Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weekend Recap

Well, another weekend that went by incredibly fast, but what else is new?  We had so much fun and the weather was gorgeous all weekend.

A found Cubs tickets for Saturday and we decided that we’d bring S with us.  A little back story:  W does not like going to baseball games.  I hope that eventually changes.  On our way home from school on Friday, Uptown Funk came on the radio.  I said “Shake it, W!”.  To which he responded, “One.  I do not want to dance.  Two.  I do not want to go to the Cubs game.”.  Umm, how old is this kid??  Holy attitude.  So W went to my mom’s house and the 3 of us went to the Cubs game.  I love going to Wrigley Field!  S was great company and we had a good time.  Thanks to Facebook, I realized that we had gone to a game on the exact same day 4 years ago.  I was pregnant with W at that time and had to repeat the photo with S.  SO much can change in 4 years!!

Sunday was crazy busy.  We went to church, Starbucks, and the grocery store.  S napped and then we headed to a local forest preserve with Addie.  Poor Addie never gets to go anywhere anymore so we thought she deserved a treat.  We had a great time walking the trails.  I wore S in the carrier and my goodness, that guy is heavy.  After that, we dropped Addie off at home and headed to another trail near our house.  S got to walk this one since the path was straighter and sans hills.  Annnd of course, W decided his legs were tired so I ended up giving him a piggy back ride.  And from there, we decided that the boys needed a playground so we visited a local park.  Three parks in one day!  I was exhausted.

Not gonna lie – it was tough getting out of bed on Monday.  I think I’m too old for three park trips. J  So we played at the house.  The boys played in the pool and I made a ranch chicken, bacon casserole for dinner.  I finally figured out how to get A to eat a casserole!! 1.  Add bacon.  2.  Don’t tell him it’s called casserole.  Seriously though, we both LOVED it.  So yummy!!  It was a nice, relaxing end to a three day weekend.

We were supposed to take my mom out for a birthday lunch, but she caught the boys’ colds and was pretty miserable. :( Oh yeah, did I mention that we’re a week into the school year and both boys already have colds?!?  We’re screwed…

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