Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Recap

I had big plans for the weekend – family photos followed by walking through the park and playing at the playground on Saturday.  A visit to a local farm and selecting pumpkins for painting on Sunday.  And we accomplished nothing, thanks to the awful weather.  It was so so disappointing.

Photos are my thing.  I love having family photos to look back on.  I have them displayed throughout all the rooms in our house and my colleagues make fun of me for all the photos on my desk.  I had been planning these photos for a month.  It was the only weekend the photographer was free.  Everyone recently had haircuts.  I had even gone to the park ahead of time and found what I thought was the perfect spot.  I knew it was supposed to rain Saturday, but it was also supposed to stop raining by evening.  I kept checking my phone – 40% chance of rain at 2pm, 30% chance of rain at 3pm, no rain at 4pm.  I felt like these pictures had been doomed from the start, but I also hoped that the rain would clear, we’d get our pictures in – silver lining.  It was still raining at 2.  Still raining at 3.  The photographer texted me asking if I wanted to shoot for 4.  Sure.  After all, everyone was dressed in the outfits I had specifically chosen and looked pristine.  We were doing this!  We arrived at the park at 4.  Still raining, albeit lightly.  The photographer suggested we give it a try and when we arrived at the beautiful bridge I had chosen, the rain actually stopped.  And of course W decided to act a fool.  Full on arms flailing, stomping, yelling “I don’t like pictures!”.  S just wanted to run all over the place and proceeded to fall in a puddle.  We tried, but could not get the boys to cooperate.  A even offered to pay them, which is funny now.  As if things weren’t bad enough, it started pouring once again and we all got drenched.  It was an epic disaster.  And I really think if the boys had cooperated just a little, we could have gotten some great photos.  Once we were all back in the car, I had tears in my eyes.  I was completely defeated – by the weather and the boys.

Sunday, I declared we were going to have a fun day.  The boys were great at church.  We planned on visiting one of the local farms that afternoon, but surprise, surprise, more rain.  It has rained at least 4 days in a row and I’m so tired of it.  I looked at the radar and there was literally a blob of green hovering over us.  It was clear everywhere else.  It rained the entire afternoon.  I needed to run to the store for dinner ingredients and ended up picking up a couple pumpkins to paint.  So instead of the boys choosing pumpkins at the farm, we had grocery store pumpkins.  Super lame.  The boys did enjoy painting the pumpkins (and themselves), but it was far from the weekend I hoped for.  Better luck next weekend… :(

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