Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bring Back the Happy

This seems to be a particularly tough time for many people.  A pregnant friend of mine recently found out that her baby has a severe physical deformity and she’s trying to decide what to do.  I can’t even imagine and I’m so sad.  Praying for her.

While things haven’t been awful around here, they haven’t been sunshine and unicorns either.  Both boys came down with HFMD and while W didn’t have a bad case of it at all, I swear it’s made him extremely cranky.  S has also been challenging – he wants to be held constantly and cries at the drop of a hat.  They’re just not themselves.  It seems as if our days have been filled with meltdowns, complaining, yelling, crying, and bickering.  On the bright side, physically, they’re fine.  S’s bumps are still very apparent in some areas, but they are definitely fading.  W never had many to begin with.

I also feel like I can’t get it together lately.  W and S fight over these stupid toy garbage cans daily.  This morning was no exception and I sent W to time out for not sharing and throwing a fit.  I walked into the kitchen to check the time so I’d know how long to keep him in time out only to realize that we had to leave for school NOW.  Somehow, I completely lost track of the time.  When we got to school, I realized that the extra clothes in W’s backpack consisted of shorts and a t-shirt so here’s hoping he doesn’t need them (the temperature is in the 50’s). 

I also ordered more of the damn toy garbage cans because I’m so tired of the bickering.  I realize this is pretty much the ultimate mom fail because the boys need to learn to share, but so be it.  I’m not perfect. 

I feel like the boys (W) fight more than other siblings.  It seems like W is constantly taking a toy away or saying something mean to S no matter how many times I remind him to use kind words, explain that words are hurtful, and tell him to share.  I hoped they’d be the best of friends.  I know they’re still very young, but I also hear stories of other siblings getting along and feel like mine are the exception.  It just seems like W resents S.  Is that even possible at 3 years old?


Hoping this virus is out of their systems soon and things return to normal.  Or maybe it’s not even the virus and they’re just particularly moody lately.  Regardless, I want my happy, healthy boys back!


  1. I'm sorry you guys have had such a big go of it. How far apart are the boys in age? Our kids are 2 years 2 months and they definitely have their moments - and I feel like those moments are becoming more frequent. You are doing your best and that's all that matters. At W's age I think it's normal to be more territorial with his stuff, especially as he finds his autonomy. Elden still has a few toys from his birthday a few months ago that he will never willingly give Edith and if she touches basically any of his stuff he has a meltdown. Big hugs!!

    1. Thank you! The boys are nearly the same difference in age as your children - 2 years, 6 weeks. I'm really hoping that they'll play together more as S learns to talk and can communicate better.

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