Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Thoughts

I scheduled family photos for October 1st about a month ago.  I love having a family photo taken annually and we use the photo in our Christmas cards.  This was the only weekend in October that the photographer was available.  So naturally, S got HFMD.  And then W got it.  S still has a few blisters on his hands, but luckily they faded on the rest of his body.  BUT Wednesday night, we went out for dinner and S totally wiped out on the pavement so now he has a big scrape on his forehead.  Perfect.  And now, the forecast calls for rain all day.  Basically, these pictures have been doomed since the day they were scheduled.  I’m really hoping for a break in the rain…

Speaking of dinner on Wednesday, the boys asked to go outside afterwards.  I snapped these photos with my phone and I love them.  I truly believe that the beautiful sky and the rainbow on our way home were reminders that God is watching over my boys and I need to relax and worry less. :)

I still have to post my latest Stitch Fix (sorry, that was a strange transition, that's how my mind works).  I’ll get to it one of these days.  I requested a cargo vest and didn’t receive one – my stylist mentioned there wasn’t one available.  So I purchased this one after another blogger recommended it and I’m obsessed with it.  It just screams fall to me (still haven’t replaced the full length mirror).

I’m so excited that New Girl is back on.  It’s the one and only show that A and I watch.  I also started watching This is Us.  I’m not very good at sticking with shows (I really have no idea why we have cable) so we shall see how long I continue with it.  We have yet to watch this week’s episodes so I’m hoping to catch up this weekend.

And that concludes my Friday thoughts. :)  Happy weekend!!

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