Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Recap

So I still have the plague, which resulted in not getting as much done as I wanted to this weekend.  We still managed to have some fun.

On Friday night, we tried out a new (to us) pizza place.  Apparently Mod Pizza is a chain, but we haven’t had one in our neck of the woods until recently.  W had fun watching the workers make our pizza and the boys devoured their entire pizza and then asked for more.  The teenage years may result in our bankruptcy as we try to feed these two.  After that, we headed to Touch A Truck.  Basically all sorts of trucks – garbage trucks!!, fire trucks, buses, police cars, construction vehicles, and more park in a big lot and the kids can sit in them and pretend to drive.  W LOVED it and sat in the garbage truck at least 3 times.  S, on the other hand, was traumatized by the constant honking.  So was I.  Every freaking time we were in front of a vehicle, some brat had to blast the horn.  And then my poor S got stung by a bee.  All in all, we had a decent time and if we return next year, we’ll consider ear plugs!

Saturday morning, my cousin came over to install a new air conditioner.  Ours had a defective coil and was leaking Freon.  I hate paying for appliances, but obviously we need an air conditioner.  Since this was appliance number 2 to go out, I fully expect a 3rd to need replacing soon. :(  A and I took the boys to get haircuts and they were so well behaved!!  The stylist was awesome and had them both done in about half an hour.  That afternoon, A and I had our first archery lesson.  It was so much fun!!  We both had gotten the hang of it by the end of class and I ended with 2 bullseyes.  Granted, the targets are probably a lot closer than they typically are, but not bad for my first lesson!!  I’m looking forward to the next one!

Sunday was the usual.  The boys looked adorable for church, W had 3 helpings of my baked mac and cheese, and we ended the day at the park.

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