Friday, January 30, 2015

38 Weeks Photo and Friday Thoughts

I finally had A take the official 38 weeks photo last night.  Even though everyone keeps telling me I'm huge, I actually think I look better at this point than I did with W (or maybe I'm in denial!).  At the very least, I have less swelling so I'm moving around a lot better and I weigh less.  That's a major win in my book.

And just for fun... 38 weeks + 2 days with baby #2 versus 39 weeks + 1 day with W.  W was breech so my belly looks a bit different, but I think my face looks less round in the first picture. :)

Final doctor's appointment was today.  How crazy is that?!?  My doctor again informed me that baby is a giant and offered an ultrasound.  There was no ultrasound tech today so I'd have to come back tomorrow.  I declined.  I'm curious about baby's size, but really didn't care to make another trip to the doctor.  And his size doesn't matter much, it won't change anything... whether he's 7 pounds or 10 pounds, he's arriving in less than a week.  As long as he's healthy, that's all that matters.  I had also lost 2 pounds since my last appointment.  Score!

My nephew is being baptized on Sunday.  I'm honored to be his Godmother and I planned on being there if I could.  BUT we're supposed to get snow - 7 to 9 inches of snow!!  Now, the weathermen have been wrong up to this point so I have my doubts, but if we do get several inches, I'm not comfortable driving.  Super pregnant mom + toddler navigating our way through a snow storm just seems like a bad idea.  I'm disappointed.  We'll see what happens.

I'm usually excited for the Superbowl.  I like football, creative commercials... and let's not forget the yummy snacks.  But this year... blah.  I don't like either team and if I never heard another Katy Perry song, that would be just fine with me.  Yuck.

W takes after his dad in most respects.  He has nearly the exact same tastes (MEAT!!), has a laid back personality, is quick/athletic.  I would MUCH prefer he have his dad's personality.  But I think he's an animal lover like mommy (not that A doesn't like animals).  My mom was watching him and one of the ASPCA commercials came on tv.  You know the ones - they show all the sad kittens and puppies waiting for homes.  I can't watch them.  My mom said that W actually started crying while watching and she quickly had to change the channel.  My sweet/sensitive boy.

I'm getting extremely nervous about the c section.  I've already had one so I have an idea what to expect, BUT it's major surgery.  And although my first one went really well, I keep remembering the negative parts... chest pressure during surgery/difficulty breathing, vomiting afterwards, recovery.  Uggh.  I need to just focus on meeting our new baby and block out the negative aspects.  Easier said than done.

The pregnancy hormones hit full force last night.  W and I were cuddling and singing.  I was telling him that even when baby is here, I'll still be there for him whenever he needs me.  That I love him and that he'll always be my first baby.  Shockingly, I was holding it together even though I wanted to burst into tears.  But then W started to cry!!  And it was a sad cry... not the tired/angry cry.  I'm not sure if it was because we were singing Baby Beluga and that song is reserved for bed/nap time (and he didn't want to go to bed) or if he knew I was extra emotional.  I looked over at A and asked him what he thought was wrong.  He had no idea.  I hugged W tighter and all was ok, but I'm still not sure why he was upset.

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