Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Recap

Not a whole lot to report about the weekend.  W and I ran errands on Saturday morning.  I took him to Bath and Body Works with me and I may never do that again because he is a terrible influence. ;)  Smell this… ohh, I like this… I bought way more than intended.  I decided that I’m done with summer and wanted to decorate the house for fall.  My mom said she wanted to come over and help.  My mom has a tendency to bring some new decoration over for every season and this was no exception.  She came over with a centerpiece and the cutest napkin rings.  W LOVED helping us decorate.  And he was a huge help.  Taking things out of boxes and bringing them to the proper place.  We had summer décor put away and fall décor displayed in record time.  The house looks so festive!  I love it!

The boys were great at church and Starbucks on Sunday.  We played outside for a bit.  A brought the boys to Nani and Papa’s house and installed a car seat in Nani’s car while I made dinner, picked up around the house, and boxed up several clothing items that S had outgrown.  There is nothing sadder than boxing up baby clothes.  I get so attached to them.  I remember the first outfit I ever bought, what the boys wore home from the hospital, what they’ve worn for every holiday and family photos.  Gah… it makes me so sad.  The odds are not in our favor for having more children, but I just can’t get rid of them yet.

And that was basically it.  W has been challenging lately.  Nothing out of the ordinary for a 3 year old, I suppose, but more meltdowns and bad behavior in general.  I think it’s a combination of age and a change in his routine with school being back in session.  S has also been challenging – climbing on everything and knocking over everything he can get his hands on.  This weekend alone, he knocked over a can of pop, emptied out a drawer including a deck of cards that he scattered all over the floor, pooped in the bathtub, and threw a plate of food on the floor.  Again, not unexpected behavior for a one year old, but whew.  I was complaining to A last night that I really look forward to the weekend and spending time with the boys and then I feel like all I do is scold them.  Sigh.

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