Monday, July 18, 2016

Maryland 2016

Back from vacation.  Back to work.  Boohoo.

We had an amazing time in Maryland.  And although it’s certainly tough to return to the daily grind, I definitely feel refreshed.  I was in desperate need of a break and didn’t quite realize it until a few days before we left when everyone and everything was driving me crazy at work.

A left for Maryland on Wednesday (7/6) and drove to western Ohio where he spent the night.  The boys and I had a great evening and both boys slept well.  Woohoo!  Thursday (7/7), the boys, my mom, and I headed to the airport while A continued his drive to Maryland.  The boys were absolutely awesome in the airport and on the airplane.  S slept for a good portion of time and I was thanking my lucky stars for an easy trip.  We always fly Southwest when given the opportunity and I’m always so so impressed with their service.  The flight attendants are kind and witty.   One asked W all about his garbage truck book and he was happy to fill her in.  I got several compliments on the boy’s behavior and their red hair.  I was even offered help as I strapped S into the carrier.  Shout out to Southwest – we love you!!  Oh!  By some miracle, we were all randomly selected for TSA precheck, which was awesome.  We didn’t have to wait in line and got to keep our shoes on.  The trip could not have gone better.  Also worth mentioning, we waited about 45 minutes for luggage -  apparently the carousel had gotten jammed with someone’s suitcase and workers had to switch all the luggage to another carousel??  Never heard of that before.   I kept teasing my mom that it was her suitcase that got stuck (luckily it wasn't).  A picked us up at the airport and we were at my aunt’s house soon enough.

My aunt is not really a “kid person”.  It’s strange saying that because she has 3 grown kids, but I don’t know that she was really a hands on kinda mom.  She always supported her children and continues to do so, but I’m not sure she was the craft project, play on the floor, lego building type.  Anyway, we arrived to find a whole slew of toys waiting for the boys.  It was like Christmas.  And they were all things the boys loved like garbage trucks, fire trucks, tools, etc.  I was so touched.  And the boys had a blast with all of the new toys!

We spent all of Friday in the pool and hanging around the house.  The boys LOVED the pool and W was so content playing independently for hours.

Saturday, we headed to Pittsburgh.  It was a 3.5 hour drive – our first “road trip” with the boys and whew, it was challenging to say the least.  This is TMI (sorry), but W can’t poop unless he’s alone.  S was sleeping and all was well when W announced “my britches hurt” and later, “my tummy hurts”.  At first A and I were all sorts of confused and then it dawned on me – he needs to go to the bathroom.  We found a rest stop and W did his thing, but S woke in the process.  We got back on the road and W announced his tummy hurt again.  Apparently he hadn’t finished what he started.  S started to get fussy so we stopped at McD’s for lunch.  The most crowded, kid filled McD’s I have EVER encountered.  It was awful.  W had another diaper change and we got back on the road.  Some time later, W’s tummy hurt AGAIN, he pooped AGAIN, and S puked all over.  All over my new car that is.  So much for the new car smell.  We had hoped to take the boys to the Children’s Museum, but we didn’t arrive in Pittsburgh until 4 and the museum closed at 5.  I suggested an impromptu zoo visit so we could all get some fresh air and stretch our legs.  The Pittsburgh Zoo was very cool and since we arrived late, not at all crowded.  The zoo was practically on a mountain and we had to take an elevator to the entrance.  Aside from having to push 65+ pounds of children uphill and constantly worrying about someone falling off a cliff, I loved it!

After the zoo, we headed to the hotel and ordered a pizza.  The boys were CRAZY at the hotel.  I’m not sure if it was because it was their first time in a hotel or because they had been cooped up in the car for so long, but they were screeching and yelling, opening/slamming shut the microwave, opening the refrigerator, pushing all the buttons on the remote, etc.  At one point, A and W went to look for milk while S and I waited for the pizza.  I decided to give S a sponge bath (since there was only a shower) and while getting towels and pajamas laid out, S dumped out a bag of snacks, spilled milk all over, tried to put the pizza money into the vent, and climbed the ottoman to reach the sink.  CRAZY.  After his “bath” I was attempting to get a naked, wiggly, rolling S into his pajamas when the pizza guy called.  CRAP.  Only I didn’t say crap.  Poor delivery guy got a big tip after waiting for us forever (it didn’t help that we were on the 11th floor).

To be continued….

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