Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Thoughts

Baby’s nursery is almost finished!!  I’m so excited!!  The only things left are curtains (ordered), mobile (ordered), and one more piece of wall décor (ordered).  I absolutely love the room!  I also need to install the infant car seat, wash the breast pump, and buy tons and tons of diapers, but we’re almost ready for this little (or big) guy!!  I should also add that A has been washing all the baby clothes and I’ve been putting them away.  I definitely got the better end of that deal.  Dresser is stocked and those clothes look so TINY.  I can’t imagine baby actually fitting into them and I can’t remember W being that small.
On a related note, physically, I’m ready for baby.  The past two weeks have been tough – heartburn, shortness of breath, discomfort, feet hurting, PUPPP, etc.  But mentally, I’m extremely nervous and so not ready.  Mainly because I’m so worried about W’s reaction. :\

We had W’s two year checkup this week.  It went really well.  W weighs 31 pounds and is 34.25 inches tall.  My brave guy didn’t even cry after receiving his vaccination!  Our pediatrician says he has a mild speech delay.  W says a lot of words now – I would guess that he says somewhere around 50-60 words (and seems to add new words each day).  But he doesn’t combine words yet and the pediatrician said because of this, he considers W to have a mild delay.  We had the option of starting speech therapy now or waiting a couple months to see if he starts combining words.  A and I discussed and decided to wait.  Our main reason was that W has made a ton of progress in the past couple months and we expect the progress to continue.  If it doesn’t, we’ll most certainly have him evaluated and start speech therapy.  I don’t want to be one of those parents who’s in denial about her child needing extra help, but I’m trusting my mommy instinct on this one and believe that word combinations are just around the corner for W.

In other news, A and I started watching Mad Men.  I realize we’re about 6 years late, but that’s just how we roll.  I didn’t know anything about the show, other than it was set in an ad agency in the 1960s and I was really excited about the clothing!  I LOVE the style of the 60’s.  After only a couple episodes, I found 3 things shocking:  1.  The treatment of women.  Holy crap.  My naïve mind had no idea how undervalued and objectified women were then.  2.  All the freaking smoking.  In every scene.  Gross.  3.  Every man is unfaithful.  Also gross.  Those observations aside, I find the show really interesting and really like it.

A and I also started listening to a Podcast - Serial.  I had heard that it was really good and addictive, but my first thought was... "Psssh... Who listens to Podcasts?!?"  Well, apparently we do.  And I agree, it is really enthralling and addictive.  I find our justice system really interesting and this offers a glimpse into a murder case/trial.  We haven't listened to many "episodes", but so far, it's fascinating!

And finally, A and I got to enjoy not 1, but 2!! lunch dates in the past two weeks.  I love spending one on one time with A, actually getting to complete a conversation, enjoying each other's company.  Heading back to work is going to be a rude awakening after 2 fabulous weeks. 

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