Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Stitch Fix #5

Stitch Fix #5 was a good one!  I received this fix right before Thanksgiving.  I usually wait and check everything out with my mom and A.  I love getting their input.  But this time, A had conferences and my mom wouldn’t be at my house for a couple more days so I caved and took a peek.  I have no patience whatsoever and couldn’t wait 3 more days with that unopened box sitting around just begging to be viewed. J  My initial reaction was ehh… not that exciting.  But the more I thought about the contents, the more excited I got.

I waited for my mom and A to actually try items on with the exception of this scarf - hence the poor quality phone photo.  I requested a scarf to go with my green jacket from the previous fix.  In my mind, I was picturing a plaid scarf with red and green.  When I saw the blue, it totally caught me off guard because I was so sure I was getting something with red.  But I LOVE LOVE this scarf.  I love that it’s an infinity scarf and super soft.  Scarves always make me itchy, but not this one.  I had to wear it right away.  Octavia Chestnut Checkered Infinity Scarf - KEPT

I requested a blazer because I’ve seen some cute ones in others’ fixes.  Blazers are perfect work attire and also keep me warm – I’m the one who’s always freezing and keeps a heater under her desk.  This Le Lis Grenaa Knit Blazer was awesome.  The material was really soft and the length was perfect for my long torso.  It can be dressed down with jeans or dressed up with black pants.  I love it.  KEPT

I also requested plaid (lots of requests and my stylist totally delivered!!).  I adore the plaid top I got in fix #2, which is funny because I didn’t have anything plaid in my closet prior to that fix.  But I love plaid under sweaters and cardigans – it’s a perfect cold weather print.  I received this Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt from Market and Spruce and thought it was really cute.  I love the colors and style of the top.  KEPT

And finally the Loveappella Berni Lace Detail Knit Top and Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant.  Both of these items were super comfortable.  It seems like Stitch Fix always sends tops and pants that are made from high quality materials.  The pants were flattering and the added lace detail on the top was enough to keep it interesting.  Again, I liked the longer length of the top.  KEPT and KEPT

So initially, I was convinced that I’d be sending a few items back and I ended up loving everything.  :) Kudos to my stylist!

And a big thank you to A for taking pictures - so much easier than trying to use the tripod and way better than my terrible selfies!! :)


  1. I love the clothes that you got in this Fix. The scarf is very pretty and looks soft and warm. The blazer also looks great and you can get many uses out of it. I love the jeans, they look great. Their jeans are slimming. I have similar jeans and they are super comfortable and also look good on me. Well, I just wanted to say you got a great Fix. I always look forward to getting mine. You also have a beautiful family.

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment!! I have to give my stylist, Kate, all the credit. She's been awesome and I feel like she really knows my style. :)