Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Thoughts

It has been a week.  I may need a drink tonight.  I had a major deadline at work and naturally, things got crazy towards the end.  But I think (hope) I’m done with that project.  It’s on to the next…

I had a bit of a mom fail at preschool yesterday.  W’s class has not gone outside for nearly the whole winter.  For some reason, they decided to yesterday – even though there was snow on the ground and it was chilly.  I didn’t bring snow pants or boots because I didn’t expect the kids to go out.  And even if they did, I figured W could still walk around a bit without getting too wet.  Also, we don’t even own snow pants because W has never really expressed interest in playing in the snow.  I figured why waste the money?  So anyway, W’s teachers made him stand next to the building while the other kids played in the snow.  Oops.  I ended up being about 10 minutes early picking him up so I don’t think he was out very long, but he did look sad when I arrived.  Luckily daddy took him out to play last night and he and Nani built a snowman today.  Still feeling a little bad…

S has his 1 year check up tomorrow.  Not looking forward to shots for my little guy, but I’m curious to find out his stats.

Would it be terrible if we didn’t visit the Easter bunny this year?  I always love those pictures, but our next few weekends are jam packed.  Pretty sure S would not enjoy the Easter Bunny anyway since he’s cried for all character holiday photos thus far. J  An early Easter is messing things up. :P

My next Stitch Fix arrives next week.  It’s been  awhile since I received a Fix and I’m hoping for a few spring items.

That’s all I’ve got.  Happy Friday!


  1. From what I read on your blog, you're the LAST person who should beat herself up over a tiny blip on the mommy to-do list.

    From matching outfits, to fun activities, to ALWAYS putting your boys first - come on lady, you've got this covered! :o)

    Oohhh, Stitch Fix!

    I'd love to see you modeling the latest when it arrives.

    My favorite thrift shops have been hauling out lots of warm weather wear and I've bought a few things I really like this week.

    Question is - will it ever really be warm???

    Spring can't come soon enough for me!

    1. You are too kind! Thank you for the sweet comment!! I will definitely share my latest Fix. And I hear you on spring... come on warmer weather!!