Tuesday, February 26, 2019

S Turns 4

We celebrated S’s 4th birthday a couple weeks ago.  This was a bit ambitious on my part seeing as I returned from Ireland the afternoon before.  But S’s only requests were a pizza party and Paw Patrol plates so that seemed easy enough.

I know it’s cliché, but I can’t believe this sweet boy is already four.  I feel incredibly blessed to be his mom.  He’s both hilarious and a total sweetie pie and it’s just the best combination.  He gives hugs easily and frequently and loves to cuddle.  He’ll tell me he loves me throughout the day.  He tells me I’m his best friend (and on the contrary, I’m NOT his best friend when he’s mad).  He loves books, garbage trucks, and the color pink.  He also loves parking garages, his big brother, and French fries.  And he especially loves DONUTS.

A and I gifted S a garbage truck and a parking garage because those are his current obsessions.  Upon opening the garbage truck, he exclaimed, “I can’t believe it!!”.  And when he saw the parking garage, he began jumping up and down with joy.  His enthusiasm is contagious and I hope that never changes.

We love you so much, S!  Happy Birthday to you!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Weekend Recap

We had a busy, but fun weekend!

For starters, on Friday evening, our current tenants came over to discuss buying our townhouse.  It’s not for sale, but we’ve considered putting it on the market.  This was A and I’s very first house so it’s a little bittersweet.  We bought it just before we were married and then the housing market crashed.  We’ve been renting it out for nearly 5 years now as a way to pay off some of what is owed on it.  If we can sell it, it would be wonderful.  Please send some good thoughts our way if you’ve got them.  I really think it would work out well for all of us – A and I wouldn’t have to manage the house anymore, the renters would buy it for much less than we did and they’re eager to begin making some updates.

Saturday involved swim lessons for the boys and a haircut for me.  I chopped my hair and it’s shorter than it’s been in years.  I think I like it, but I’m still getting used to it.  I just felt like I needed a change and my head feels a lot lighter. J  We ended the day ordering Chinese food for dinner.

Sunday, my company had a family day at the Planetarium.  Since winter will never end, it was a good reason to get out of the house.  The boys had fun, though they just so happened to act up the only two times I ran into coworkers.  Because of course.  Still we enjoyed watching the Imagine the Moon show and the boys loved the kids area.  We finished with a yummy dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.  A fun weekend in the books!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Weekend Recap

I'm a little late on the weekend recap, but I don't have much to report.  It just keeps snowing around here and I am so OVER IT.  Enough already.

I came down with a cold towards the end of the week.  It wasn't bad at all, but it did make me really tired and fatigued.  So I spent much of the weekend being lazy.  I couldn't get to bed early enough and I couldn't sleep long enough.  Luckily, I'm better now so it was just a quick bug (thankfully!).  The guys caught it too, but so far everyone is ok.

The boys had swim lessons on Saturday.  These are working out really well.  The boys enjoy the lesson and it's a great way to burn some energy until we can play outside again (seems like that will never happen!).

One of the weekend days, I came downstairs to find A and W playing chess.  Cutest thing ever.

S is officially potty trained.  It took forever and lots of bribes.  It wasn't that he couldn't, it was that he didn't want to.  And I kept waiting and thinking he'd figure it out.  I think I'm a pretty decent mom for the most part, EXCEPT when it comes to potty training.  I just hate it.  So I'm happy we're done with that phase.  An added bonus to waiting so long is that S is actually potty trained through the night too.  He wakes up dry, which is awesome.  So I can officially stop buying diapers!

A had jury duty this week (heehee), but he ended up not getting picked and leaving the courthouse around noon yesterday.  He asked if I wanted to grab lunch.  Work hasn't exactly been my favorite place to be lately so I was excited to head out.  Our quick little lunch date was a good reminder that we need more time together.  The last time we had a date was on New Year's Eve and it was a quick lunch.  He also bought me clearance Valentine SweetTarts and I can't stop eating them!!  A, if you're reading this, send more SweetTarts!!  Actually, don't because the amount of sweets I've been eating in comparison to time spent on the treadmill is just plain depressing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Work Travel

I didn’t mean to disappear.  I had to travel for work last week and had such mixed feelings about the trip.  On one hand, I was really excited for the opportunity to visit Ireland (number one on my bucket list – followed by Italy if you’re wondering) and also meet my colleagues at the Dublin office.  But on the other hand, the work trip meant I was away for S’s birthday and I was feeling extremely guilty and sad.  I also had to travel to Wales for a meeting with a clinical manufacturing company.  The meeting coincided with their production schedule and couldn’t be moved.

Anyway, the trip went really well and I appreciate the opportunity, but I’m happy to be home.

Yesterday, I learned that my boss put in for a promotion for me only to have it denied by the VP of our group.  He apparently holds me responsible for an FDA response we received over a year ago.  I have no problem taking the blame when I’m at fault, but this one isn’t on me.  Not to mention, it was a year ago.  It’s just another pathetic excuse and a reminder that while work trips can be nice, they don’t make up for being treated poorly.  I’m still looking for another opportunity - hopefully with a company that values my contributions and allows me to progress.

So how about a few pictures?  While I really enjoyed Dublin, I’m itching to see other parts of Ireland.  I definitely plan to return!


Coordinated with the airplane!