Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

Both boys have been battling colds for the past few weeks.  It seems like as soon as one is getting over a cold, the other is getting a new one.  S came down with cold number 2 Monday night.  It was strange – he went to bed just fine with no symptoms and then was up all night coughing and congested.  I was up from 1:30am off and on.  I think I slept maybe an hour from  1:30 to 5:30am.  Thankfully I worked from home Tuesday.  Both boys seemed better today, but I told my mom to call if she is concerned about anything.  Anyway, I wanted to talk about Thanksgiving before we get too far into December.

As I mentioned, I had 5 blissful days off.  I already detailed Wednesday.  Tuesday, I attended parent/teacher conferences for W.  My very first parent/teacher conference.  And as stupid as it sounds, I was actually nervous.  What if the teacher had concerns?  Would I hear something that would surprise me?  My worries were eased very quickly.  No concerns from the teacher whatsoever.  I asked if W talked much and his teacher told me W talked when he had something to say.  This is me exactly.  My teachers always commented that I was really quiet in class, but if I had something to say, I would say it.  W’s teacher said that W often repeated rules to the other students!  Yes!!  Love my little rule follower… now if only that were the case at home.  Ha.  But I’m very proud of him and so thankful that school is going well after getting off to such a rough start.

So on Thursday, we all headed to Nani and Papa’s house for Thanksgiving.  My mom and my brother joined.  It was awesome to have both of my families together.  W ate more turkey than I did.  He could not get enough and kept asking for more.  He was also a big fan of the red jello.  I think S was a little confused by the whole thing, but he also enjoyed some turkey.  All in all, it was a really great day with family and I stuffed myself silly.  Seriously, I LOVE Thanksgiving food.  Yum!!

Friday, my mom and I hit the stores.  We do this every year and we always have fun together.  I do the majority of my shopping online, but my mom doesn’t even have a computer so she gets a lot of her shopping done on Black Friday.  The stores weren’t super crowded and we found lots of bargains.  Also, I saw a lot of people criticizing Black Friday shopping on FB.  If you don’t like it, then don’t participate.  But condemning others for shopping is a little ridiculous.  Black Friday is beneficial to the stores and employees who work on commission and some people (my mom and myself) enjoy it.  So people can shut it with their judgmental comments.  ANYWAY.  We had fun and were done shopping by 12:30pm.  Afterwards, we met up with the boys at one of our favorite restaurants for pizza.  We headed home and W took a 3 hour nap!! And S took a 2 hour nap!!  AT THE SAME TIME.  That’s happened NEVER.  It was awesome.

Santa??  Are you out there??

Saturday was spent grocery shopping, putting up Christmas lights, and decorating the Christmas tree.  W was really into the decorating the tree and I loved every minute of watching him place the ornaments.  He keeps asking me to come look at the tree with him – we may leave it up until February (kidding… maybe).  I just LOVE everything about Christmastime.

Sunday was our usual.  A and I got lots done around the house and I began preparing for W’s 3rd (say what!?) birthday party that will be this Saturday.  It was so great to have 5 days together and I'm looking forward to more time off with my family as we approach Christmas.

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