Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why are you still working???

Because I can.  Because I know my colleagues value my work.  Because I’m not sure what else to do.  Because I want to save my time off for when baby is actually here.  Because despite appearing as though I’ll be giving birth to Hercules, I’m not completely miserable (yes, I have rough days, but all in all, I feel ok).

I’m not really sure what people expect me to say or why they’re so concerned, but I’ve gotten this question too many times to count.  Perhaps I look really uncomfortable and unhappy?  Not sure.

But if you need me, you can find me at my desk.  Still working.  Because I can.

On a related note, my work group took me out for a delicious lunch yesterday.  Italian!  Yum.  It was the same restaurant we went to before W was born so it seemed very fitting.  They gifted me with several adorable outfits.  One is size newborn and I have my doubts as to whether or not Hercules will fit into it. :)  I’m grateful for such wonderful colleagues – they make going to work worthwhile.  And after experiencing a couple miserable work environments, I appreciate them that much more.  Feeling the love. <3 <3

W was very excited about baby’s new clothes when I arrived home.  He had to check them out and insisted “Baby, hang!”… meaning he wanted me to head upstairs and hang the new clothes in baby’s room.  I sure hope he’s as excited about baby when baby is actually here – but not counting on that.

Naturally all of these are blurry since W is always in motion. :)

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  1. I loved my NYC job before I had my kids. My terrific boss wanted me to stay as long as I was up for it and I did. One August afternoon, walking down 7th Avenue on the way to a client, I tripped on my espadrilles and fell to the sidewalk - catching myself safely with my hands. I then proceeded up to my office and told my boss I was done. The next day, I was home and started to feel a little 'funny'. Day after that my first boy was born! I LOVED doing double duty - working AND growing a baby. My next two pregnancies were not NEARLY as fun - no work buddies to share the experience with everyday, no money coming in, and first one, and then two, little buggers to take care of while pregnant. By the time my third boy was born, nobody besides my husband even came to the hospital! I look back on the first pregnancy as a really special time in my life. Of course, I was lucky - I felt good and had a healthy, happy pregnancy. It's wonderful that you are happy at work. Awaiting your 'big' (???) news!