Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Recap

In a word, this weekend was CHALLENGING.  Saturday started off well.  W slept through the night and was finally feeling better.  Very thankful for that!  Our morning started off just fine.  Nothing too exciting – playing, grocery shopping.  W was supposed to start the next session of school, but A and I figured it was best to keep him home until he was completely healthy.  After waking from his nap, W was sooo cranky.  Multiple tantrums ensued.  I tried to make dinner while W continuously asked to be picked up.  I told him I was working on dinner and showed him the pot, what I was working on, then set him down, which resulted in further tantruming.  That scenario repeated quite a few times.  A tried to help, but it was to no avail.  Sometime after dinner, I remember asking A what time it was and he told me it wasn’t even 7 pm yet.  I’m pretty sure I had a look of horror – W’s bed time is 7:45-8 and I didn’t think I was going to make it.  Both A and I breathed a sigh of relief when W finally went to bed.  We even treated ourselves to beer (A), sparkling apple cider (me), and an episode of Serial.  On the bright side, dinner was yummy (albeit spicy) – enchiladas!

My college played in the Division I football championship, but sadly, they lost.


Sunday started off great.  W slept 11 hours.  11!!!  From 8pm – 7am.  That NEVER happens.  We made it to church and then to Starbucks.  Once we got home, we packed up the Christmas tree and I organized baby’s closet.  Doesn’t sound like fun, but I love that we were able to cross a couple things off the to do list.  After lunch, W had another round of tantrums… throwing himself on the floor, crying, running his toy dog into walls and furniture.  I asked what in the world was wrong with him and told him to sit in his chair to cool off.  I then went and sat in the nursery for my own version of time out.  It certainly wasn’t my best mothering moment and I felt like a jerk for having no patience.  In my defense, I’m a day shy of 36 weeks pregnant and I picked up W’s cold.  But still.  I think I could have prevented a few of those meltdowns and handled the situation much better.  I guess it served as a learning experience.  Anyway, after nap, W was back to being his normal, sweet self.  We played cars, trains, and puzzles.  W ate well at dinner and we ended the day on a high note. J

Not exactly the best weekend, but I suppose it could’ve been worse.  Now, we’re all sick.  A and I both have W’s cold. L  I’ve been chugging orange juice like crazy.  A hurt his back yesterday.  Here’s hoping we’re all healthy by the time baby arrives!  I’m also really worried/nervous.  A has CF clinic tomorrow.  Last time he was sick and went to clinic, he was admitted to the hospital.  That cannot happen again!!!

Oh, I almost forgot.  When W was a baby, I didn’t purchase a swing.  I was afraid he wouldn’t like it and didn’t want to spend the money if he didn’t.  My BIL and SIL were kind enough to let us borrow their baby swing.  And W ended up loving it.  They recently had a baby and we returned the swing.  I decided to splurge on the MamaRoo this time around.  It had glowing reviews.  I loved that it took up little space.  And the Buy Buy Baby worker promised that I’d be able to return it should baby not love it.  Not to mention, BBB sends me 20% coupons often and the 2014 model was on sale since the 2015 model came out.  So we played with the MamaRoo this weekend and W put his Dalmatian dog in it to test it out.  Melt my heart.  It was nice to have that sweet moment amidst the craziness of the weekend. J

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