Wednesday, January 7, 2015


W is sicker than he’s ever been and it breaks my heart.  We’ve been really lucky.  He’s had a few colds.  Aside from a runny nose and a few nightly wake ups you wouldn’t know he was sick.  He never really acted any differently.  He was the same energetic W.  He’s also had a couple ear infections, but they never seemed to affect him much.  And as soon as he started antibiotics, he was back to normal (or at least close to it).  I don’t recall him ever having a fever.

So when my boy had a fever yesterday and had no interest in playing or even leaving the couch, I knew it was time to head to the pediatrician.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), the doctor said that he had a nasty virus, a bad cold.  Despite the fever, constant coughing, congestion, and vomiting, W’s lungs were clear, his ears were not infected, and his throat looked ok.  I know this is good news, but at the same time, it means there’s nothing I can do to make him feel better.  I’ve never seen him so miserable.  Poor guy can’t even sleep because as soon as he lays down, the coughing does not let up.

 A and I took turns holding W through the night.  We sat in the nursery with him, holding him upright so he could sleep.  I had a hard time because W laid across my belly, squishing his brother.  And little brother was not so happy about this – I haven’t felt that much movement in awhile.  Or maybe little brother was just giving W hugs, trying to tell him to feel better.  At one point, little brother was moving like crazy and W started laughing in his sleep.  It was incredibly sweet, despite the circumstances.  I am a little concerned that little brother flipped from head down to breech position – the movement was that intense.

A couple sweet things to note.  When I arrived home from work yesterday, W was very upset, completely miserable, and crying.  A and I both tried to console him, but he was so unhappy.  I’ve never felt so helpless.  I joke that W and Addie have a love/hate relationship.  W occasionally grabs Addie’s paws, throws things at her, and tries to run over her with his fire truck.  His version of playing, however, Addie doesn’t find any of these fun.  But W also asks for Addie every single morning as soon as he wakes up and loves chasing her (which Addie does enjoy).  They can’t leave each other alone.  A boy and his dog…  So yesterday, in an attempt to stop W’s tears, I brought him downstairs – hoping a change of scenery would do the trick.  As soon as he saw Addie he started laughing.  Addie started whining and making her noises to let A know that she needed to go out.  W continued to laugh at her.  A put Addie’s leash on her and said, “Let’s go.”, but Addie came over and sat by W and me.  She didn’t want to leave us.  She always knows when someone isn’t feeling well.  I told W that Addie loved him.  Upon hearing this, W hopped off my lap and bent down and kissed her.  He’s never done that before and it might have been the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

 And my husband.  He sat with W from 4 am until about 7:30 am.  When I peeked at them this morning they were cuddled together under a blanket.  I forgot to mention that thankfully, fortunately, A and I are both home today.  The wind chill is -35 and school was cancelled for A.  I was told I could work from home.  So we’re both home with W and I’m so so grateful for that.  And A is currently in the nursery again – holding W so that he can rest.  Best daddy!

 Praying that my sweet W recovers quickly.  I’ve heard of several others having the same or a very similar illness.  All have said that it lasts a long time, that they are so sick.  I hope by some miracle that W kicks this virus quickly.  Also hoping that A and I and our families avoid this nasty sickness.  In the meantime, knowing that I have an amazing husband and supportive family warms my heart.  

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