and we have to pay an extra $250/month?  What.the.heck??

Since our failed FET, there is a pregnant lady everywhere I go.  I’m not even joking.  Grocery store, restaurant, Starbucks, library, church...  On the day of my blood test, I was leaving work and a colleague stopped me in order to introduce me to his daughter who just so happens to be pregnant with twins.  Impeccable timing.  And why does she get two??  While I’m learning to accept our situation and I think I’m doing well all things considered, I’d be fine without the constant reminders that I am not having a baby and everyone else seemingly is.

So happy it’s Friday, but not so happy that we have a really busy weekend ahead.  Here’s hoping I can find some downtime.  Also hoping that A and I can catch up on This is Us.  Love, love that show!

How about something a bit more uplifting?  Both boys love when I pretend to be a monster and chase them around the house.  S has starting asking to be chased by yelling Ma!, grabbing my hand, and then running from me while looking back to make sure I’m in pursuit.  Their little legs move as fast as possible through the kitchen and living room, while laughing the entire time.  It’s something I never want to forget.

When I dropped W off at school today, two of his teachers asked how dinner was on Wednesday?  Apparently they had commented on W looking so dapper and inquired why he was dressed up.  He told them it was because he was having dinner at the country club.  I can’t stop laughing.  Technically we did have dinner at the country club, but it’s very casual, dinner is buffet style, and we are the only patrons under 80 years old.  We all love going because the people we meet are incredibly kind and dinner is delicious and cheap.  It does not require dressing up – we all wear jeans, but I love that W thought he should look the part.  Bahahaha!!  The truth is I love dressing up the boys.  I figure I only have so much time before they have their own opinions on what to wear.  Also I wish I was princess Kate and love dressing the boys like they’re ready for a play date with Prince George. ;)

Happy Friday!

We started wearing our valentine gear... Eligible bachelors in the house! :)

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