Friday, July 29, 2016

W Says...

When W is happy with S, he refers to S by his name, S Buckets (S’s middle name is Beckett), or “my brother”.  When W is not happy with S, he refers to him as “that boy” and tells us to sell him. :\

W has had long conversations with Siri lately and I die laughing…

W: “Siri, how do we get to Aunt Lori’s house?”
Siri: “I’m not sure what you said.”
W: “Oh Siri, what am I going to do with you?”

W: “Siri, where is bananas?”
Siri: “I’m not sure what you said, C----.”
W: “Hahaha, Siri called me C----!  Oh, Siri…”
And then Siri would eventually understand what he was saying and pull up a Wikipedia link to bananas and W would exclaim “Siri found bananas!”

“vader” = theater

W loves to play restaurant, where I’m the guest and he is the server.  He was setting up the table in his room and moved aside a little chair for a bigger chair.  “You can sit in the big chair because you have a big butt.”  Thanks, dear.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

This Week

Things seem to have gotten back on track this week – thank goodness!

Yesterday, A and the boys came to my office for lunch.  They love visiting!  Mainly because there’s a game room at the office and the boys can run around and be loud and no one cares.  W enjoyed “playing” golf and arcade games.  He also got a kick out of the massage chair.  And S enjoyed climbing on everything.  I had to get back to work and it took a lot of persuasion to convince the boys it was time to leave.  I’m pretty sure they think my work day consists of sitting in the massage chair and practicing my putting skills.  It was so fun to see them and my colleagues are always so sweet to them.  W even got to feed the fish. J

I can’t believe July is just about over.  It seems like we were just preparing for our Maryland trip at the beginning of the month and now A is preparing to go back to school. L

Equally sad, I was deleting old photos from my phone last night and came across some from earlier in the year.  S looked so much more baby like then.  He’s starting to look like such a big boy now.  Where does the time go??  Woe is me.

On a happier note, another Stitch Fix box arrived!  Stitch Fix #10.  I usually get them every other month, but decided this would be a birthday treat. J  I’ll share the contents soon.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Recap

Last week was a tough one.  Nothing major, but I’m hoping this week is much better.

For starters, S has had a really tough time with his last few teeth.  He was sleeping through the night, but for the past 3 weeks or so, he’s woken up at least one time nearly every night.  One tooth has poked through and another looks to be on the verge.  Needless to say, A and I are both very tired.

On Tuesday, A took Addie to her semiannual checkup.  She had a reaction to the Bordetella vaccine – strange because it’s never happened before.  She’s been miserable since A picked her up – sneezing, congested, lethargic.  Definitely not herself.  She’s been keeping us up at night sneezing constantly (and we already get no sleep thanks to S. :P).  After a few calls to the vet and Benadryl, she seems a little better, but not back to normal.

On Wednesday, S had a procedure performed.  I won’t go into detail – it wasn’t anything major.  BUT he’s been very sore since.  He was already a bit cranky because of teeth and lack of sleep, but with this added procedure, he definitely hasn’t been himself.

Throw in 90+ degree temperatures and storms and we’ve been spending more time inside than we’d like.  Boo.

There were a few highlights from this weekend… On Friday, W had a play date with a friend from preschool.  Elena is a total sweetheart and her mom is one of the few I’ve talked to at school.  Elena and W seem to have similar personalities so I thought they might get along well together.  W and I were invited over and it was adorable seeing W and Elena play together.  It was the first time I’ve really seen him conversing with someone his age.  Elena’s mom has also gone through IVF and even had a gestational surrogate carry Elena so we discussed our infertility experiences.  We’re definitely looking forward to future play dates. J

Saturday, W had swim lessons.  He doesn’t like going underwater so we’ve stalled a bit.  On the bright side, he does like kicking and moving his arms.  S got his hair cut and we went grocery shopping.

Sunday, was church.  Nani and Papa joined us and we all went out to breakfast.  The afternoon was spent playing in the kiddie pool.  I made homemade mac and cheese – it’s the only mac and cheese that W eats – tooting my own horn here.  We also started potty training W.  I know W CAN go on the potty.  While out to breakfast, he told me he had to go, we went to the restroom and he went.  But at home, he’ll tell me he wants to wear a diaper.  I think he doesn’t like the inconvenience of having to stop playing in order to go to the bathroom. :\  I’m not sure how to convince him.  He did go on the potty several times, but he also went in his diaper.  We’re making progress, but I’m not sure how to do away with the diapers completely.  Maybe we just need to stop buying them and he won’t have a choice. J

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Maryland 2016 Cont.

Sunday, we decided to walk around downtown Pittsburgh.  Our hotel happened to be on Market Square, which was the cutest area surrounded by shops, restaurants, and buildings.  We quickly found a Starbucks and ordered our usual bagels.  After that, we wandered around until it was time to head to the baseball game.  A and I are huge Cubs fans.  Back in the early spring, A checked the schedule and was happy to find out the Cubs were in Pittsburgh around the time we typically visit Maryland.  We mentioned the dates to my aunt, who was fine with them and we scheduled our trip accordingly.  A and I always love to check out different baseball stadiums together and PNC Park did not disappoint.  The stadium is surrounded by rivers.  You get to the stadium by crossing a bridge.  Very very cool.  Everyone in Pittsburgh was so incredibly friendly.  As we were walking into the stadium, S fell asleep in the carrier.  A guy remarked that the sight was precious.  I even asked A if he was being sarcastic – Chicagoans are definitely not as outgoing (sorry Chicago).  We found our seats and nearly everyone around us struck up a conversation – also something I’m not used to.  The lady next to me told me not to worry about bumping her or intruding on her space (which is easy to do when you have a wiggly 1 year old and 3 year old) because she had grandchildren and understood.  The people in front of us were Cubs fans and we talked about the team and Wrigley Field.  We also chatted with the people behind us – the lady explained that Pittsburgh had a large Polish population hence the Pierogi races.  At one point, S was standing on the chair next to me.  I looked over and he was gone!  Turns out, he was sitting on the lap of the man behind us.  I know most moms would have freaked, but it was obvious that everyone around us was kind (and we were in the middle of the row so I wasn’t very concerned about anyone running off with S).  The man’s wife leaned over and said, “Don’t worry, he loves kids – he’s a pediatric cardiologist.”.  I wish we would have exchanged email addresses or something – everyone was just so sweet.  We ended up leaving after the 7th inning.  I honestly couldn’t believe W lasted that long – he’s made it pretty clear that he does not like attending baseball games (hope he eventually changes his tune).  I absolutely loved Pittsburgh and hope to return.  The ride home was a bit better, but S puked again.  Uggh.  So we’re fairly certain he gets car sick on long trips.  Awesome.

Monday was another pool day.

Tuesday we headed to downtown Fredrick, Maryland to explore the shops and restaurants.  I loved the area.  We had a yummy lunch and I found a couple outfits for the boys.  A explored a vintage record store and my mom purchased some chocolates at a candy store.  All in all, a fun day.

The remaining days were spent playing badminton, enjoying the pool, taking walks, and I even finished a book! (something I haven’t done in YEARS).  We also enjoyed my aunt’s and uncle’s amazing cooking – marinated chicken, lasagna, mini hamburgers, taco bar, a ton of fresh salads, etc.  It was an incredible trip and I’m sad it’s over.

We headed home on Friday.  Once again, the boys were wonderful travel partners.  The trip back was a tad more challenging, but only because S didn’t nap and needed to be entertained.  But not one tear was shed!  However, once we got home, chaos erupted.  I think it was a combination of S teething, traveling and being cooped up nearly the entire day, and being back home.  The boys were wild – slamming doors, emptying the dog's water bowl, throwing their plates and bowls in the garbage, screeching.  I ordered a pizza for delivery and I think the pizza delivery man was overwhelmed by us when he arrived.  That night, S woke up at 11pm, W at 2:30am, S at 4:30am, and S was up for the day at 5:50am.  I was beyond exhausted.  And each time they were up, it took 30-60 minutes to get them back to sleep.  More of the same craziness on Sunday.  S threw my phone down the stairs, W filled S’s crib with dog toys, S threw a toy truck, W kicked S while on the stairs, S pooped in the bathtub – twice!!, W would run away from me when he needed a diaper change.  They were awful.  And I never say that.  I was texting A about everything that was occurring and was sure he was questioning my abilities as a mom (he definitely wasn’t – he would never, but I felt like a complete failure).  By 11am, both boys had pooped a total of 5 times.  It was just crazy.  My mom came over so I could take W to swim lessons and I think she was a bit shocked at the state of the house, but a few minutes with the boys and she understood.  Swim lessons provided a change of scenery, I stopped and got a Venti iced coffee on the way home, A arrived home at 4:30 while I was at the park with the boys, and all was right with the world once again. J

Monday, July 18, 2016

Maryland 2016

Back from vacation.  Back to work.  Boohoo.

We had an amazing time in Maryland.  And although it’s certainly tough to return to the daily grind, I definitely feel refreshed.  I was in desperate need of a break and didn’t quite realize it until a few days before we left when everyone and everything was driving me crazy at work.

A left for Maryland on Wednesday (7/6) and drove to western Ohio where he spent the night.  The boys and I had a great evening and both boys slept well.  Woohoo!  Thursday (7/7), the boys, my mom, and I headed to the airport while A continued his drive to Maryland.  The boys were absolutely awesome in the airport and on the airplane.  S slept for a good portion of time and I was thanking my lucky stars for an easy trip.  We always fly Southwest when given the opportunity and I’m always so so impressed with their service.  The flight attendants are kind and witty.   One asked W all about his garbage truck book and he was happy to fill her in.  I got several compliments on the boy’s behavior and their red hair.  I was even offered help as I strapped S into the carrier.  Shout out to Southwest – we love you!!  Oh!  By some miracle, we were all randomly selected for TSA precheck, which was awesome.  We didn’t have to wait in line and got to keep our shoes on.  The trip could not have gone better.  Also worth mentioning, we waited about 45 minutes for luggage -  apparently the carousel had gotten jammed with someone’s suitcase and workers had to switch all the luggage to another carousel??  Never heard of that before.   I kept teasing my mom that it was her suitcase that got stuck (luckily it wasn't).  A picked us up at the airport and we were at my aunt’s house soon enough.

My aunt is not really a “kid person”.  It’s strange saying that because she has 3 grown kids, but I don’t know that she was really a hands on kinda mom.  She always supported her children and continues to do so, but I’m not sure she was the craft project, play on the floor, lego building type.  Anyway, we arrived to find a whole slew of toys waiting for the boys.  It was like Christmas.  And they were all things the boys loved like garbage trucks, fire trucks, tools, etc.  I was so touched.  And the boys had a blast with all of the new toys!

We spent all of Friday in the pool and hanging around the house.  The boys LOVED the pool and W was so content playing independently for hours.

Saturday, we headed to Pittsburgh.  It was a 3.5 hour drive – our first “road trip” with the boys and whew, it was challenging to say the least.  This is TMI (sorry), but W can’t poop unless he’s alone.  S was sleeping and all was well when W announced “my britches hurt” and later, “my tummy hurts”.  At first A and I were all sorts of confused and then it dawned on me – he needs to go to the bathroom.  We found a rest stop and W did his thing, but S woke in the process.  We got back on the road and W announced his tummy hurt again.  Apparently he hadn’t finished what he started.  S started to get fussy so we stopped at McD’s for lunch.  The most crowded, kid filled McD’s I have EVER encountered.  It was awful.  W had another diaper change and we got back on the road.  Some time later, W’s tummy hurt AGAIN, he pooped AGAIN, and S puked all over.  All over my new car that is.  So much for the new car smell.  We had hoped to take the boys to the Children’s Museum, but we didn’t arrive in Pittsburgh until 4 and the museum closed at 5.  I suggested an impromptu zoo visit so we could all get some fresh air and stretch our legs.  The Pittsburgh Zoo was very cool and since we arrived late, not at all crowded.  The zoo was practically on a mountain and we had to take an elevator to the entrance.  Aside from having to push 65+ pounds of children uphill and constantly worrying about someone falling off a cliff, I loved it!

After the zoo, we headed to the hotel and ordered a pizza.  The boys were CRAZY at the hotel.  I’m not sure if it was because it was their first time in a hotel or because they had been cooped up in the car for so long, but they were screeching and yelling, opening/slamming shut the microwave, opening the refrigerator, pushing all the buttons on the remote, etc.  At one point, A and W went to look for milk while S and I waited for the pizza.  I decided to give S a sponge bath (since there was only a shower) and while getting towels and pajamas laid out, S dumped out a bag of snacks, spilled milk all over, tried to put the pizza money into the vent, and climbed the ottoman to reach the sink.  CRAZY.  After his “bath” I was attempting to get a naked, wiggly, rolling S into his pajamas when the pizza guy called.  CRAP.  Only I didn’t say crap.  Poor delivery guy got a big tip after waiting for us forever (it didn’t help that we were on the 11th floor).

To be continued….

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We leave for Maryland tomorrow.  Somehow, many of my colleagues can’t quite figure out when I’m on vacation (despite me repeatedly telling them July 7).  Since last week, I’ve gotten, “I thought you were out this week?”.  Maybe they’re tired of me. J  Here’s hoping for an uneventful flight – at least it’s a relatively short flight.

Last week, I mentioned that I had been bitten by the travel bug.  Almost immediately after I hit publish on that blog post, I received an email from my boss indicating the company needed to conduct an audit in Switzerland and asking if I was available.  I’m very excited.  Though I love to travel, I’ve only been out of the country once.  I’m also incredibly nervous about leaving the boys.  This is still in the very early planning stages and I’m not sure when I’ll be going so more to come.

Perhaps the second half of the year will involve more travel than I anticipated.  We shall see.  Until I return from Maryland…

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Weekend Recap

I can’t believe we’re already into July.  I always think of the 4th of July as half way through summer vacation.  The fact that we’re already at the half way point is just sad.

This weekend had its share of ups and downs. 

Actually, let me start with Thursday night because that was loads of fun (in the most sarcastic way).  W and S usually go to bed at the same time.  I get W ready for bed and A gets S ready.  So while I was in with W, A came in and told me he needed help.  S had puked all over him, the chair, the carpet, etc.  So S went straight into the bath tub where he promptly pooped in the tub.  He was seemingly fine, just wide awake at that point so we brought him downstairs where he began emptying the pantry.  Kiddo left a path of destruction wherever he went.  He was totally fine by the way, proving once again that no one pukes more than my kids.

Friday started with me realizing I had lost an earring.  My only pair of real diamond studs that were a gift from my mom.  It occurred to me that it probably got caught on my shirt when I was changing clothes to clean out the bathtub that S pooped in.  I searched everywhere… bed, carpet, rooms, etc.  I was so sad.  The only pair of earrings I truly care about.  And then, about 4 hours later, I found my earring in the one place I hadn’t looked.  My bra.  Yup, that’s how the day started.

So after my half day of work on Friday, we headed out for pizza and then it was off to S’s 15 month well child checkup (just 2 months late – oops).  Little big man is off the charts for all measurements.  Our checkup was with the nurse practitioner since we scheduled the appointment so late (which was fine with me) and she suggested that we try to wean S from the bottle, which we have been trying to do.  We’ll work on that a bit more after vacation.  Also worth noting, S was absolutely crazy during the appointment – running back and forth, trying to open the blinds, shrieking, opening every single drawer and cabinet he could get his hands on and slamming them shut.  A and I were both embarrassed – we’ve never seen him act quite like that.  Must have been the pizza.  And I’m sure the NP made a little note on S’s file – future Ritalin candidate…

From there, we headed to the wake for A’s grandma (the boys’ great grandma).  Sad she is no longer with us, but she lived until 99 years old and we take comfort in knowing she’s at peace.  We didn’t arrive home until after 10pm so it was straight to bed.  And S decided to be up for a good portion of the night.  Sigh.

Saturday morning/afternoon, we attending the funeral for A’s grandma.  My mom kindly watched the boys while we were there.  I honestly can’t remember what we did that afternoon, but I’m sure it involved playing outside.

Sunday was church in the morning and Starbucks drive through.  I have to share a little story about this.  While in line, I said something along the lines of “Oh no!  I really wanted to use my Starbucks card and get the points, but I just realized I left my wallet in my purse (I had the diaper bag).”  W chimes in from the back, “Oh, it’s ok, mommy!  You can just use your phone!”  I thought for a minute and realized oh my gosh, he was absolutely right.  I had the Starbucks app on my phone to reload the card, but had never actually used it to pay.  W must have seen other people pay that way.  I can’t believe how observant he is!

After that, it was off to the Independence Day parade.  W, S and I were planning to walk in the parade with W’s preschool and my mom asked if she could join us.  Things started off alright.  I was pushing the boys in their stroller and my mom was handing out lollipops to the people watching.  She gave W one to which he responded, “Oh grandma, you’re so kind to give me a sucker.” Haha.  J  The preschool had designed a “float” which was on the back of a tow truck.  Well, the tow truck kept honking (a very loud honk) and S got upset every time that happened (which was all the freaking time).  I felt bad for S and decided to carry him part of the way.  All 30.8 pounds of him.  Then W decided my mom needed to stop the stroller and let him out so he could pee.  He still wears a diaper so I have no idea why he needs to be stationary for such activities, but we stopped for a minute.  Naturally, the parade kept going as parades do and we ended up with a group of African American males chanting “fathers matter!”.   Obviously we did not fit in and I’m sure people were wondering what the heck we were doing.  Since we were far enough away from the tow truck at this point, I set S back in the stroller to give myself (and my arms/back) a break.  My mom said she’d push for a bit since I had been carrying S for quite a while and my arms felt like they could fall off.  We walked a few steps only to have a man basically yell at me that my mom should not be pushing the stroller and I should be pushing her.  Thank you, judgmental jerk.  Anyway, we eventually caught back up to the preschool and a couple old friends ended up seeing me and jumping into the parade to walk with us for a bit.  Alls well that ends well I suppose.  After the parade was over, the boys played at a nearby park until A picked us up.  For some reason, once we got home, I thought it was a good idea to take another really long walk.  Needless to say, I was absolutely exhausted by bed time.  Annnd I ended up getting up with a sleepless S for nearly 2 hours.  Uggh.

Monday, my mom came over for a little cook out.  I had planned on packing for our upcoming Maryland trip and running to the store for a few things so we kept it very simple – grilled burgers and brats, corn on the cob, strawberries, chips and salsa.  It was one of those days where the boys were driving me bonkers.  S was tired and crabby since he hadn’t slept well and he ended up taking a 30 minute nap instead of his typical 2 hour nap – so he was even crankier.  And W had at least 3 time outs for pushing S.  A suggested bringing the boys to Nani’s for a little visit so I could run to the store and pack in peace.  I couldn’t’ respond yes fast enough… haha.  I got a ton of packing and cleaning done and the boys had fun seeing their cousins and playing at Nani and Papa’s house.  Unfortunately, they both fell asleep on the way home and (I think) that resulted in W waking up during the night.  So I was up again with him.  Soooo tired today.  And I had a 7:30 meeting.  The morning after a holiday that involved fireworks going off at all hours of the night.  Pass the coffee.  Vacation cannot come soon enough.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Stitch Fix #9

I say it every time I get a new Fix – Stitch Fix is awesome.  It’s so much fun and I always find something I love.  TRY IT!!  And use my referral code when you do, please?

The boys are usually excited about Stitch Fix, but not on this day.  As you will see in the outtakes, W was in the midst of a meltdown (I still haven’t figured out why he was upset – something about me not carrying him up the stairs) and S was cranky and pantless.  I needed to check out by the following day so really wanted to try items on, but yikes, it was challenging.  Here goes…

I actually received something I’ve never gotten in a Fix before – SHOES!!  I thought these Dolce Vita Lettie Suede Cross Strap Wedges were so cute and I love the orangey coral color.  I happened to be wearing a dress in a similar color when I opened these so they went right on my feet.  These were pricey – much more than I’d typically pay for shoes.  But the straps were made from a soft suede and it was apparent that these were quality shoes (instead of the cheap ones I typically buy that have a tendency to fall apart in a few months).  KEPT

Don't even look at the mess behind me.

Oh hello white legs 
Next up was this Market & Spruce Nic Knit Dress.  I loved it on the hanger, but as soon as I put it on, it was a nope.  Way too clingy in the mid-section and really unflattering on my figure.  Other reviews of this dress all said it was very flattering so I guess it just wasn’t right for my body type.  I love the overall style and navy stripes and I think it looks adorable with a jean jacket and wedges, but sadly, I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it.  RETURN KEPT

Next I tried on this Market & Spruce Cloay Sleeve Slit Knit striped top.  It’s hard to tell, but it had little slits in the sleeves, giving it a little something extra.  The horizontal stripes are probably not the most flattering, but if you know me, you know that I almost always keep anything long, loose, and striped.  So this was a no brainer for me.  And please excuse the awkward pose.  KEPT

The next item I pulled out of the box was a Daniel Rainn Sheera Split Neck Knit top.  I love Daniel Rainn – his blouses are always beautiful, often have a pretty floral pattern, and are perfect for work.  When I tried this on, I was on the fence.  I liked the overall style, but it had a slit in the front that definitely wouldn’t work for playing with the boys.  I’d also be self-conscious wearing it to work.  Nothing says unprofessional like cleavage.  However, when I looked back at the photos A had taken for me, I thought it looked cute on.  UNDECIDED KEPT

Finally, the Papermoon Verner Crochet Collar top.  I typically don’t wear sleeveless tops, but this was way too cute to cover up.  I loved the crochet detail on the straps.  This top was a bit thin and sheer, but I think I can get away with no cami underneath.  Not sure how I’d wear one anyway given the style of this.  I realize the shoes don’t match, but at this point, the boys were losing it and I was ready to be done.  I haven’t tried yet, but I think this top would look super cute with white skinny jeans and wedges. KEPT

 So here’s the deal, I asked A what he thought I should do – I could keep all 5 items and get 25% off or keep 3 items and the cost would be a difference of $30.  A told me to just keep it all and try to sell the dress.  So that’s what I did. J  My husband rocks.  And I’m glad I kept the Daniel Rainn top because I wore it to work a few days later with a cardigan (and cami underneath) and it made for a great outfit (at least I think so). J

Annnnd meltdown mode…