Friday, January 30, 2015

38 Weeks Photo and Friday Thoughts

I finally had A take the official 38 weeks photo last night.  Even though everyone keeps telling me I'm huge, I actually think I look better at this point than I did with W (or maybe I'm in denial!).  At the very least, I have less swelling so I'm moving around a lot better and I weigh less.  That's a major win in my book.

And just for fun... 38 weeks + 2 days with baby #2 versus 39 weeks + 1 day with W.  W was breech so my belly looks a bit different, but I think my face looks less round in the first picture. :)

Final doctor's appointment was today.  How crazy is that?!?  My doctor again informed me that baby is a giant and offered an ultrasound.  There was no ultrasound tech today so I'd have to come back tomorrow.  I declined.  I'm curious about baby's size, but really didn't care to make another trip to the doctor.  And his size doesn't matter much, it won't change anything... whether he's 7 pounds or 10 pounds, he's arriving in less than a week.  As long as he's healthy, that's all that matters.  I had also lost 2 pounds since my last appointment.  Score!

My nephew is being baptized on Sunday.  I'm honored to be his Godmother and I planned on being there if I could.  BUT we're supposed to get snow - 7 to 9 inches of snow!!  Now, the weathermen have been wrong up to this point so I have my doubts, but if we do get several inches, I'm not comfortable driving.  Super pregnant mom + toddler navigating our way through a snow storm just seems like a bad idea.  I'm disappointed.  We'll see what happens.

I'm usually excited for the Superbowl.  I like football, creative commercials... and let's not forget the yummy snacks.  But this year... blah.  I don't like either team and if I never heard another Katy Perry song, that would be just fine with me.  Yuck.

W takes after his dad in most respects.  He has nearly the exact same tastes (MEAT!!), has a laid back personality, is quick/athletic.  I would MUCH prefer he have his dad's personality.  But I think he's an animal lover like mommy (not that A doesn't like animals).  My mom was watching him and one of the ASPCA commercials came on tv.  You know the ones - they show all the sad kittens and puppies waiting for homes.  I can't watch them.  My mom said that W actually started crying while watching and she quickly had to change the channel.  My sweet/sensitive boy.

I'm getting extremely nervous about the c section.  I've already had one so I have an idea what to expect, BUT it's major surgery.  And although my first one went really well, I keep remembering the negative parts... chest pressure during surgery/difficulty breathing, vomiting afterwards, recovery.  Uggh.  I need to just focus on meeting our new baby and block out the negative aspects.  Easier said than done.

The pregnancy hormones hit full force last night.  W and I were cuddling and singing.  I was telling him that even when baby is here, I'll still be there for him whenever he needs me.  That I love him and that he'll always be my first baby.  Shockingly, I was holding it together even though I wanted to burst into tears.  But then W started to cry!!  And it was a sad cry... not the tired/angry cry.  I'm not sure if it was because we were singing Baby Beluga and that song is reserved for bed/nap time (and he didn't want to go to bed) or if he knew I was extra emotional.  I looked over at A and asked him what he thought was wrong.  He had no idea.  I hugged W tighter and all was ok, but I'm still not sure why he was upset.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why are you still working???

Because I can.  Because I know my colleagues value my work.  Because I’m not sure what else to do.  Because I want to save my time off for when baby is actually here.  Because despite appearing as though I’ll be giving birth to Hercules, I’m not completely miserable (yes, I have rough days, but all in all, I feel ok).

I’m not really sure what people expect me to say or why they’re so concerned, but I’ve gotten this question too many times to count.  Perhaps I look really uncomfortable and unhappy?  Not sure.

But if you need me, you can find me at my desk.  Still working.  Because I can.

On a related note, my work group took me out for a delicious lunch yesterday.  Italian!  Yum.  It was the same restaurant we went to before W was born so it seemed very fitting.  They gifted me with several adorable outfits.  One is size newborn and I have my doubts as to whether or not Hercules will fit into it. :)  I’m grateful for such wonderful colleagues – they make going to work worthwhile.  And after experiencing a couple miserable work environments, I appreciate them that much more.  Feeling the love. <3 <3

W was very excited about baby’s new clothes when I arrived home.  He had to check them out and insisted “Baby, hang!”… meaning he wanted me to head upstairs and hang the new clothes in baby’s room.  I sure hope he’s as excited about baby when baby is actually here – but not counting on that.

Naturally all of these are blurry since W is always in motion. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Final Days of Pregnancy

A:  You should have the baby this week.
Me:  Why?
A:  Because the Bulls and Blackhawks are playing on the West Coast.  We would be up late with baby and we’d have something to watch.
Me:  Rolling my eyes…

Me:  How much do you think this baby is going to weigh?
A:  I don’t know.  Ten pounds?
Me:  Wrong answer.

Boss: Talking to a client... C will be leaving me next week for a much younger man.  (I'm still laughing at that one)

Colleague:  (joking) Want a donut?
Me: No
Colleague:  Hamburger?
Me: No
Colleague:  Pizza?
Me: No
Colleague:  Sandwich?
Me: No.  If my water breaks, I’m heading to your office first.  I hope I make a huge mess.  I’ll be sure to sit on your chair.
Colleague:  That’s fine.  I’ll have bottles to collect it in.
Me: You know, it could have baby poop in it.
Colleague:  Eww.... gross.  Walks away.
Me:  Mission accomplished.  I win.
(I’ve known him for over 10 years.  We have a weird relationship.)

Yesterday I was asked by 5 different colleagues, "What are you still doing here?!?".  And I was also asked by at least 5 more colleagues, "Are you ok?  Are you feeling alright?".  Everyone who walks passed my desk has something (pregnancy related) to say.  I absolutely appreciate the concern, but it's been a bit much... especially when they're implying I'm huge and telling me there's no way I'll be at work on Monday.  Challenge accepted.

And then today... I arrived to these on my desk.  My boss's wife is amazingly creative.  So so sweet. <3  My group is also taking me out for lunch.  I love them.  And they don't ask me silly questions or tell me how enormous I am so they're awesome in my book. ;)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

38 Weeks with Baby #2

How far along? 38 weeks!  My last update!!

Size?  Baby is the size of a pumpkin... that's not very helpful!  Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes.  I also have to mention this because it made me laugh out loud... I get these stats from the  According to the site, I may be experiencing "lightning crotch".  Hahaha.  What?!?

Weight Gain?  Oh boy.  I guess I should be honest.  I'm up about 40 pounds.  Not as much as I gained with W.  And in my defense, I lost all that weight and more after W and it happened somewhat quickly.  I'm not banking on that happening again, but I do think lots of my weight gain is attributed to fluid retention.  That's my story and I'm sticking with it.  I've gotten the twins question and the huge comments once again.  But I've also gotten, "You're all baby!  I can't even tell you're pregnant from the back."  Bless that colleague's heart!  She's my new best friend!

Gender? Boy!!

Sleep?  Well, let's see... I went to bed around 9:30pm last night.  By 10pm, I told A that I couldn't sleep.  He gave me a back rub and I was able to sleep for 2 hours.  12:30 am, woke up with extreme heartburn (totally my fault - I know better than to drink orange juice before bed).  Tossed, turned, rearranged pillows several times.  3:30am, do I hear W?  I think so, but he settles himself.  Toss and turn a bunch more.  Alarm goes off at 5:15am.  I think I got about 3 hours of sleep?  I'm just so uncomfortable.  My back really hurts no matter which way I lay or how many pillows I use.

Movement?  Still moving.  Mainly at night, while I'm trying to sleep.  My wild child/party animal!  Lots of hiccups lately.

Food Cravings?  Nothing.  A has promised me a Chicago style hot dog after giving birth and I'm really looking forward to that!!! :)

Labor signs?  Contractions, cramping, LOTS of back pain, and pressure.  Baby has dropped.

What I Miss?  The usual.  No point in listing the same things.

Symptoms?  The PUPPP has returned with a vengeance!!  I had gotten to a point where I didn't even need the Caladryl and now I'm applying it 3 times per day.  I even made myself bleed I was so itchy.  Not fun.

Happy or Moody?  Happy (although I feel like crap today).  So excited to meet this little guy, but also nervous about the birth and W's reaction to having a little brother.  W's been extremely sweet.  Pointing to the infant seat and saying brother's name, bringing his old toys into the nursery without being asked or provoked, rubbing my belly.  But actually having a little brother is completely different than preparing for one.  People continuously ask me if W knows and I tell them that he knows "baby", but is completely unprepared for what's about to happen.  While I was packing my suitcase on Friday, W pointed to it and said baby's name.  I don't think I've been giving W enough credit - he understands so much more than I realize.

Looking Forward To?  Baby's debut!  Nervous about how big this guy actually is! :O

Best Moment of the Week?  So excited to have the nursery done!  I sit in there often. :)  W usually joins me and we listen to music or read books.  Car seat installed, bags packed, snacks have been purchased (priorities!), we're about ready!

I realized that I forgot to take a 38 week photo.  So this is the best I can offer - I snapped this last night after I had changed into my comfy clothes and put my hair up.  Taken in the bathroom no less.  Not at all flattering, but it's all I've got right now.  I'll work on getting a better picture.

Monday, January 26, 2015

(Long) Weekend Recap

Friday was such a weird day.  My morning was extremely busy.   I had a small breakfast and before I knew it, it was noon.  I usually have lunch around 11:30am.  By noon, I was shaky and hot and knew I needed to eat something fast.  I quickly ate lunch and felt better.  But at some point during the afternoon, I started feeling cramps and my back hurt.  I just didn't feel well.  I thought maybe I was hungry again.  I had a small breakfast and a somewhat small lunch – it seemed like enough, but I had had big lunches all week so I thought maybe I needed a snack to get me through the afternoon.  Had a snack and still just didn’t feel well.  I had also been drinking water throughout the day, so I didn't think I was dehydrated.  I made it through the work day, but started having contractions during my drive home.  They seemed different than the Braxton Hicks I’d been experiencing and were coming as often as every 5-7 minutes.

I finally got home and told A what was going on.  I was really nervous and ran upstairs to add things to my hospital bag while A ordered pizza and just seemed excited.  Meanwhile, W was HANGRY and being a tyrant.  The only times he’s really naughty are when he’s really hungry… look out!  In fact, he had already had his big fire truck taken away by the time I got home.  Anyway, A prepared to leave and pick up the pizza.  I initially asked him to bring W with him.  Between packing, contractions, and cramps, I wasn’t sure I was up to caring for W.  But I changed my mind last minute, feeling guilty that W had just gotten home and would have to leave again.  So for the next 30-45 minutes or so, I attempted to finish packing, time contractions, Google my symptoms, separate W from Addie many many times, and give W a time out for throwing a truck at Addie.  Fun times I tell you.

After eating dinner, I felt a bit better and the contractions had really slowed.  I went and sat in our big arm chair, hoping that resting would make me feel even better.  At this point, W started chasing Addie with a school bus and she jumped up on me to escape from W.  It hurt, but it was nothing significant.  I started crying.  My first hormonal, pregnant breakdown.  I’m actually surprised that I lasted as long as I did!!  While the tears were streaming, I kept thinking, I have no idea why I’m crying.  It was just a combination of the busy day, contractions, and feeling overwhelmed.  The contractions eventually stopped and the remainder of the night was uneventful.

Saturday morning, I headed to a doctor’s appointment while W and A headed to school.  From what I hear, school went very well.  I miss being able to go with W.  My appointment was interesting.  I got to the office and signed in, but no one was at the counter when I arrived.  I sat and waited.  After about 20 minutes I was finally called back.  I’m usually seen right away, but the wait was no big deal and I didn’t think much of it.  When I got to one of the exam rooms, the nurse told me that the receptionist hadn’t seen me check in.  The nurse knew that I was always on time and was worried about where I was – she had even called over to labor and delivery at the hospital.  Lol.  I had a long talk with my doctor, who, by the way, told me I was huge.  Great.  Thanks.  I expect that from random colleagues, but not my own doctor.  I told her I was still considering a vbac and she said she’d strongly advise against it.  She thought this was a big baby and would hate to see my labor for hours and end up with a c section anyway.  I had no strong opinions about either delivery option so I agreed to the c section.  Now, thinking about it, I’m not sure how I feel.  I hope I’m making the right choice, but I also question if I should have asked for a growth ultrasound to get a better idea of how big baby is.  If I make it to my scheduled c section date, this will all be a moot point.  But if I go into labor earlier, then I’ll wonder if I should have tried for a vbac.  My doctor pointed out that all that really mattered in the end was a healthy baby and I fully agree.  In her opinion, the risks of a vbac outweighed the tougher c-section recovery.

After that, I met A and W for lunch at Sweet Tomatoes.  We headed home and W and I both napped.  After W woke up, A and W went grocery shopping.  It was so so nice to have a break.  Bless that husband of mine.  I was still not feeling great and really appreciated some time to relax.

Saturday night, W would not go to sleep.  A eventually laid down with him in our extra bedroom.  Around 11pm, A tried to transfer W to his bed and W woke up.  I know A was so frustrated.  I sat next to W’s bed and rubbed his back.  I thought he was asleep and attempted to sneak out.  I have not perfected closing W’s door silently and in retrospect I should’ve just left it open.  I wasn’t loud, but that boy has impeccable hearing.  He started crying.  Poor A ended up taking W back to the day bed and slept there with him for the remainder of the night.  I slept horribly as well.  My back hurt badly no matter what position I laid in.  We were all awake before 6:30am.  Not a restful night.

We went to church on Sunday morning and W was his typical, good natured self.  He’s been cuddly during church lately and holds my hand during prayers – it’s incredibly sweet. J  After that, we headed to Starbucks.  A and I debated when nap would be.  We planned to leave our house by 12:15pm to pick up the final piece of nursery décor – letters that spell out baby’s name.  And after that, we had a family get together to attend.  So there really was no good time to nap and I knew W needed one after a rough night.  We decided to keep W up until we left the house, hoping he would sleep in the car.  Between picking up the letters and driving to the family get together, we were looking at 1.5-2 hours in the car.  Sufficient time to nap.  Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans… An hour into our outings, W was still awake.  He finally fell asleep close to 1:30pm.  We arrived at the family get together on time, but sat in the car about a half an hour so W could have at least an hour of sleep.  I just didn’t have the energy for a super cranky little man and I knew A didn’t either.

The get together went well.  W was great and got to play with his cousin who is just 6 weeks older.  All in all, a good day, but I think the busy weekend and hours in the car left me feeling extremely uncomfortable.  No matter what I did - sitting, standing, laying down, I just didn't feel comfortable.  Very sore, achy, short of breath.  I think I’ve finally reached the point in pregnancy where I’m ready to be done.  Oddly enough, I don’t think I ever felt that way with W.  So maybe this baby, is in fact ginormous.  My little Hercules. ;)

On the bright side, W slept great last night.  Phew!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Thoughts

It just occurred to me that I have 7 work days left (at most) before I start maternity leave.  One week.  Holy moly.

The swelling has really kicked in this past week.  My feet and ankles look ridiculous.  I’m thankful to have made it as long as I did and I’m hoping it doesn’t get as bad as it was with W.  On the bright side, I’m still able to wear my rings (for now).  I’m certain they were off at this point with W.  On a related note, nothing fits me these days and it’s pretty depressing.

Also pregnancy related, baby has nightly parties in my belly.  He moves like crazy in the middle of the night, which makes me think he’s going to be a night owl.  So I’ll have a 2 year old and a newborn who do not sleep at night… Lord, help me!  Preparing to be a mom zombie… “mombie”... as if I weren't one already - Ha!

We had Irish and German colleagues in the office Monday through Wednesday.  It was really busy, but we received lunch and breakfast every day!  Score!  Chinese food, sandwiches, pizza, and cookies… oh my!  A pregnant girl’s dream come true!  I’m expecting the scale to not be kind to me at my next doctor’s appointment.

If you’re a parent, go like the Honest Toddler facebook page.  It’s hilarious.  And be sure to view the sleep deprived selfies.  So.darn.funny.  Made me feel a tad better about W’s sleep habits.  Speaking of, W woke up 4 out of the past 5 nights.  Uggh.

I had planned to write more, but ran out of time.  Have I mentioned that work has been CRAZY lately??  Maternity leave is going to be interesting... I'm anticipating emails.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Year's Resolutions (or lack thereof)

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions.  I can’t recall a single resolution I’ve made.  I just try to be the best me I can be.  Sounds cheesy.  It is cheesy.  But this girl is busy enough – who needs the added pressure of trying to achieve some lofty goal?!?  I recently came across this and thought it was a nice alternative to New Year’s resolutions.  I won’t hold myself to anything, but it was thought provoking.

A bad habit I’m going to break:  This is going to sound silly… I’m an avid list maker.  Lists for everything… to do lists at work, to do lists at home, lists of baby products to buy, lists of songs to add to Spotify, etc.  You get the idea.  I NEED lists.  But for some unknown reason, I NEVER make a grocery list.  I basically show up at the store and hope I remember to purchase all the groceries we need.  The problem?  I ALWAYS forget something (often I forget several somethings).  And that means that either A or I stops at the grocery store about 2-3 times per week, which is just crazy.  And unnecessary.  We also suck at dinner planning so I’ll add that to the improvement list as well (see… I love lists).

A new skill I’d like to learn:  Fitting into my pre-pregnancy pants.  No, really.  My favorite store had pants on sale for 60% off… less than $25 a pair.  And for some reason, I thought it was a good idea to buy 4 pairs in my pre-pregnancy size.  I now have buyer’s remorse.  I probably should have bought at least one pair in the next size up.  Yikes.  Ok, I admit, that’s not a skill.  But it’s all I’ve got right now.  Here’s hoping that a toddler and newborn will turn out to be a great weight loss plan!

A person I hope to be more like:  This is easy… My mom and A, but for different reasons.  My mom is super super outgoing.  I am not.  I don’t think I’m unfriendly; I’m just not as sociable as she is.  My mom will talk to anyone and everyone.  I’ve always been on the quiet side.  So I’d like to be more outgoing, get to know more people.  As for A, he’s very laid back.  He doesn’t let things get to him or bother him.  I’d like to more relaxed.  I think motherhood has a tendency to force you to lighten up and I’ve definitely gotten better at not taking things so seriously, but I’d like to continue to improve.

A good deed I’m going to do:  We’ll continue to adopt a family during the holidays and I’ll work at my high school’s auction.  I’d also like to buy someone’s coffee for them at Starbucks.  An easy, simple gesture that could make someone’s day.

A place I’d like to visit:  Ireland!  Hoping for another opportunity since I missed my chance.

A book I’d like to read:  Hahaha.  Does People magazine count?  How about Green Eggs and Ham?  Honestly, I read Divergent and would like to read the next two books, but I doubt I’ll find the time.

A letter I’m going to write:  Hahaha.  I do plan to send post cards to W’s BFF in Georgia.  I got the post cards almost a year ago and never mailed them.  Terrible.  My friend and I decided our boys would be pen pals – they’ve exchanged a couple post cards (you know, with the help of their moms), but we both dropped the ball.

A new food I’d like to try:  Hmmm… sadly, I can’t think of anything.  I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food.  I’m open to suggestions!

I’m going to do better at:  Umm, didn’t I already list enough things above??  I would like to get better at planning activities for W.  Pinterest probably has a ton of easy activities for toddlers.  Instead of blogging, I should use my lunch break to look up some of those!!  Update:  I wrote this a couple weeks ago and I have started pinning some ideas.  Yay!  But holy moly, there are a ton!  I’m overwhelmed!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Little Insomniac and His Furry Sidekick

I’m not sure what’s been going on with W’s sleep lately, but I am NOT a fan.  He had been doing great since transitioning to his big boy bed.  2 months of pretty good sleep.  It was fabulous!  But suddenly, the past 4 days, he’s gone to sleep around 9pm and woken up around 4 am.  A has been able to get him back to sleep, but he only sleeps until about 6am.  It’s making me crazy.  And A’s the one doing all the work.

W goes to bed around 8 and for the next hour, it’s toss, turn, get out of bed.  Repeat that cycle over and over.  He can’t seem to settle down.  Previously, he’d go to bed at 8, maybe toss and turn a bit, but he’d stay in bed.  It was great.

Last night, A tried laying on the floor – thinking that as long as he remained nearby, W would fall asleep.  Let’s take a minute to laugh at that idea because it was clearly the worst idea ever (it was my idea – mom fail).  I watched on the monitor as W propped himself up and looked at A lying (is it laying or lying??) on the floor every minute – for about 45 minutes.  Now that’s persistence.  He did stay in bed, but he never fell asleep.  I don’t think he fell asleep until around 9:30 – MY bedtime!  And he was up at 5am.  Before the alarm went off.  What.the.heck??  That’s not even enough sleep for me.

I’m frustrated.  Every time sleep seems to be going well, things take a turn for the worse.  I’m sure this is all normal, but I never expected it.  Silly, naïve me.  I’m also sure that A and I are somehow to blame… we probably didn’t reinforce good sleep habits early on.  Or maybe I just have an insomniac on my hands.

The only thing I can think of doing is earlier nap time.  The kiddo just doesn’t seem to be tired and can’t settle down around 8.  But why now?  Nothing has changed in our bedtime routine (that I can think of).  So why does this seem to be occurring all of a sudden?

As if that weren’t bad enough, the dog decided to sleep on me last night.  She had been afraid to come upstairs for the past week.  I had set some bottles of dry shampoo on the stairs after shopping and meant to take them upstairs to put away.  Well, I forgot about them (surprise, surprise) and somehow Addie knocked them down the stairs, which made a REALLY loud noise and scared her to death.  So much so that she would not even attempt to go upstairs.  This is shocking considering she’s ALWAYS by our sides, following us from room to room.  At least W found the scene hilarious and now refers to her as Dee Dee Boom Boom.  Anyway, I felt bad for Addie, but I have to admit, I was enjoying not sharing a bed with her.  Well, that all changed last night.  Addie suddenly decided that the stairs were no match for her, pushed open our bedroom door, and curled up next to me in bed.  At least I can solve this problem.  Addie girl is getting shut out of our room for the time being.  But W remains a mystery.  Uggh.  I swear those two work together, teaming up on mommy and daddy!

Look at me!  Who needs sleep?!?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Baby #2's Nursery

As I mentioned yesterday, the nursery is complete!  Well, minus 2 items... letters that spell out baby's name will likely go above the dresser and we also need the baby!!  There was a little mix up with the letters so those may take a bit longer, but I'm calling the nursery done for now.  I'm thrilled with how it turned out.  I gave A a few theme options to choose from and he chose outer space.  I love it!  And now that it's done, I can't imagine any other theme being as perfect.

I took all of these pictures with my phone so they aren't great, but you get the idea...

View when walking into the room

W's old crib; now baby's.  Nani made the multi-colored blanket.

The reading/feeding nook.  I had intentions to replace the book basket with a little table and move the book basket elsewhere, but I haven't found a table I like.

I adore this mobile.  Love Etsy!

You can't tell, but the lamp shade actually has constellations on it.  The changing pad cover was another Etsy purchase.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

I knew this weekend would be incredibly busy and it most certainly was!

Saturday started out early.  W was up around 5:30am.  He’s been sleeping until 6-6:30am lately – naturally, on the day A and I can “sleep in”, he’s up at the crack of dawn. J  Around 9:15am, W and A headed off to school while I headed to my doctor’s appointment.  From what I hear, school went great.  W played at all the stations and participated in activities.  My doctor’s appointment was relatively uneventful.  The doctor encouraged a c-section saying that he thought baby was going to be big.  Especially since W was 8 pounds, 9 ounces.  I’m still undecided.  Weekly appointments now!

After school, W was especially cranky.  Tired and hungry no doubt – always a very bad combo for W.  He fell asleep in the car for a couple minutes, but woke up when he and A arrived home.  Meanwhile, I headed out to get my hair cut.

I arrived home around 2:30pm and W still hadn’t gone down for a nap despite A’s best efforts.  Not good.  I knew he was tired and we had plans that evening.  I think W is moving towards no naps.  He only took naps 2 out of 5 days last (work) week.  Yikes.  Anyway, A was finally able to get him to sleep a little after 3pm.  Halleluiah!  Unfortunately, when he woke up around 4:30pm, W was very upset and continued to cry.  This happens relatively often.  I’m not sure why he has such a hard time waking from nap some days.

We headed to church around 5:15pm.  I was worried how W would handle it.  We never go to church on Saturday night and after such a rough wake up, I thought he might be cranky.  But to my surprise, he was perfect.  After church was the chili cook off.  Basically, there are about 10 different types of chili to try and a winner is selected.  My mom and I always enjoy the event, especially because I rarely eat chili (A doesn’t like it – no surprise there).  The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the chocolate chili – so gross. :P  A headed to McD’s and picked up dinner for himself and W and then returned to the cookoff.  Per usual, several people came over to say hello to W.  W had a blast, greeting church friends, clapping for the chili winners, eating French fries, and switching seats – he spent equal time on my lap, my mom’s lap, and A’s lap.

With the late nap and eventful night, W didn’t go to bed until around 9pm.  I hate when he goes to bed late – I really try to stick to routine.  But thankfully, he slept until 7:45am the following morning, which was awesome!!  It definitely made up for the early wake up the day prior and I can’t recall the last time I was able to sleep passed 7am!

So Sunday started off with a trip to Starbucks and then grocery shopping.  I thought for sure W wouldn’t take a nap given his great sleeping, but he did!  An hour and a half nap and he woke up happy!  We decided to head to an early dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  Yummy!  W was a bit crazy – not bad, just antsy.  I think he had lots of energy from all that sleep!

Once we got home, A and I worked on finishing the nursery.  It turned out great and I absolutely LOVE it.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow.  As A said, now we just need a baby. J  Around 8pm, A tried to get W down for bed, but he was still so wound up and not acting tired at all.  It took an hour to get W to sleep.  So two nights in a row, he went to bed an hour late.  Uggh.  Unfortunately, he also woke in the night and was up at 5:30am this morning.  So we went from awesome sleep to not nearly enough sleep.  At least he was in a good mood this morning, but not sure how long that will last. :\

I forgot to mention that A installed the infant car seat.  I love seeing both car seats in my car. J  He also did tons of laundry and washed pump parts.  Husband of the year!  With only a couple weeks to go, I’m finding that I’m pretty useless.  I get tired quickly, I’m experiencing more swelling, I have cramps and Braxton Hicks contractions.  I’m fine when I’m not doing anything, but any time a task requires physical effort, I get tired.  Uggh.  I’m not used to being inactive.  I did hang curtains, clean the bathroom, and try to pack a hospital bag… which I don’t really understand.  When I was pregnant with W, people were asking me if I was packed with 6 weeks to go.  Can’t I just pack right before the hospital?  I don’t want to pack clothes, pajamas, hairbrush, toothbrush, etc. because I’m still using those things!  So I packed a few toiletry items: shampoo, toothpaste, contact lens solution, etc. and also packed a couple going home outfits for baby and called it good.  Totally went off on a tangent there.

In other news, A has the day off today so I really hope he and W have a good day.  They have gym class and quite a few errands to run so fingers crossed W stays happy despite the poor sleep!

I didn’t even take any W pictures over the weekend.  Tragic!  I guess you know it was a really busy weekend when that happens!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Thoughts

This was not an easy week!  I didn’t think I’d make it to Friday.  This cold has totally kicked my butt… and it wasn’t even a bad cold.  But it did make me extremely tired.  It was a struggle to get through the work day and then when I finally arrived home from work, it took every ounce of energy to make it to W’s bed time.  I’d be in bed by 9 and still wake up exhausted.  Not fun.  I’m finally feeling a bit better.  Hope to make a full recovery this weekend!

I’ve had quite a few people tell me that baby has dropped.  And that makes me really nervous!  I’m not ready yet… the nursery isn’t finished, the car seat isn’t installed, I have to buy more diapers…. Ahhh.  I need to accomplish a lot of baby projects this weekend for sure!  Too bad this weekend is jam packed with school (W), doctor’s appointment (me), haircut (me), and chili cook off at church.  Eek.  And I’m STILL waiting for nursery décor to arrive.  Darn things shipping from the UK.... :O

W has started combining words.  He doesn’t do it often, but it’s a start.  And it’s progress.  He’ll say “mommy go” or “no, Nani” or “Dee Dee doggie”.  We’re getting there.  Thankful he’s feeling better and back to his old ways.

I just made a to do list for this weekend and it consists of 17 items.  17!!  And those were just things off the top of my head.  OMG… is this nesting?!?  I’m scaring myself. J

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Little Update on my Better Half

I don't necessarily talk about A a whole lot on here.  I obviously mention him in weekend recaps and when describing our family adventures, but I really try to respect his privacy.  That's also why you never see him in any pictures.  This blog has always been MY project, my thoughts.  More than anything, it's become my journal for documenting all those important family moments I know I'll want to look back on someday.

But I wanted to mention A's CF clinic appointment yesterday.  Mainly because it went well and when it comes to CF, I think all good news needs to be celebrated.  And because I'm really proud of him.

It was another clinic visit I was unable to attend and I hate that I couldn't go.  I'm determined to make it to the next one no matter what.  Ever since A was admitted to the hospital in June, I have a fear of clinic appointments.  I get nervous and worried that A's lung function will have decreased and it will result in another hospital stay.  No matter how many times A reassures me he's feeling ok, I still worry.

I should also mention that A has not been diagnosed with CF related diabetes.  He has been monitoring his blood sugar for years, but it's always been in the normal range.  He did, however, start insulin injections a few months ago.  His doctor believed it may help him gain weight.

Since I've known A, he's always been around the same weight.  I think he gained about 4ish pounds around the time we were married and has stayed around that same weight, which his doctors were relatively satisfied with.  I'd like to take credit for those 4ish pounds and say it was our marriage that influenced him to eat more, but it was all him.  Side note: when we were first married, I designed a points plan for A.  Sort of the opposite of Weight Watchers, if you will.  I am by no means a dietitian, but I thought I could come up with a plan that might help him gain a couple extra pounds.  It was worth a shot anyway.  Basically, A was awarded points for good fats and had to achieve a certain number of points each day.  It actually seemed to work really well and in a way, it was kind of fun.  We abandoned the points plan long ago, but initially, I think it was a great way to inspire A to think about what he was eating and how often.  I keep talking about this 4ish pound weight gain.  To most people, that wouldn't be much, but to A, it was really significant.  And it was important that he could maintain that 4 pound weight gain.  He's always struggled to gain weight (as most CFers do).

So imagine my shock yesterday when it was discovered that A was up 8 pounds from his previous weigh in.  8 pounds heavier than he'd EVER been!!!  He was actually weighed twice to make sure that number on the scale was real.  Also, he lost a lot of weight during the time he was admitted to the hospital.  So in a 6 month period, nearly a 20 pound gain.  That is nothing short of amazing.  I still can't believe it and I'm so proud of him!  I'm not even sure what to attribute it to because it doesn't seem like we've been doing much different.  Perhaps it's the insulin.  Perhaps A's eating greater amounts more often.  Perhaps it's because I've been cooking more... okay, I know that has nothing to do with it.  Regardless, I'm THRILLED.

A's lung function was also stable.  It was a great appointment.  I'm just sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate the good news.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

36 Weeks with Baby #2

How far along? 36 weeks!  We're just over 3 weeks away from baby's debut.  Crazy!

Size?  Baby is the size of a honeydew melon.

Weight Gain?  Not sure.  My guess would be 35 pounds.  I'm ok with that.

Gender? Baby boy!

Sleep?  Still not sleeping well.

Movement?  Still moving quite a bit, but he's definitely running out of room.  None of the sharp, quick movements I was once experiencing.

Food Cravings?  Nada.  I wish I had some interesting cravings.

Labor signs?  I've been having more Braxton Hicks contractions.  I'm not sure if baby dropped, but I seem to be breathing a little easier and I'm definitely feeling movements and strange pains lower.

What I Miss?  The usual.  I really miss being able to play with W on the floor for extended periods of time.  Also, getting up from the floor is nearly impossible.  And my clothes.  I even wore jeans to work on a Thursday... gasp!  I'm such a rebel.  I told my colleagues that I was no longer even trying to look cute and just wearing whatever still fits me.

Symptoms?  This is weird (and I'm totally jinxing myself), but I've actually been feeling pretty good.  I do get tired since I don't sleep well, but the PUPPP (Caladryl is my new best friend!!) and heartburn have improved.  I still have sciatic pain - especially while trying to sleep and my feet get sore, but overall, not bad.  Again, knocking on wood, crossing fingers, shouting jinx because now that I just typed that, I'm sure things will take a turn for the worst!  I did catch W's cold so that stinks, but from a pregnancy standpoint, I'm good.

Happy or Moody?  Mostly happy... This doesn't seem to fit any of the questions so I'm putting it here.  1.  I'm really afraid of my water breaking in public - or even worse, at work! :O  2.  I find it very amusing when men give me advice on child birth.  One told me that he thought a VBAC would be better... Ummm, ok.  In his defense he IS a doctor.  BUT not an obstetrician.  He's a colleague.  So really, he doesn't even see patients.  Regardless of title/qualifications, I'm having a hard time taking advice from someone who will never birth a child.  I've also heard a lot of stories that begin with, "My wife..."  Ok, but every woman, every situation is a little different.  3.  People have been telling me that since my first baby was a relatively easy baby, the second will be way more difficult.  Gee, thanks.  4.  No one asked if I was having twins this week... WINNING.  I was even asked if this is my first baby, which I interpret as I look young and not totally huge.  Ha! ;)

Looking Forward To?  Baby will be here in 3 weeks, 2 days.  Oh my gosh!  We REALLY need to finish the nursery.  He won't be sleeping in it right away, but if we don't finish now, it will never get done.

Best Moment of the Week?  W has always called me "Ma" and I loved it.  But this past week, I became "Mommy" and I might love that even more. <3  W has a nickname for his little brother and it's adorable. :)  W has been putting his doggie in the MamaRoo - also adorable.  I was asked to be my nephew's godmother and I'm so honored.  The only problem?  Baptism is scheduled for 2/1/15.  Not sure if I'll make it.  Last but not least, W ate macaroni and cheese on Sunday.  This won't seem like a big deal to well, anyone.  But W does NOT eat pasta.  Like the texture actually makes him gag dramatically.  He has always refused any type of pasta.  But Sunday, A and I were eating mac and cheese (obviously we wanted to end the week with a very classy meal) and W pointed to A's plate.  We weren't sure what he was asking for.  A gave him mac and cheese, he devoured it, and asked for more?!?!  WHAT?!?  Not sure if it was a one time thing?  Perhaps his way of apologizing for a not so stellar weekend?  Not sure.  I'm still in shock.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Recap

In a word, this weekend was CHALLENGING.  Saturday started off well.  W slept through the night and was finally feeling better.  Very thankful for that!  Our morning started off just fine.  Nothing too exciting – playing, grocery shopping.  W was supposed to start the next session of school, but A and I figured it was best to keep him home until he was completely healthy.  After waking from his nap, W was sooo cranky.  Multiple tantrums ensued.  I tried to make dinner while W continuously asked to be picked up.  I told him I was working on dinner and showed him the pot, what I was working on, then set him down, which resulted in further tantruming.  That scenario repeated quite a few times.  A tried to help, but it was to no avail.  Sometime after dinner, I remember asking A what time it was and he told me it wasn’t even 7 pm yet.  I’m pretty sure I had a look of horror – W’s bed time is 7:45-8 and I didn’t think I was going to make it.  Both A and I breathed a sigh of relief when W finally went to bed.  We even treated ourselves to beer (A), sparkling apple cider (me), and an episode of Serial.  On the bright side, dinner was yummy (albeit spicy) – enchiladas!

My college played in the Division I football championship, but sadly, they lost.


Sunday started off great.  W slept 11 hours.  11!!!  From 8pm – 7am.  That NEVER happens.  We made it to church and then to Starbucks.  Once we got home, we packed up the Christmas tree and I organized baby’s closet.  Doesn’t sound like fun, but I love that we were able to cross a couple things off the to do list.  After lunch, W had another round of tantrums… throwing himself on the floor, crying, running his toy dog into walls and furniture.  I asked what in the world was wrong with him and told him to sit in his chair to cool off.  I then went and sat in the nursery for my own version of time out.  It certainly wasn’t my best mothering moment and I felt like a jerk for having no patience.  In my defense, I’m a day shy of 36 weeks pregnant and I picked up W’s cold.  But still.  I think I could have prevented a few of those meltdowns and handled the situation much better.  I guess it served as a learning experience.  Anyway, after nap, W was back to being his normal, sweet self.  We played cars, trains, and puzzles.  W ate well at dinner and we ended the day on a high note. J

Not exactly the best weekend, but I suppose it could’ve been worse.  Now, we’re all sick.  A and I both have W’s cold. L  I’ve been chugging orange juice like crazy.  A hurt his back yesterday.  Here’s hoping we’re all healthy by the time baby arrives!  I’m also really worried/nervous.  A has CF clinic tomorrow.  Last time he was sick and went to clinic, he was admitted to the hospital.  That cannot happen again!!!

Oh, I almost forgot.  When W was a baby, I didn’t purchase a swing.  I was afraid he wouldn’t like it and didn’t want to spend the money if he didn’t.  My BIL and SIL were kind enough to let us borrow their baby swing.  And W ended up loving it.  They recently had a baby and we returned the swing.  I decided to splurge on the MamaRoo this time around.  It had glowing reviews.  I loved that it took up little space.  And the Buy Buy Baby worker promised that I’d be able to return it should baby not love it.  Not to mention, BBB sends me 20% coupons often and the 2014 model was on sale since the 2015 model came out.  So we played with the MamaRoo this weekend and W put his Dalmatian dog in it to test it out.  Melt my heart.  It was nice to have that sweet moment amidst the craziness of the weekend. J

Friday, January 9, 2015

Is This Week Over Yet??

I’m throwing in the towel, waving the white flag, surrendering to this week.

Wednesday was awful.  W was so sick.  Sicker than I’ve ever seen him.  Finally by 3pm, he was showing signs of the W we know and love.  I was able to get him in the bath and even play with toys.  It was the first time he had really been up and moving all day.

Thursday, it seemed as if W was back to his old ways.  A complete turnaround from the day prior.  He was eating a bit, talking, and he had plenty of energy.  I was so relieved, ecstatic even.  I just couldn’t believe how quickly things had changed.  I even thought he might make it to school on Saturday.  He was a completely different toddler.

And then 3:30 am happened.  W woke up screaming.  Completely inconsolable.  This went on for the better part of an hour.  A and I tried rocking, juice, food, looking out the window, Barney, anything and everything.  I asked what hurt, where the booboo was, but didn’t get any answers.  The only other times W has awoken extremely upset, he had an ear infection.  I figured there was a very good possibility that may be the case again.

It sucks trying everything to comfort your kiddo and have absolutely nothing work.  I also tried to get him to take Motrin, but he refused.

So A and I decided he needed to return to the doctor.  Screaming for the better part of an hour just wasn’t W.  We knew something was wrong.  I had an 8am meeting (by the way, 8am meetings are ridiculous and I despise them) so A offered to take a sick day and bring W to the doctor.

I felt terrible for not taking W.  I know A is perfectly capable and I knew it made more sense for A to take him.  A has 4 times the number of sick days I do and I’m trying to save mine for baby’s debut.  But I still felt like a crap mom.  Like I wasn’t going to be there when W needed me most.

Well, the verdict is in and W has a double ear infection.  In a way, I’m relieved that we have an answer.  But I’m also very sorry he’s feeling so poorly and I wonder how long he's had the infection.  And I'm disappointed – Just when I thought he was doing better, on the mend, things went downhill.  Ironically, he had his ears checked on Tuesday and they weren’t infected then.  The infection seemed to happen really quickly, but I guess that’s just how ear infections go.

So as far as I’m concerned, this week can suck it.  Between a sick W, hours upon hours in the car thanks to snow and more snow and horrible traffic, and little sleep, I’m just DONE.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


W is sicker than he’s ever been and it breaks my heart.  We’ve been really lucky.  He’s had a few colds.  Aside from a runny nose and a few nightly wake ups you wouldn’t know he was sick.  He never really acted any differently.  He was the same energetic W.  He’s also had a couple ear infections, but they never seemed to affect him much.  And as soon as he started antibiotics, he was back to normal (or at least close to it).  I don’t recall him ever having a fever.

So when my boy had a fever yesterday and had no interest in playing or even leaving the couch, I knew it was time to head to the pediatrician.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), the doctor said that he had a nasty virus, a bad cold.  Despite the fever, constant coughing, congestion, and vomiting, W’s lungs were clear, his ears were not infected, and his throat looked ok.  I know this is good news, but at the same time, it means there’s nothing I can do to make him feel better.  I’ve never seen him so miserable.  Poor guy can’t even sleep because as soon as he lays down, the coughing does not let up.

 A and I took turns holding W through the night.  We sat in the nursery with him, holding him upright so he could sleep.  I had a hard time because W laid across my belly, squishing his brother.  And little brother was not so happy about this – I haven’t felt that much movement in awhile.  Or maybe little brother was just giving W hugs, trying to tell him to feel better.  At one point, little brother was moving like crazy and W started laughing in his sleep.  It was incredibly sweet, despite the circumstances.  I am a little concerned that little brother flipped from head down to breech position – the movement was that intense.

A couple sweet things to note.  When I arrived home from work yesterday, W was very upset, completely miserable, and crying.  A and I both tried to console him, but he was so unhappy.  I’ve never felt so helpless.  I joke that W and Addie have a love/hate relationship.  W occasionally grabs Addie’s paws, throws things at her, and tries to run over her with his fire truck.  His version of playing, however, Addie doesn’t find any of these fun.  But W also asks for Addie every single morning as soon as he wakes up and loves chasing her (which Addie does enjoy).  They can’t leave each other alone.  A boy and his dog…  So yesterday, in an attempt to stop W’s tears, I brought him downstairs – hoping a change of scenery would do the trick.  As soon as he saw Addie he started laughing.  Addie started whining and making her noises to let A know that she needed to go out.  W continued to laugh at her.  A put Addie’s leash on her and said, “Let’s go.”, but Addie came over and sat by W and me.  She didn’t want to leave us.  She always knows when someone isn’t feeling well.  I told W that Addie loved him.  Upon hearing this, W hopped off my lap and bent down and kissed her.  He’s never done that before and it might have been the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

 And my husband.  He sat with W from 4 am until about 7:30 am.  When I peeked at them this morning they were cuddled together under a blanket.  I forgot to mention that thankfully, fortunately, A and I are both home today.  The wind chill is -35 and school was cancelled for A.  I was told I could work from home.  So we’re both home with W and I’m so so grateful for that.  And A is currently in the nursery again – holding W so that he can rest.  Best daddy!

 Praying that my sweet W recovers quickly.  I’ve heard of several others having the same or a very similar illness.  All have said that it lasts a long time, that they are so sick.  I hope by some miracle that W kicks this virus quickly.  Also hoping that A and I and our families avoid this nasty sickness.  In the meantime, knowing that I have an amazing husband and supportive family warms my heart.  

Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to Work and a Weekend Recap

Back to work today!  The holiday break definitely ended on a high note (except for W coming down with a cold).

New Year’s Day was very low key.  The only thing I can recall doing is going grocery shopping.  I’m sure there was lots of play time with W and lots of books read throughout the day.  Some days, I think we read at least 30 books – not that I’m complaining.

Friday, I had a doctor’s appointment.  My doctor gave me a couple suggestions on topicals to try for the PUPPP.  One of them (Caladryl) has been working pretty well (thankfully!).  He also said if the rash got any worse, he would prescribe something.  I hope it doesn’t come to that.  I try to avoid all medications while pregnant.  I know several are safe, it’s more of a psychological thing.  I’ve also done lots of Googling, looking for treatments.  I found a few women who swore by V8 juice and other acidic/citrus juices.  I tried the V8, but yuck.  I just couldn’t drink it.  Tomato juice is not my thing.  So I stocked up on orange juice and lemonade, but don’t think those have made any difference.  I also realize I’m lucky… some poor women get PUPPP all over their torso and on their legs.  Yikes. L

Anyway, I was 34 weeks, 3 days at my appointment and measured 35 weeks.  That’s right.  I’m measuring right on track!!  SO in your face to every single person who’s asked me if I’m having twins (I was asked twice just this past week).  After the appointment, we headed to Nani and Papa’s house.  Nani was very kind and watched W so A and I could have a little lunch date. J  After lunch, we headed home, cleaned up the house a bit, A did his vest, and we listened to another Serial podcast.  We picked W up and the rest of the night was uneventful.

Saturday, when we woke up, A and I both agreed that we had not slept well at all.  Addie decided to hop into bed with us and continued to move around all night.  I had every intention of staying in my pajamas all day, not bothering to do my hair or put on makeup.  It snowed a bit so we were all enjoying staying inside, playing with toys and reading.  However, around 1:30, I received an email offering tickets to the Chicago Bulls basketball game that night.  My company’s CEO has season tickets and every so often, when he can’t attend, he offers them to employees.  A is a huge sports fan and when I mentioned the tickets, he definitely wanted to go.  So after a phone call to my mom, a little make up, and some dry shampoo, we were ready to go! J We are so fortunate that our parents both live so close!  A and I could have taken W to the game, but he would have been up way passed his bed time.  Anyway, A and I had a blast!  The seats were amazing!!  The Bulls won in overtime.  So so much fun!!  We had such a great time and it was a perfect opportunity to spend time together -just the two of us, before we become a family of four. J

Sunday, W woke up early with a cold.  A brought him back to our bed and he slept another hour.  He seemed to be in a great mood after waking up a second time and was so excited to see that we had gotten a couple inches of snow overnight.  We decided to go to church since he didn’t seem to be feeling too poorly.  Church was fine.  W was extra cuddly and seemed to mainly want Ma, which was fine by me.  We headed to Starbucks after and W spit up. L  Poor guy.  But after that, he seemed to feel much better.  I was actually feeling great and decided to make chicken soup for lunch and Cajun pasta with sausage for dinner.  Even A liked both.

Such a great holiday weekend!  Now, poor W needs to get better.  He seems pretty miserable so I hope he kicks this cold quickly - and I hope it doesn't turn into anything worse.  We had a nice streak of healthy days.  And I’m happy he was healthy throughout the holidays.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Thoughts

Baby’s nursery is almost finished!!  I’m so excited!!  The only things left are curtains (ordered), mobile (ordered), and one more piece of wall décor (ordered).  I absolutely love the room!  I also need to install the infant car seat, wash the breast pump, and buy tons and tons of diapers, but we’re almost ready for this little (or big) guy!!  I should also add that A has been washing all the baby clothes and I’ve been putting them away.  I definitely got the better end of that deal.  Dresser is stocked and those clothes look so TINY.  I can’t imagine baby actually fitting into them and I can’t remember W being that small.
On a related note, physically, I’m ready for baby.  The past two weeks have been tough – heartburn, shortness of breath, discomfort, feet hurting, PUPPP, etc.  But mentally, I’m extremely nervous and so not ready.  Mainly because I’m so worried about W’s reaction. :\

We had W’s two year checkup this week.  It went really well.  W weighs 31 pounds and is 34.25 inches tall.  My brave guy didn’t even cry after receiving his vaccination!  Our pediatrician says he has a mild speech delay.  W says a lot of words now – I would guess that he says somewhere around 50-60 words (and seems to add new words each day).  But he doesn’t combine words yet and the pediatrician said because of this, he considers W to have a mild delay.  We had the option of starting speech therapy now or waiting a couple months to see if he starts combining words.  A and I discussed and decided to wait.  Our main reason was that W has made a ton of progress in the past couple months and we expect the progress to continue.  If it doesn’t, we’ll most certainly have him evaluated and start speech therapy.  I don’t want to be one of those parents who’s in denial about her child needing extra help, but I’m trusting my mommy instinct on this one and believe that word combinations are just around the corner for W.

In other news, A and I started watching Mad Men.  I realize we’re about 6 years late, but that’s just how we roll.  I didn’t know anything about the show, other than it was set in an ad agency in the 1960s and I was really excited about the clothing!  I LOVE the style of the 60’s.  After only a couple episodes, I found 3 things shocking:  1.  The treatment of women.  Holy crap.  My naïve mind had no idea how undervalued and objectified women were then.  2.  All the freaking smoking.  In every scene.  Gross.  3.  Every man is unfaithful.  Also gross.  Those observations aside, I find the show really interesting and really like it.

A and I also started listening to a Podcast - Serial.  I had heard that it was really good and addictive, but my first thought was... "Psssh... Who listens to Podcasts?!?"  Well, apparently we do.  And I agree, it is really enthralling and addictive.  I find our justice system really interesting and this offers a glimpse into a murder case/trial.  We haven't listened to many "episodes", but so far, it's fascinating!

And finally, A and I got to enjoy not 1, but 2!! lunch dates in the past two weeks.  I love spending one on one time with A, actually getting to complete a conversation, enjoying each other's company.  Heading back to work is going to be a rude awakening after 2 fabulous weeks.