Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Recap

Not a whole lot to report about the weekend.  W and I ran errands on Saturday morning.  I took him to Bath and Body Works with me and I may never do that again because he is a terrible influence. ;)  Smell this… ohh, I like this… I bought way more than intended.  I decided that I’m done with summer and wanted to decorate the house for fall.  My mom said she wanted to come over and help.  My mom has a tendency to bring some new decoration over for every season and this was no exception.  She came over with a centerpiece and the cutest napkin rings.  W LOVED helping us decorate.  And he was a huge help.  Taking things out of boxes and bringing them to the proper place.  We had summer décor put away and fall décor displayed in record time.  The house looks so festive!  I love it!

The boys were great at church and Starbucks on Sunday.  We played outside for a bit.  A brought the boys to Nani and Papa’s house and installed a car seat in Nani’s car while I made dinner, picked up around the house, and boxed up several clothing items that S had outgrown.  There is nothing sadder than boxing up baby clothes.  I get so attached to them.  I remember the first outfit I ever bought, what the boys wore home from the hospital, what they’ve worn for every holiday and family photos.  Gah… it makes me so sad.  The odds are not in our favor for having more children, but I just can’t get rid of them yet.

And that was basically it.  W has been challenging lately.  Nothing out of the ordinary for a 3 year old, I suppose, but more meltdowns and bad behavior in general.  I think it’s a combination of age and a change in his routine with school being back in session.  S has also been challenging – climbing on everything and knocking over everything he can get his hands on.  This weekend alone, he knocked over a can of pop, emptied out a drawer including a deck of cards that he scattered all over the floor, pooped in the bathtub, and threw a plate of food on the floor.  Again, not unexpected behavior for a one year old, but whew.  I was complaining to A last night that I really look forward to the weekend and spending time with the boys and then I feel like all I do is scold them.  Sigh.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Thoughts

I have a confession.  I hate the beginning of the school year.  I’m sure my mind will change as the boys get older, but right now… I just want to skip ahead to October.  W is in a class with 14 other 3 year olds.  He’s one of the oldest in his class since he has an early birthday.  Being that the majority (11/15) kids are new, I know they will struggle with mom or dad leaving just as W did last year.  W has a hard time when he sees that others are upset.  I’m totally dreading these next few weeks of dropping him off.  I’m also concerned that W won’t be intellectually stimulated because I’m seeing a big difference in the newly three year olds versus the nearly four year olds.  Uggh.

We have no plans this weekend!  This rarely happens!!  The possibilities are endless!!

I really think he should model.  I mean other than his hatred for having his photo taken, he'd be perfect.  Love that red hair. :)  Also, he calls his suspenders his tenders... bahahaha.

For the past 3-4 months, I’ve been getting migraines.  It starts with a change in my vision.  They don’t last very long – about 3 hours or so, but during that time, it’s definitely difficult to focus and be productive.  I’m a little concerned because I’ve experienced headaches before, but never vision changes (aura).  Someone tell me I’m not dying.

Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Stitch Fix #10 (Best one YET!!)

Stitch Fix #10 was my favorite Stitch Fix yet!!  I LOVED LOVED everything!!  I had mentioned to my stylist, Kate, that this Fix would be my birthday Fix and I’m not sure if she put in extra effort while arranging it, but it sure seemed that way.  Maybe I’ll claim it’s my birthday for all future Fixes… ;)

As always, if you’re considering giving Stitch Fix a try, I’d be so grateful if you used my referral link.

Without further ago, my favorite Fix EVER…

First up, the Mahl Woven Floral Back Knit Top.  I think blue is a good color for me so we were off to a good start.  I loved that this was a long length and perfect for being out with the boys.  Not fancy, but not boring either.  And it was so so comfortable.  LOVE!  I wore this to an amusement park the following day and it was perfect for the outing.

Next, the Levi Ponte Dress.  I had actually requested this dress in a couple previous Fixes and it was never available.  I’m not sure if Kate was able to work some magic, but I was SO excited to receive this.  This dress was made for me.  If you’ve read anything about my style, you know I have a stripe obsession and I loved that this was black and white.  The material on this was so flattering.  It was heavier than I anticipated, but very comfortable.  I loved it and it fit like a dream.  And I so appreciate that Kate remembered (or at least took note) that I had requested it.  I’m telling you, dress perfection right here.  Kate, you are my hero.

 I was excited to see another dress in the box.  I had this James Laser Cut Dress pinned and the color was gorgeous.  This was A’s favorite of the Fix.  I didn’t think the cut was quite as flattering as the Levi dress, but it’s hard to top perfection.  I have a baptism, birthday lunch, wedding shower, and wedding coming up in the next few months and I think this would be perfect for any of those occasions.  I can also add a cardigan and possibly wear this to work.  So pretty.

Next, the Sevilla Funnel Neck French Terry Sweater.  I had this one pinned as well and was excited to receive something for fall.  I’m not sure why it’s called a sweater because it definitely falls more into the sweatshirt category in my opinion.  Another comfortable piece that I could foresee getting lots of use out of.  And hello, stripes!!  I don’t think A was crazy about this one, but I really liked it.  Can’t wait for cool fall days!

And finally, the Regena Mixed Material Knit Top.  I know what you’re thinking… how many striped articles of clothing does one girl need?  Obviously, you can never have enough.  This was light weight and had a little flower detail on the shoulder and around the neck to keep things interesting.  I thought it was adorable.  I actually wore it with a cardigan a couple days later and my mom complimented me.  My mom is incredibly stylish so there was no doubt that this was a keeper.

Stitch Fix (Kate), you nailed it! :)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Recap

Last week was difficult.  On Monday, my group was called into an urgent meeting.  I knew it couldn’t be good news when I saw that the CEO and HR department were included on the invite, but I thought maybe one of the executives was leaving the company or retiring.  We soon learned that one of my coworkers had unexpectedly passed away leaving behind her husband and 12 year old son.  It was shocking and devastating to say the least.  I attended the visitation on Thursday.  Although it was extremely sad, I was inspired by the number of people there.  The line to share condolences stretched all the way around the building.  Many of those people waiting in line were my colleagues.  It’s easy to get aggravated with the people you work with and there are definitely times when people drive me crazy.  Heck, I was annoyed with my boss just last week.  BUT this group of colleagues genuinely cares.  They’re supportive and considerate and I consider myself lucky to work with them.

Friday was a work event, but I decided not to go.  It was in Chicago and included seeing the air and water show practice – something I’m just not into.  I opted to spend the afternoon with my boys instead and I’m so glad I did.  There’s a park near our house where trees are planted for family members who have passed too soon.  One of those trees was planted for my dad.  Despite the park only being 10 minutes from our house, I’ve never taken the boys because I thought the playground was meant for older kids and I wasn’t sure they would enjoy it.  For some reason, on Friday, I decided we would go.  We found my dad’s tree and the trees of other family members and it turns out that the entire playground was rebuilt and it was perfect for the boys.  I can’t believe it took me so long to get there.  Seeing the boys play near the trees and sit on my great grandparents’ bench was very healing and just what I needed after a sad week.  After the park, we met A for pizza.

Saturday, I attended a bridal shower and then we decided to go shoe shopping for the boys.  I knew W would need shoes soon and I’ve never had S’s feet measured – he’s always just worn W’s old shoes.  Turns out S wears an extra wide shoe.  I hadn’t planned on purchasing shoes for him, but thought he deserved a pair in the correct size.  And HOLY expensive kids shoes.  I paid more for their shoes than I do for mine.  What the heck, Stride Rite??  They better last until next year!!  And sorry S, but you’re going to have to keep squeezing your feet into your brother’s wide, not extra wide, shoes.  Either that, or I take out a loan for shoes. :P

Sunday was the usual routine.

W starts school this week.  He’ll be going 3 days per week for 3 hours.  Pray for me.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Recap

Another weekend come and gone.  They always go too fast.

Friday afternoon, W had another play date with his friend, Elena.  Elena’s mom and little sister also came over.  The kiddos were all so cute together.  W didn’t play with Elena as much as he did during the first play date, but we were at our house this time so that was understandable.  At one point W asked, “Elena, can I please have my garbage truck?”.  Parenting win!!!  After that, we went over to my mom’s house for pizza.

Saturday, we decided to hit up the amusement park again.  Loving our season’s passes!  S was cranky and I’m not sure why, but we still had a great time going on the rides.  At one point, both W and S were dancing and laughing on a balloon ride.  I live for those moments.

Sunday was our usual routine.  The boys were good in church.  S made a few noises so I whispered, “S, what are ya doing?”.  To which W very loudly replied, “He’s tryin’ to poop!”.  As if that weren’t bad enough, as we were walking out, my mom asked if S had slept well.  I explained that I thought so, but the monitor had accidentally been set on W’s room so if he had made noise, I didn’t hear it.  W then asked very loudly, “Mommy, were you making noise in bed last night??”.  Mortified.  And no, I definitely wasn’t.

After Starbucks and grocery shopping, I met up with friends for lunch.  I’ve known this group of girls since middle school.  So nearly 25 years?!?!  Holy crap, I’m old.  Anyway, they are all teachers and I love catching up with them.  I wish we got together more often.  We were discussing high school and agreed that we all really liked high school, which I think is very rare. :)

On to another week.  A returns to school this week.  I’m sad the summer is coming to a close.  It went by incredibly fast.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Thoughts

I was looking back at old posts and I realized I hadn’t posted a ‘Friday Thoughts’ post in a while.  Those totally random posts are my favorite so I’m going to try to get back in the swing of things.

I miss having a little baby around the house.  Yup.  I said it.  Do moms always feel this way when they have toddlers?

We’ve been working on potty training W.  Just about everything I’ve read recommends sort of a “cold turkey” approach – throw away the diapers and just do it.  We tried that and it didn’t work.  W is doing much better with his own method.  He still wears a diaper, but tells us when he has to go.  He’s going at his own pace and he’s definitely not completely trained, but this is the only approach that’s worked.  I’m so proud of the progress he’s made.

I am OBSESSED with the Olympics.  I told A that when I’m old, I’m just going to sit on the couch all day and flip between the Olympic channels and watch everything.  #goals  How amazing are these athletes?!?  And I couldn’t find the medal count for men vs. women, but I predict the American women will return with more medals.  The women’s gymnastics team is just incredible.  I actually teared up watching last night.  So proud of them.  Girl power.

I actually Googled ‘what is the opposite of broad shoulders’.  True Story.  I couldn’t find much, but Urban Dictionary suggested slopey shoulders.  Hahaha.  I think I have slopey shoulders.  In related news, the broad shoulders of the male swimmers… fiiine.

A heads back to school next week and for the first time, I’m not completely dreading it.  Mainly because I think he needs a change of pace.  I think he’s ready to be back, though I know he’ll miss the boys.

Speaking of back to school, I think it might as well be fall.  I’m ready for cooler temperatures, sweaters, and pumpkin everything.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Word From A

A here.

A couple of months ago, C asked me if I would consider writing an entry on her blog about my life with CF.  Knowing me as well as she does, she never mentioned it again.

I used to read her posts when she first started writing about her life.  I liked binge-reading them.  That way, I could run the whole gamut of emotions in one sitting.  But then I stopped reading them, due in no small part to me accidentally deleting my link to her site.  But really, I stopped reading because those posts are hers; they are her outlook of life, and although I live my life with her, I believe there should be a few aspects of our individual lives that remain solely hers and mine.

In mid-July, C and I went to see a documentary entitled The Ataxian.  The film made me question how much I’ve done to promote CF.  From walking out of the theater after watching the movie, to a tear-filled conversation late one night with C to right now with this post, I’ve contemplated just what my role is in promoting CF-awareness.  Throughout my life I’ve remained quiet about it, telling only those that I felt extremely comfortable with about my health.  But lately I’ve been wondering if I should, or more importantly, need, to take a huge step in promoting the disease and the progress that has been made to defeat it.

There are two major aspects of my life that I could provide to help in the cause:  1) my health.  Since the age of two, I’ve only had three hospitalizations- one to get me ready for high school; one to get me ready for college; and one in the summer of 2014, although that one wasn’t really due to CF (CF didn’t help, but it wasn’t the main cause).  Aside from those three instances, as well as not feeling well in January of either 2010 or 2011, I’ve felt VERY healthy.  2) my family.  Starting with my parents (who I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank enough for all that they’ve done (and continue to do)) and continuing over that last 13 years with C, they have been my lifelong support system.  My parents and C have never let me use CF as an excuse for not accomplishing something that I really wanted to accomplish.  They’ve never said “no” to doing something that I really wanted to do.  They’ve never let me turn into a jackass (hopefully :p).  Because they have constantly challenged me and never allowed me to slip up, or give up, I have been very successful in life. 

As for W and S... all the treatments I do, all of the hour-plus walks we take, all of the swim lessons or gymnastics classes we’ve taken together, I’ve done them all for you guys.  You are now my motivation...

Anyways, I still don’t know how much of a role I’m going to take in promoting CF.  Maybe this entry will spur something in me to become more outspoken about my life with CF.  (If it doesn’t, here is the link to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation- in case you want more information or care to donate.  They really do do good work!)  Maybe I’ll write more entries on the topic... If C wants me to :p  But whatever happens, I’ll keep on living.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Another Day, Another CF Clinic

A had his CF clinic appointment yesterday.  It seems like we were just there… time flies.  The bad news is no improvement, the good news is no significant decline.  His lung function was stable and consistent with his last appointment.  I’m always a little disappointed to hear it didn’t improve – especially since this is A’s Cayston month, BUT I’ll certainly take stable.

He was back up to his highest weight ever, which was great news.  I’m still waiting for the day when I weigh less than he does!! :)

We met with the doctor neither of us likes very much.  I’ve tried to pinpoint what exactly I don’t like about her.  I think what mainly bothers me is she doesn’t seem to genuinely care.  The other doctor that we do like knows us well and knows our family.  He always makes a point to say “we need to keep your lung function up so you can enjoy vacation” or “we need to keep you healthy for your family”.  He’s concerned and thoughtful.  This other one – not so much.  It seems like A is just another patient.  She made a comment yesterday about how her students were used to seeing the sick CFers in the hospital, not people like A.  Ummm ok?  Thanks?

Once again, I forgot to ask for the spirometry numbers.  I’m not sure why they don’t always show us these, but I can appreciate that the real measurement is how A is feeling.  And he absolutely knows when his lung function has declined.

A also had an audiology appointment yesterday so it was a long day.  Apparently some of the inhalers he’s on can cause hearing loss.  After very extensive testing, it was determined that his hearing was normal for the most part.  Possibly some hearing loss at very high frequencies (nothing to be concerned about), but there’s no telling if that was the result of inhaled drugs.

So a long day at the hospital.  But happy things went well.

In other news, A and I have been discussing what we can do to advocate for the CF Foundation and support finding a cure.  It’s tough because we are very private.  Yes, I keep a blog, but this is only a glimpse into our lives and I haven’t shared our names on the blog.  Neither one of us has been very open about CF with colleagues.  A has told a few that he’s closest to, but I haven’t told anyone.  Are you involved in any CF related groups?  How do you advocate or promote awareness?

And finally, I have a special treat – A post from A himself!!  I will share that tomorrow. :)

Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekend Recap (My Birthday)

Friday was my birthday and my guys saw to it that I had a wonderful day.  It was one of my favorite birthdays yet.  I worked in the morning and the boys picked up Starbucks for me.  Then W and I headed out to visit a local farmer’s market while S napped.  W’s always such good company and we had fun exploring the different tents.  After a bag full of corn, green beans, onion, tomato, and garlic salt, we headed back home.  My mom stopped over and we had Lou Malnati’s pizza and I opened gifts.  A gifted me with a new carry on suitcase, which was a little sad since my Switzerland trip was cancelled, but he reminded me I’d use it eventually. :)  He also signed us up for an archery class, which I’m super excited about!!  I’ll definitely be channeling my inner Katniss Everdeen.  I do not/will never hunt, but I can totally aim for a bull’s-eye. :)  We ended the celebration with cake.  A homemade cake that A had worked on with the boys!!  And it was delicious!!  I think they have a future in baking.  All in all, it was a really great day capped off by the beginning of the Olympics, which I’m a huge fan of!!

Saturday was W’s final swim class.  He did great!  So much better than soccer!  And although he still has a lot to learn, he’s certainly come a long way.  S and I watched, though S was quite unhappy that he could not go in the pool too so he required lots of distracting.  After that, we dropped off items at a local consignment store and then went grocery shopping.

Sunday was our niece’s baptism so we attended church about 30 minutes away.  It was challenging to say the least.  The boys started out great, but they eventually got restless and breaking from our usual routine took its toll.  W dropped his whole bowl of goldfish all over the floor and S started to fuss.  Both were antsy and fidgety.  A took S to the lobby and soon after, W told me he needed a diaper change.  So we all spent the last 20 minutes of church in the lobby with the boys running around and S being a bit too noisy.  As we were heading out, I jokingly remarked to A that the circus was now leaving the building (referring to my energetic boys).  A lady overheard me and told me that she had 6 kids and remembered the days when they were little.  She told us our boys were actually really well behaved, not to worry, we were doing great.  I always appreciate kind words when I feel like things aren’t going very well.  Not that things were awful… my kids were just being kids.  But the kind words were very much appreciated.  Another woman told me our boys were darling and I asked her if she’d like one of them.  Haha.

Soon after we arrived home, my mom came over to watch the boys so A and I could head out on a lunch date.  My favorite restaurant is the Melting Pot.  I just love fondue.  We go maybe once a year – if that.  Needless to say, I was very excited.  Lunch was awesome as expected.  I felt truly special and loved the entire weekend and I’m so thankful for my family.

Friday, August 5, 2016

18 Months of S

S is 18 months old today.  How time flies!

At 18 months, S still isn’t talking much.  A and I have both remarked that he seems so close and we swear we’ll hear him say a word clearly, in the correct context, but then he won’t repeat it.  He says dada most often and I think he’s definitely daddy’s boy.  He also says ma and Dee (Addie).  He’ll try to sing Ba Ba Black Sheep, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, and the ABCs.  He points to letters and says E… every letter is E.  He’ll say ba for sheep, who for owl, and he’s said moo for cow, but that’s hit or miss.  Often, if you ask him a question, he’ll respond, “Yeah.”, which always makes me laugh (and illustrates our bad habit of saying ‘yeah’ instead of ‘yes’).

This biggest change I’ve noticed recently is his level of comprehension.  He can follow some general instructions, “put the cup in the sink”, “go get your shoes”, “throw this in the garbage”.  He also knows several body parts: eyes, nose, mouth, ears, foot, belly, toes.  He’ll make connections between things, for instance he’ll see a dog in a book and then point to Addie or he’ll see the Cubs playing on tv and point to the logo on A’s shirt.

The other notable recent change is his love for books (much to my relief).  His favorites at the moment are Little Blue Truck’s Christmas (he loves pointing to the tree numbers on each page), Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, and Freight Train.

He’s most happy outdoors.  It can be 100 degrees outside and he’s happy as a clam.  On the contrary, he acts as if his world is ending when you attempt to bring him inside.

He’s had a bit of a rough time with teething and two more teeth popped through in the last few weeks.

He’s still a great eater.  Mashed potatoes were a hit recently and we’ve found that he has a sweet tooth (unlike big bro).  We haven’t been able to ditch the bottle.  We’ve tried, but for some reason, he’s just not a fan of the sippy cup.  We’ll keep trying.

S loves to point out garbage cans, basketball hoops, and air conditioners (EXACTLY like big brother) and he loves pointing out buses on the road.

Tantrums are on the rise.  Most occur when coming inside after being outside as mentioned, but also when he can’t have something or when I go somewhere (even upstairs) without him.

He grabs our hand and brings us to the door or whatever he wants to show us and I think it's the cutest.

He excels at physical challenges and will often surprise us by climbing on top of a table, play kitchen, chair, etc or standing up in his high chair (a big no no).  He also climbs ladders, steps, and slides at the park.  A and I have been trying to teach him the correct way to go up the slide (using steps), but he is very persistent and sometimes we’ll just let him attempt to climb.  Recently we were at the park and A remarked, “I know he’s not supposed to go up the slide that way, but I’m impressed he can do that.”  Yeah.  Mischievous little man.  He goes up and down stairs without assistance and loves to dunk the basketball in his mini hoop.  W wrestles with him and I have to constantly remind W that S is littler and he needs to be careful, but S just laughs hysterically the entire time.  Sigh.

At his 15 month appointment (which was closer to 17 months), he was off the charts for all measurements.  We’ll see if that remains true.  He’s currently in size 18-24 month or 2T clothes and we moved up to size 5 diapers.

His hair has lightened up quite a bit and he’s more of a strawberry blonde these days.

He’s still an absolute joy and is a perfect fit for our little family. :)

Photos are nearly impossible these days - he's always on the move.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pity Party

I won’t say everything about this week has sucked because I know it could be a lot worse.  And when I put things in perspective, I know my problems are very minor.  But suffices to say this has certainly not been a good week.

My boss and I disagreed on the approach to a report.  An overdue report that I happen to be helping on.  When I suggested writing it a different (more efficient) way, he basically yelled at me via email.  All caps are never a good sign – especially when coming from your boss (unless of course the caps spell out congrats or way to go and these most certainly did not).  Did I mention I’m helping??  Maybe I won’t be so quick to volunteer next time.

My mom had surgery yesterday.  Nothing major and she’s fine.  But spending that day working from the hospital was particularly draining.  Hoping she recovers quickly.

I was supposed to go to Switzerland for an audit in October.  Of course, during my 8am meeting (who doesn’t love 8am meetings??), I found out the trip is postponed indefinitely.  It’s possible it may be rescheduled for some time in late January or February.  And if it is, it will still be a great opportunity.  But somehow Switzerland in the dead of winter is not nearly as exciting as Switzerland in the fall.  I was really looking forward to it and I’m so so disappointed.  And soon after I learned this, my friend came by to chat and said, "Now is probably not the time to tell you that I'm going to Ireland again."  Really?

And Friday is my birthday.  Happy freaking birthday week to me.  Excuse me while I go throw myself a pity party…

Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekend Recap

You know when you dread coming into work that you’ve had an especially great weekend.  Or maybe that’s just me.  We had tons of fun with the boys this weekend!

Friday began with W’s favorite – garbage day!!  He asked me if he could give the garbage man a Gatorade and snack, something he’s been doing the past couple weeks.  Of course I said sure and as the garbage truck approached, he trotted out to hand over the Gatorade and a little bag of chips.  A told the man that he was the highlight of the boys’ week. J

After that, we decided to head to our local amusement park.  We actually have season’s passes and have been to the water park a couple times, but had yet to go on any rides.  The weather was perfect for the outing – a bit cooler than it’s been (thank you!!) and overcast.  The boys enjoyed the kiddie rides and we had lunch at the park.  The only pitiful moment was when we put S on a ride next to W.  He was fine just sitting there, but as soon as the ride started moving, S burst into tears.  A and I waved frantically to S, trying to show him that we were still there and he was ok, but he kept crying.  And then W, completely oblivious, saw us waving and started laughing and waving.  So we had one in tears and one having the time of his life.  Typical. J  Anyway, it started to sprinkle and we decided to head out.

From there, it was off to Nani and Papa’s house where W was having a sleep over.  We ordered pizza and the boys had fun playing.  After pizza, A and I headed home with S while W stayed at Nani’s.  I think both boys enjoyed a little break from one another.  W got one on one time with Nani and Papa and S got his parents to himself – a very rare occurrence.  It was so nice to have a little break, not that W is difficult.  But it was a lot easier to put just one kiddo to bed.  We finished the night by watching True Detective.  Yes, A and I are two years late, but that’s how we operate.  It’s gotten so intense!  Only 2 episodes to go.

Saturday started with a haircut for me and swim class for W.  After that, A’s teaching assistant, Jane, came over to watch the boys.  It was the first time a non-family member has watched them and I was super nervous for everyone. J  A little back story – A and I have a wedding to attend in October and our parents are busy so no one to watch the boys.  Jane volunteered.  Actually, she’s been volunteering to watch the boys for a while.  She has two grown boys and has always been incredibly sweet to W and S.  We took her up on her offer, but decided to do a “trial run”.  W can be very clingy so I was worried he’d protest us leaving without him.  S has also developed separation anxiety in the past couple months.  He’ll cry if A and I are out of sight and he’ll bury his face in my shoulder if a stranger tries to talk to him.  And then there’s Addie.  She can be a bit protective of all of us – especially around new people.  I told the boys there’d be a surprise in honor of Jane coming to visit and I think that helped.  But W took to her right away, showing her toys and telling her about garbage day.  Even Addie was well behaved.  The boys opened their surprise – new play food for the kitchen set and A and I left without a hitch.  I couldn’t believe it.

A and I decided to visit a nearby restaurant that we hadn’t been to in almost a year.  I had forgotten how amazing their food is.  I had the butternut squash soup and it was probably the best soup I’ve ever had… and I’ve had a lot of soup.  Ha.  I think I told the waiter 3 times how good it was and I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy.  A and I ordered 2 desserts because why not?  After beignets with several toppings and the chocolate trio with white chocolate mousse, caramel brownie, and ice cream, I was in dessert heaven and absolutely stuffed.  It was so so yummy.  We came home and Jane said the boys were great.  An awesome day on all accounts!

Sunday was church, Starbucks, grocery shopping.  At the grocery store a lady came over and asked if anyone had ever told me that W looked like a little Prince Harry.  Actually, yes, I have heard that before, but it made me laugh.  We considered going to the amusement park again, but W requested to go to his favorite neighborhood park and so that’s what we did.  This park happens to be about 15 driving minutes from our house, but it’s very toddler friendly.  Funny enough, A often runs into one of his students there and yesterday was no exception.  Haha!!


I enjoy making a big meal on Sunday so that we can have leftovers during the week.  W requested chicken noodle soup.  So I made chicken noodle soup for W, broccoli cheddar soup, and penne with meat and vodka sauce.  Those should last awhile. J

In other news, we’ve been working on potty training.  We’ve had lots of successes, but W still tells me he wants to wear a diaper and he’s come up with really great excuses as to why he can’t go on the potty.  Yesterday was “S was sleeping and I didn’t want to flush and wake him up.”  Sigh…  On a positive note, he can’t poop in public so he always tells me when he has to go, I’ll take him to the restroom, and he’ll go.  I’ve never heard of any kid doing this and I’m pretty sure it’s the exact opposite of most people.  I guess we just have to stay out of the house in order to potty train him.

It was truly a great weekend!  Only 2 weeks left before A returns to school. I can’t believe how fast the summer has flown by.  I say that every year, but as I get older, time flies by faster and faster.