Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Recap

The weekend had its share of ups and downs.  For starters, the boys have both had their fair share of meltdowns lately and it’s incredibly frustrating.  I’m not sure what’s going on.  Until this weekend, S had not been sleeping well and had also been waking up early.  Although, we tried our best to keep him quiet, W is a light sleeper and would wake a bit early as well after hearing S.  So it’s quite possible that sleep has something to do with the amount of outbursts.  However, this weekend, both boys slept really well and still had temper tantrums.  Fortunately, almost all of them occur at home.  Unfortunately, I seem to get the brunt of them.  But I know it’s all relative.

Because I’m a glutton for punishment, we attempted to do family photos again on Saturday morning.  Despite preparing and even practicing our smiles, it was another disaster.  At least it wasn’t rainy.  W began with his meltdown, yelling that he didn’t like pictures and refusing to cooperate.  After enough bribing and finally a firm talking to from me, he was somewhat on board (not really, but he wasn’t having a fit at least).  As soon as W stopped his shenanigans, S starting crying and cried the entire time until we gave up.  And I have NO idea why.  I offered snacks, drinks, toys, etc.  Nothing could please him.  I give myself a lot of credit for not losing my mind.  A suggested that outdoor photos may be too much for them.  Not sure.  But I love doing family photos in the fall so that we can use the photo for Christmas cards – that’s the whole point.  I’m just so so annoyed and completely defeated.  Mainly because I feel like photos shouldn’t be THIS hard!!  All I’m asking is that you stand next to me and look in the direction of the camera…

After that, we picked up lunch and played at home for a bit.  I treated myself to some pumpkin caramel ice cream concoction because I deserved it after the photo disaster.  Then it was off to the farm.  We saw a few animals and there was a little play area that the boys loved.  And it was all free!!  We were there for a couple hours and I’m happy we ended the day on a positive note after a rough morning.

The night was topped off by our Cubs winning and making it to the World Series!!!!  A and I are so so excited!!  I’ve been a Cubs fan for as long as I remember.  In high school and possibly even junior high, I’d come home and watch games on the tv in my room.  It only got 4 channels, but WGN was one of them. :)

Sunday was our usual.  W mentioned going to the corn maze and we decided to make an impromptu trip.  It’s our tradition to go every year and this was literally our last chance.  We had fun, though S was a bit of a challenge.  He wanted to walk the maze, but wanted to go his own way and proceeded to fall on the rough terrain about 293 times.  After finding half of the number check points, A and I decided the boys had had enough and it was time to exit the maze.  S was not having it and started crying.  Then, A decided to take W down the giant slide.  The plan was for A and W to go first and then A and S would go.  Well S could NOT understand why big brother got to go first and had the biggest fit EVER.  And then he could NOT understand why he had to wait in line.  He eventually settled down after visiting the animals, but between carrying him through parts of the maze and trying to console him, I was drained.  We stopped on our way home for dinner and that was the weekend.


  1. I'm so sorry about the tantrums! We have been experiencing quite a bit of them too lately. It's so hard but you are doing great :)

    1. Thank you! I guess I should be thankful that everyday tantrums aren't the norm, but whew... not sure what's going on lately!!