Thursday, September 1, 2016

W Says

W:  I saw a really big garbage can!
Me:  You did?  Where did you see it at?
W: At my work.
Me: Oh really?  Where do you work?
W:  In L--- F---, like you do, mommy.
Me:  We work near each other?!  I love that!  What do you do at work?
W: Lot of stuff.

“I don’t use toothpaste on Thursday nights.”

We went to “meet the teacher” night at W’s preschool.  It was extremely crowded and W was very overwhelmed.  Eventually, most people left and W had a chance to talk to Miss Cassie.  We had just eaten dinner before rushing out the door.  At one point, W started wiggling and told Miss Cassie, “it feels like I have crumbs on my butt.” :|

“I used to work, but now I’m retired.”

There’s an annoying dog across the street and he’s constantly barking.  When W hears him, he’ll yell, “Woof it down!”.  I think it’s W’s version of shut up and it always make me laugh.

For some reason, W thinks the past tense of “eat” is “ote”.  I ote a lot at dinner tonight…

W: Mommy, I made this for you!
Me: Thank you!  I love it!  What did you draw?

W: That’s W, that’s mommy, and that’s Addie peeing.

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