Friday, March 18, 2016

Stitch Fix #7

So I actually learned a lot from this Stitch Fix. 

1.  I had scheduled my Fix for Friday, March 11.  Well, March 11 came and went and I still had not received a shipping notification.  I was a little worried (and very impatient) so I emailed the company.  I received an email back that same day telling me the shipment should be on its way soon and that shipments were guaranteed within a week of my scheduled date.  I had no idea.  And that’s totally fine/understandable.  I was worried this Fix was going to be really late and it’d arrive while I was on vacation.  But alas, it arrived 4 days later and all was well.  Now I know not to schedule fixes within a few days of an event.

2.  My kids hate having their photo taken… unless I want a photo taken.  Normally, it takes forever and about 285 pictures to get a decent photo of them.  W will tell you flat out that he does not like photos and I have to go through great measures to get him to smile.  Side note: picture day at school is coming up and I cannot wait for W’s grumpy face photo.  Haha.  Anyway, I asked A to take photos of me in the clothes and the boys both had to be in the photos.  Hence the following photos of me in awkward poses as I try to balance one kiddo or lean over to talk to the other.  Any other time of the day, it’s impossible to convince them to be in a photo with me.

3.  18 minutes is not enough time to try on and decide on clothes.  I was trying out a new recipe and had exactly 18 minutes until it was done baking so I asked A if he thought that was enough time to check out my Stitch Fix items.  He said yes and away I went.  And 18 minutes later I was still trying/deciding on what to keep, but that’s partly related to number 4…

4.  W gets almost as excited about Stitch Fix as I do!  He recognized the box, wanted to see the clothes, and even escorted me up and down the stairs while I showed A my items.  He gave me his thoughts (liked the first outfit and did not like the second).  He also wanted to take all the tags off of everything.  So.darn.cute.

I was super excited about this Fix because it had been over 2 months since I received one.  I was hoping for springy items and mentioned to my stylist that I was really into florals lately.  And this Fix did not disappoint.  Without further ado…

I first tried on the Lucio Henly Blouse.  I thought the blouse was so pretty and felt so springy.  The pink in the flowers was very bright, but I didn't think it was too much.  I could easily pair this was a soft gray cardigan to balance the bright floral if needed.  KEPT.

Next up the Morrie Boyfriend Denim Jacket and Alessandro Silk V-neck Blouse.  I asked for a denim jacket since I gave away my previous one.  Still kicking myself - what was I thinking?  Anyway, I asked for one and received one.  The wash is a bit lighter than I anticipated, but I still liked it.  I mainly wear denim jackets over dresses, but thought it looked cute with this blouse.  Speaking of the blouse, it was pricey, but gorgeous.  The picture is a bit deceiving - I think I was leaning over and the blouse looks a little longer than it actually is.  Nonetheless, it was beautiful and I love that it can be dressed down with jeans or a denim jacket or dressed up with black pants and heels.  Had I not purchased the other items, this would have been too pricey to keep, but because I kept everything, I received a 25% discount. KEPT and KEPT.

Yes, if you were wondering, W is wearing my shoes.  I told you, he is REALLY into Stitch Fix. ;)
And finally, the Elmar Embroidered Cutout Blouse and Denise Bootcut Jeans.  I had received boot cut jeans in my previous fix, but the wash was too light for my taste.  I LOVED this pair.  Dark wash and they fit well.  They're just a tad long for me, but I think they'll work well with heels and maybe they'll even shrink a bit in the wash.  And this blouse.  The cobalt color was seriously amazing.  The sleeves had cutouts giving it a little something extra.  KEPT and KEPT.

Even Addie dog is photo bombing me now.  And S is flashing a peace sign... or maybe he's telling me to keep both items.
This is the "I give up" pose. :)
So that's everything.  Probably my favorite (and most expensive - eek) Fix to date.


  1. Gorgeous prints going on here - the cobalt too.

    No wonder all the *Kept* (s)!!!

    So cheerful, flattering, and SPRING.

    Reading your recent post @Florida trip - I had to retreat to my darkened bedroom, take 2 aspirin, lay a cold compress over my eyes.

    I'm just not that organized - we keep vaca VERY easy going to the shore. And I complain even about THAT!

    Your battle plans remind me of a good friend.

    She's married to a (wonderful) guy from Cyprus and part of the deal since her girls have been little has been frequent trips to visit their *big fat Greek* family!

    It's been wonderful for the girls.

    They speak Greek beautifully and are excellent travelers.

    I'll stay put, thanks.

    Even the mall's a bit much at times.

    Stitch Fix, anyone?


    1. It's definitely a different experience traveling with little ones! Preparation and patience are key! I'm great at preparation, not so great at patience... a work in progress. ;)