Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Boys Lately

I don’t think I’ve done an update on the boys lately and I love looking back at these so here goes:

S:  S is starting to talk more and more!  It’s so exciting to hear him repeat words and he really seems to have taken off in the past week.  He still sings songs frequently and the ABCs are his favorite.  He says W’s name!  He’s started counting (now I don’t think he understands the concept, but he’ll say 1, 2, 3..).  He said ‘strawberry’ very clearly and even pointed to the garbage can and said ‘empty’.  Other words include: tick tock (clock), car, up, tree, no, more, juice, black dog (the annoying Scottie dog across the street), and several others that I either can’t make out or can’t recall.  He loves to be outside and is going to be so upset come winter when we have to stay in.  He’s an awesome eater.  I love that he’ll devour things that W won’t even touch.  He is very independent in that he wants to do things on his own and gets upset if you try to help.  He’s started to take interest in puzzles and while he doesn’t always get the pieces to fit quite right, he can match up all the pictures.  He is very into books and we’ll look at several in a day.  He has thrown some pretty big tantrums lately and definitely has a temper when things don’t go his way.  He also gets very frustrated when he can’t communicate exactly what he wants. With that said, he’s a happy/easy going guy 99% of the time.  He’s still my cuddly boy and I absolutely adore this about him.  He’ll lay his head on my shoulder and just cuddle.  He loves stickers and asks for one every day.  He really looks up to his big brother and shares his interests.  If big brother is doing it, S wants to be involved too!

W:  W’s vocabulary is constantly expanding and he keeps us entertained with his stories.  He is the best helper and always wants to lend a hand – he’ll make pancake batter, spread cream cheese on his bagels, help take out garbage, ask to help with dinner, sweep, and put dishes in the sink.  Enjoying this while it lasts!  He’s still incredibly picky when it comes to food, but S has actually had a good influence on him.  He’s still obsessed with all things garbage and he’ll ask friends when their garbage day is and what company they use – “is it Advanced Disposal, Onyx…?”.  He’s very much an introvert and an observer.  He knows the days of the week in order.  He asks thoughtful questions and thinks through scenarios.  For instance, he asked, “is it also fall by Aunt Lori’s house or is it different there?”.  He makes us laugh every day with his expressions.  Recently his favorite songs came on the radio and he proclaimed, “It’s my lucky day!”.  He asked me if airports were big or small and after a lengthy explanation, he said, “Makes sense to me!”.  He also told me that mommy owl kept him up at night and then asked, “can you believe it?!?”.   He still amazes us with his memory and the events he can recount – visiting me in the hospital after S was born, the corn maze being Blackhawks themed last year, a car accident we came across over a month ago that involved a Honda?!? (I barely remember the accident, let alone the cars involved).  His favorite thing to do/play is create his “neighborhood”.  He’ll arrange houses, garbage cans, garages, build air conditioners, driveways, etc.  He’s also starting to do simple math.  For example, if mommy, daddy, and S have an apple, how many total apples are there?  I’ve always enjoyed his company, but as he gets older, I really enjoying talking to him and hearing his thoughts.

Both boys are my world!!

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