Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Florida Vacation Part 2

Wednesday was a pool day.  The neighborhood had this amazing pool… actually, 3 different pools along with a Tiki bar and restaurant.  A and I took advantage of a couple tropical fruity drinks – my favorite!  W loved the pool.  S liked it too, but wanted to walk in by himself – little daredevil that he is.  I also think it was just a tad cold for him.  The sun was bright that day and we all got a bit burned despite wearing (and reapplying) sunscreen.  We had lunch at the pool and went around the lazy river too many times to count.  W disappeared for a while with Nani and we came to find out that they were hanging out by the water slide having a blast.  All in all, a really fun day.  We noticed that S’s eyes were really bothering him that afternoon.  They were completely red and teared nonstop.  We think he may have had sunburned eyes… or it’s possible that the chlorine and/or sunscreen bothered his eyes.  Not sure.  He would not keep a hat on or wear sunglasses.  Luckily, he was much better the next day.

Thursday, we headed to the Magic Kingdom again.  I was a little nervous after our first trip.  When we arrived, I asked W if he wanted to pick out a pair of sunglasses.  He said yes and I really hoped he’d wear them – he’s not typically a sunglasses wearing kind of kid, but the Florida sun was intense.  He found a pair he liked and did not take them off the entire day.  He absolutely loved them.  We went on Pirates of the Caribbean first.  I do not remember getting wet on this ride, but we happened to be in the row that got shot by the water cannon.  S was not a fan of the water, but W loved it and said it was his favorite ride.

 We had lunch at a random Asian/African restaurant that served chicken noodle soup.  Thankfully W ate a lot (he didn’t eat much the entire trip) and S liked it too.  We also went on the Buzz Lightyear ride and flying Dumbo thanks to Fast Passes.  S cried when we got off of Dumbo – he absolutely loved all the rides.  A took W on the teacups while S napped and W had a smile plastered on his face the entire time.  We went in the Hall of Presidents where W fell asleep – haha – totally my son.  We eventually met up with the family for dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern.  Though the service was a bit slow, the boys loved the ham and turkey and I loved the mashed potatoes.  When we came out from dinner, it was pouring rain so we decided to call it a day.  We got drenched on the way to the car, but despite the rain, it was a magical day.  A and I both had so much fun with the boys and it made me incredibly happy to see them so excited.  I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t go on more rides after dinner and A and I never got our funnel cake, but all things considered, we had a blast.  It’s a day I won’t forget. J

Friday, the boys played with their cousins while A and I packed and prepared to leave.  It was rainy once again so I suppose it was a good day to leave, though I wasn’t quite ready.  We ran a couple errands and picked up lunch for the boys.  We headed to the airport and the traffic was absolutely crazy.  It’s as if the entire state of Florida forgets how to drive in the rain.  We tried to stop twice for gas, but couldn’t figure out how to get to the gas stations – Florida also enjoys frontage roads that are impossible to get to.  I had dressed the boys in long sleeves and pants in preparation for the cold weather at home.  I think being hot and being in the car forever took its toll on S and he puked all over himself and car seat.  This has never ever happened before and it was definitely not the best timing.  I told A to pull over and started cleaning up a hysterical S.  Poor guy.  I also yelled to A, “F the gas, let’s just get to the airport!” (we were laughing about this last night… I hardly ever swear, but I think this situation provided good reason).  It was also very fortunate that W had fallen asleep, because I’m sure he would have participated in puke fest upon seeing S.  We finally got to the airport after 90+ minutes in the car.  Luckily I had packed a change of clothes and we wiped down S and the car seat.  Once in the airport, S was his usual, happy self – trekking all over the terminal and waving at passersby. You would have never guessed what just happened.  Our flight home was delayed 30 minutes.  It was uneventful, except for the last 15 minutes when the boys had had enough.  Can’t blame them.  It was past their bedtime at this point.  They both cried a bit, but it wasn’t a big deal.  One lady came over to us and told us not to worry, that it was always worse for the parents and the passengers weren’t bothered.  Such a nice thing to say when we were just ready for the day to end.

So that’s it.  I told A that I was really looking forward to more family vacations and perhaps we needed to take a spring break trip every year (or every other year) even if it was just a short road trip.  Quality time is my love language and though there were a few challenges along the way, I really enjoyed spending the week with family.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Florida Vacation Part 1

Is there anything more depressing than returning to work after vacation?  Hardly.

Our Florida vacation went better than expected and I wish we could have stayed longer.  Spring Break for A and my niece and nephew occurred early this year and as a result, it happened to fall between two busy weekends.  In retrospect, it was probably a good thing – apparently the Disney Parks are expected to be even more crowded this week as more people are on Spring Break.

Monday, A and I got up at 5am.  We wanted to leave the house by 7am and also had to get Addie to doggie day care.  Of course S took this opportunity to sleep the longest he ever has.  He went to bed around 7:30-8pm and woke up just before we left the house.  I’m not sure what to attribute the amazing sleep to.  He had some enchilada on Sunday so maybe Mexican food had something to do with it.  Mama loves Mexican food too!!  We also discovered that S appears to be getting molars.  So strange because he only has 5 other teeth.  He’s definitely not following the baby teeth chart.


I pride myself on preparing for trips.  I had ordered handles for the boys’ car seats that allowed us to pull the seats through the airport with the boys sitting in them.  Once we figured out that it was easiest to push the boys’ car seats instead of pulling them, we were golden – unfortunately, it took me tipping W over to discover that.  Oops.  He was totally fine and it’s funny now.  With these, we didn’t need a stroller and the boys got a kick out of riding in their car seats.  Highly recommend.

The TSA workers asked us if S could walk through the metal detector and we thought it was worth a try.  S started off well, but tripped right in the detector.  With his hands on the floor and butt in the air, he froze.  It was so funny.  We kept trying to get him to stand up and walk through, but he wouldn’t even look at us.  I think it gave everyone a good laugh and we eventually made it to our gate.

I filled backpacks for the boys with special treats and items to keep them busy on the airplane – chips, goldfish crackers, new books, a Water Wow tablet, Spot It game, and stickers for W.  Yogurt bites, goldfish crackers, new books, a Water Wow tablet, and a new toy for S.  I also stocked the diaper bag with extra clothes, books, bottles, and a cup for W, and had apps on my phone.  The boys loved their treats and S fell asleep on the plane.  They were awesome little travelers.


Once we landed in FL, we had to get our rental car, which took forever.  When we finally had it, A had to install the car seats, which took a while and then it was another hour to the rental house.   So the majority of the day was spent traveling and the boys were amazing through it all.  W was so confused about why we had a different car and why Nani had a different house.  I explained to him several times that we were borrowing them while on vacation and for the rest of the trip, he referred to them as our borrowed car and Nani’s borrowed house. J  Speaking of the borrowed house, I was a little nervous about the layout and where we’d be sleeping, but it was great.  A and I were in a room with S and W had his own room.  I was thankful for that arrangement since S woke up a few nights and W slept well in his own room.

After arriving at the house and grabbing a late lunch, we headed out for a walk to check out the community pool.  It was awesome.  There was an adult pool, a kids' pool, and a lazy river with water slide.  There was also a Tiki bar!  I can’t remember the remainder of the evening, but I think we relaxed and went to bed early.

Tuesday, it was off to the Magic Kingdom.  As we were driving into the parking lot, I got ridiculously excited.  I absolutely love Disney World and couldn’t wait for the boys to experience it.  I had stayed on property in the past and didn’t realize how much time it would take to actually get to the Magic Kingdom – park, walk to ferry, wait for ferry, and then boat ride.  W really liked the ferry boat ride, but once we finally got into the Magic Kingdom, he got super cranky.  Our first stop was the Aladdin Magic Carpet ride.  We figured both boys would love it.  While in line, W whined and cried because he wanted to be picked up.  I picked him up for a bit and then he had a meltdown because he didn’t want to ride the ride.  He LOVES rides and I have no idea what the problem was.  I’m guessing he was tired after our day of travel and also hungry.  Never a good combination.  I put W on the ride despite his protests and he cried until almost the very end, when he decided he actually did like the ride.  Ugh.

Afterwards, we decided it was time for a snack.  A and I love the Dole Whip so we shared one and got W pineapple juice.  I figured if he didn’t like it, I certainly would.  He couldn’t get enough and was in a better mood, thankfully.  I tried to get W on the Jungle Cruise ride next, but he kept complaining that he didn’t want to go on the boat.  We eventually figured out that he thought we were going back on the ferry boat to leave and he wanted to stay.  By the time we figured that out, S had fallen asleep in the stroller.  A suggested the It’s a Small World ride.  For some odd reason, he actually enjoys that ride and I was happy to stay with a sleeping S while he took W on the ride.  I attempted to go in a couple stores, but the shops are not very conducive to a double stroller so I gave up.  Apparently W loved the ride and S woke as A and W were finishing the ride.

I knew W would need a diaper change after all the pineapple juice so that was our next stop.  Upon hearing this, W had meltdown #2 because he didn’t want said diaper change.  After waiting in line with a crying W only to find out the family restroom had no changing table, I was very frustrated.  I picked W up and headed to the women’s restroom.  Amidst the meltdown and flailing arms, as I picked him up, W somehow scratched my face.  It definitely wasn't on purpose.  I didn’t realize it stung until after the diaper change and when I touched my chin, I noticed I was bleeding.  Perfect.  A crying toddler (who now had a leaky diaper and wanted to be carried) and a bloody chin.  All I could think was “happiest place on Earth, my ass.”.  I was not having fun and I totally could have handled the situation better.  I remember telling W that I was "so mad at him right now".  Not one of my finer moments.

After that fun, it was off to lunch.  We had reservations at the Crystal Palace and even though we had reservations, we had to wait 30 minutes to be seated.  Thank goodness Nani and Papa were there to help and I got a little break from angry W.  He had some lunch and was finally in a much better mood.  We also got to meet Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore during lunch, which was lots of fun.  S could not get enough of the characters.  He hugged Pooh bear and would not let go.  So cute. J

After lunch, Nani and Papa stayed with us and kept S company while we took W on the Barnstormer.  He was so funny - I think he was equal parts terrified and loving it.  After that we went on Peter Pan, the Winnie the Pooh ride, and the People Mover.  The park was crowded and we figured we should probably head home on a good note.  I’m relieved we had a great afternoon after a not so great morning.

To be continued… 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Stitch Fix #7

So I actually learned a lot from this Stitch Fix. 

1.  I had scheduled my Fix for Friday, March 11.  Well, March 11 came and went and I still had not received a shipping notification.  I was a little worried (and very impatient) so I emailed the company.  I received an email back that same day telling me the shipment should be on its way soon and that shipments were guaranteed within a week of my scheduled date.  I had no idea.  And that’s totally fine/understandable.  I was worried this Fix was going to be really late and it’d arrive while I was on vacation.  But alas, it arrived 4 days later and all was well.  Now I know not to schedule fixes within a few days of an event.

2.  My kids hate having their photo taken… unless I want a photo taken.  Normally, it takes forever and about 285 pictures to get a decent photo of them.  W will tell you flat out that he does not like photos and I have to go through great measures to get him to smile.  Side note: picture day at school is coming up and I cannot wait for W’s grumpy face photo.  Haha.  Anyway, I asked A to take photos of me in the clothes and the boys both had to be in the photos.  Hence the following photos of me in awkward poses as I try to balance one kiddo or lean over to talk to the other.  Any other time of the day, it’s impossible to convince them to be in a photo with me.

3.  18 minutes is not enough time to try on and decide on clothes.  I was trying out a new recipe and had exactly 18 minutes until it was done baking so I asked A if he thought that was enough time to check out my Stitch Fix items.  He said yes and away I went.  And 18 minutes later I was still trying/deciding on what to keep, but that’s partly related to number 4…

4.  W gets almost as excited about Stitch Fix as I do!  He recognized the box, wanted to see the clothes, and even escorted me up and down the stairs while I showed A my items.  He gave me his thoughts (liked the first outfit and did not like the second).  He also wanted to take all the tags off of everything.  So.darn.cute.

I was super excited about this Fix because it had been over 2 months since I received one.  I was hoping for springy items and mentioned to my stylist that I was really into florals lately.  And this Fix did not disappoint.  Without further ado…

I first tried on the Lucio Henly Blouse.  I thought the blouse was so pretty and felt so springy.  The pink in the flowers was very bright, but I didn't think it was too much.  I could easily pair this was a soft gray cardigan to balance the bright floral if needed.  KEPT.

Next up the Morrie Boyfriend Denim Jacket and Alessandro Silk V-neck Blouse.  I asked for a denim jacket since I gave away my previous one.  Still kicking myself - what was I thinking?  Anyway, I asked for one and received one.  The wash is a bit lighter than I anticipated, but I still liked it.  I mainly wear denim jackets over dresses, but thought it looked cute with this blouse.  Speaking of the blouse, it was pricey, but gorgeous.  The picture is a bit deceiving - I think I was leaning over and the blouse looks a little longer than it actually is.  Nonetheless, it was beautiful and I love that it can be dressed down with jeans or a denim jacket or dressed up with black pants and heels.  Had I not purchased the other items, this would have been too pricey to keep, but because I kept everything, I received a 25% discount. KEPT and KEPT.

Yes, if you were wondering, W is wearing my shoes.  I told you, he is REALLY into Stitch Fix. ;)
And finally, the Elmar Embroidered Cutout Blouse and Denise Bootcut Jeans.  I had received boot cut jeans in my previous fix, but the wash was too light for my taste.  I LOVED this pair.  Dark wash and they fit well.  They're just a tad long for me, but I think they'll work well with heels and maybe they'll even shrink a bit in the wash.  And this blouse.  The cobalt color was seriously amazing.  The sleeves had cutouts giving it a little something extra.  KEPT and KEPT.

Even Addie dog is photo bombing me now.  And S is flashing a peace sign... or maybe he's telling me to keep both items.
This is the "I give up" pose. :)
So that's everything.  Probably my favorite (and most expensive - eek) Fix to date.

Friday Thoughts

Oh heyyy Friday, it’s about time.

So last night, S wore up around 11pm and then again at 3:30am.  W woke up at 5am.  Addie peed on the carpet again.  And I woke up with a massive headache.  But it’s Friday.  And we’re having pizza for dinner.  And I got my iced coffee.  And after today, I don’t have to work for 9 days straight.  SO things are looking up.  Also, I’ll have 2 posts today.  How’s that for overachievement?!?

Are you participating in NCAA bracket challenges?  A and I do every year.  I typically start out strong and then fade fast. J  I’m in 3rd place in both pools I entered so things can only go down from here.  Haha.  Poor A is in dead last in one of the pools… I shouldn’t find it funny, but I do. ;)

I’m hosting a wine tasting tomorrow for a few friends and family.  I would not have picked tomorrow, but it was the only date the company had available and my certificate expired at the end of March.  So tomorrow it is.  Should be fun…  I hope.

We’re also visiting the Easter bunny tomorrow.  W usually thinks these characters are funny, while S is scared out of his mind.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  Hoping for some good (hilarious) photos! J

Here’s hoping we have a great vacation… I can’t believe we’ll be in Florida in just a few days!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Recap

I am definitely not a fan of this changing of the clocks.  The boys have never been good sleepers and now Spring comes along and decides to mess with their bed time.  And let’s not forget the whole losing an hour of precious sleep that accompanies the time change.  Not cool.  Anyway.  By this time next Monday, we’ll be on our way to Florida.  And I may be freaking out just a tad.  Mainly about S sleeping (or not sleeping) and 13 family members sharing one house.  Will S wake everyone up?  Will the kids drive everyone crazy?  Will I drive everyone crazy?  Will my sister in law go into labor?  Time will tell…  Whatever happens, it can’t be worse than a Donald Trump rally… haha.  Kidding.  Kind of.  Ok, enough of my bad jokes and on to the weekend recap…

We decided to head to BB’s on Friday for their buffet as we often do.  S was getting a bit restless towards the end of the meal so when I finished eating, I took him to the lobby where he could walk around a bit.  I guess W wanted to know where S and I were so my mom brought him over.  She went back to the table and I let the boys wander around the lobby and sit in the big arm chairs.  The staff has seen us many times and they often stop over to say hello.  At one point, W starts pointing excitedly and saying loudly “Church people!!  Church people, mommy!!  Church people!!”.  I couldn’t help, but laugh.  Now, W was pointing to an elderly man and I had no idea who he was.  I assumed that the man reminded W of someone from church (since there are quite a few elderly gentleman at church) and I quietly said, “Yes, I see.  Is that one of our church friends?”  And once again W practically yelled, “our church friend!!”.  He was so excited and proud of himself.  Well sure enough, the man made his way over to us and said, “You go to St. Dismas, right?”.  Super impressed that W recognized this man when I clearly did not.  Also, we need to work on being discreet. ;)

Saturday we all got our hair cut (except for A).  It was S’s first haircut and he did really well.  W is practically a pro by now and enjoys the cookies and lollipops that come with a haircut.  That evening, we went to my mom’s house for our annual corned beef dinner.  A had steak because he doesn’t like corned beef (lame).  The boys had fun playing with the toys at grandma’s and visiting her cats.

Hey ladies... how you doin??

Sunday was our usual routine.  On the way home from Starbucks, I caught the boys holding hands in the back seat and it was the cutest thing I’ve even seen.  In full disclosure I think they were sort of shaking hands and playing, but close enough to holding hands.  S was laughing at W and it gave me hope that these two might actually get along some day – even if only for a brief period of time. J

I actually felt put together today.  Also, this is the shortest my hair has been in awhile, but it seems so much lighter and healthier so I'm liking it. :)  Probably should've cropped out the tp, huh. ;)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hump Day

Since I stopped nursing, I’ve gained about 5 pounds back.  I expected that to happen as I’m no longer burning calories by feeding Baby Hercules.  I thought I’d try to eat better and cut out some of the pop (soda).  That was all well and good until the work barista started preparing daily specialty drinks in the form of the Oreo Latte, Cherry Chocolate Latte, and S’mores Latte… for FREE.  And I have no will power.  None. Nada.  Also, when you’re going on minimal sleep, a caffeinated delicious beverage is not going to be turned down.  New plan: smaller portions, more walks with the boys, avoid all bathing suits.

Our weather has been gorgeous and we’ve all been enjoying some time outdoors.  We typically don’t see much of a spring so we’re taking full advantage.

Speaking of outdoors, since the boys have been getting fresh air, you’d think they’d be sleeping better.  And you’d be wrong. Ha.  Actually, W has been sleeping well for the most part, but S occasionally wakes him (despite closed doors and 3! white noise machines).  And S is up nearly every.single.night. :O

Every day, I think about the state of our family and wonder if it will grow or if we’ll remain a family of 4.  I’m not sure why this has been so heavy on my heart and on my mind lately.  Perhaps it has to do with my baby recently turning one.  I’ve started praying about it and I’m constantly reminding myself to just trust God’s plan for us.

Donald Trump.  Why?  Just why?  Why on Earth are people voting for him?  I can’t comprehend. 

I didn’t intend for this blog to turn into weekend recaps and random thoughts, but somehow that’s what happened. :\

Monday, March 7, 2016

Our Weekend and S at 13 Months

Oh Monday… why do you always sneak up on me??  Nothing really exciting to note about this weekend except we took S in for his one year checkup.  Dude weighs 27lbs 6oz – more than several of my friends’ 3 year olds.  He’s in the 98th percentile.  A and I have agreed that our kiddos will not play football, but perhaps S can be one of those power home run hitting baseball players - a la Babe Ruth. J  Poor guy got 3 vaccinations and was none too pleased.  He did however walk out of the doctor’s office cool as a cucumber.  A funny story about this:  S loves to walk.  I held his hand as we walked out of the office and he was totally content.  W loves to be carried.  So as we were walking out of the office and into the lobby, W was having a little fit.  A paused and told him to use his words and ask nicely if he wanted to be picked up and all was well.  BUT you should have heard the other people in the waiting room.  So many “AWWWs” and “poor guy…”.  Clearly they thought W had just seen the doctor.  Umm nope. 

Since S is now 1 year and 1 month, I wanted to give a little update (I love looking back at these as the boys grow)…

At one year, one month, S is walking all over the place and sometimes running.  He falls often, but it doesn’t even phase him.  He gets right back up and keeps on going.  He’s developed quite a temper and has no problem expressing his displeasure.  This is much different from his easy going/super content baby days.  He’s basically mad any time he can’t keep up with big brother and throws a fit.  Dude knows what he wants.  He’ll even throw objects down in anger.  Whoa.  He loves to look out the window and loves to explore.  He HATES being left alone and will freak out if he realizes he’s alone.  Separation anxiety is at an all-time high.  He’s definitely trying to talk.  He’s been saying mama, dada, and no, but has recently been trying to say Addie, up, and cheese (when taking a photo).  He also sings Row, Row, Row, Your Boat… “row, row, row, bow”, which is adorable.  He LOVES to dance and generally starts shaking it whenever he hears music.  He’s still a pretty good eater, but prefers meats and breads.  He’s a daredevil and climbs on everything.  Sleep has hit an all-time low.  He’s a great napper (2+ hours, typically), but wakes up every night.  I’ve received lots of advice, but I think this is just something we have to get through.  And I think there are many reasons for his waking.  He only has 5 teeth so it’s possible he’s teething.  Separation anxiety is a huge deal for him.  He wakes up crying hard and stops as soon as one of us opens his door.  We’ve been giving him a bottle when he wakes, which I know is a big no no.  But I also know A and I need sleep and it’s the sure fire way to calm little man and get him back to sleep.  And the whole notion that sleep begets sleep… I think it’s a bunch of baloney.  If my kids go to bed earlier, they wake up earlier.  I’m not convinced.  One day, we’ll all sleep through the night.  Actually, we usually get one night each week. J  I’ve accepted that my boys are just poor sleepers and that’s that.  W has finally figured it our so maybe there’s hope for S…

I can’t imagine our lives without S.  I’m so thankful for our little big guy. J

Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Thoughts

It has been a week.  I may need a drink tonight.  I had a major deadline at work and naturally, things got crazy towards the end.  But I think (hope) I’m done with that project.  It’s on to the next…

I had a bit of a mom fail at preschool yesterday.  W’s class has not gone outside for nearly the whole winter.  For some reason, they decided to yesterday – even though there was snow on the ground and it was chilly.  I didn’t bring snow pants or boots because I didn’t expect the kids to go out.  And even if they did, I figured W could still walk around a bit without getting too wet.  Also, we don’t even own snow pants because W has never really expressed interest in playing in the snow.  I figured why waste the money?  So anyway, W’s teachers made him stand next to the building while the other kids played in the snow.  Oops.  I ended up being about 10 minutes early picking him up so I don’t think he was out very long, but he did look sad when I arrived.  Luckily daddy took him out to play last night and he and Nani built a snowman today.  Still feeling a little bad…

S has his 1 year check up tomorrow.  Not looking forward to shots for my little guy, but I’m curious to find out his stats.

Would it be terrible if we didn’t visit the Easter bunny this year?  I always love those pictures, but our next few weekends are jam packed.  Pretty sure S would not enjoy the Easter Bunny anyway since he’s cried for all character holiday photos thus far. J  An early Easter is messing things up. :P

My next Stitch Fix arrives next week.  It’s been  awhile since I received a Fix and I’m hoping for a few spring items.

That’s all I’ve got.  Happy Friday!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A's Birthday Weekend

I wanted to provide a little recap of A’s birthday weekend before time got away from me.  It was just the perfect weekend and I hope A had the happiest of birthdays.

We started the day with grocery shopping.  Nothing particular to note here other than it was just W and me.  W picked out a birthday card for A with a dog on a lawnmower.  The lawnmower moved every time the card was opened.  W and I couldn’t stop laughing throughout our entire shopping experience.

The weather was beautiful – high 50s in late February is practically unheard of in the Chicago area.  We decided to head out for a long walk with the entire family.  It was great to get some exercise and fresh air.  On our way home, W started picking up random trash in the neighborhood and insisted that we bring it home and recycle it.  He made A carry home a large piece of cardboard to put in the recycle bin – so funny.

After that, we headed out for pizza with the entire family at A’s favorite pizza place.  The boys were good despite a long wait for pizza and we had a great time watching A open gifts and scarfing down cupcakes.

We finished off the night by watching a couple episodes of New Girl and dreaming of summer Cubs games. J

Sunday was our usual routine.  We were early for church for the first time in a really long time.  I dressed the boys alike and they looked so cute.

The weather was nice and we were able to take a long walk once again (no trash brought home this time), play outside, and even grill out for dinner. 

A and I were able to watch a bit of the Oscars, which was funny because we’ve hardly seen any movies and I had never heard of most of the nominees.  “Bridge of Spies?  I thought that was a James Bond movie??”  Since I’ve stopped nursing/pumping, I’ve had a little more “free” time and it’s so nice to relax at the end of the day even if it’s only for a couple minutes.  It was a wonderful end to a great weekend.

And now we have a few inches of snow... Chicago weather... sigh.