Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

In a word, this weekend was BUSY.  Oddly enough, we had nothing planned (besides school).  But we ended up getting lots done.

Saturday was W’s last day of school.  He did great – played at lots of the stations again and was not shy about making his way around the classroom.  A and I both went with since it was his last day.  After that, we headed to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.  W was hungry and devoured lots of chicken and cheesy bread.  He also loves the strawberry lemonade.  We headed home for a nap, and then decided to start decorating for Christmas.  A wasn’t ready for the tree, but was ok with other d├ęcor.  My mom also came over to help.  I think W is disappointed that the turkeys are put away, but he’s been admiring the snowmen.  After the decorating, I was exhausted.  We took is easy for the remainder of the evening.

Can you find A's contribution to the mantle??  We don't have stockings yet so he took it upon himself to add a Cubs sock.  Also, my mom surprised me with all the decor on the mantle (minus the clock).  She loves to decorate and told me she was living vicariously through us since she never had a fireplace.  I absolutely love everything she picked!

I should also mention that I thought W was coming down with a cold, but that appears to be a false alarm (thank you, Lord!).  He’s been downing lots of purees and also Pediasure juice so I’m hoping those will help keep the colds away.  We also wash hands often.

Anyway, Sunday was church.  W was really good.  Then it was off to Starbucks and grocery shopping.  I decided to make breakfast casserole for dinner even though I knew I was the only one who’d eat it.  It was delicious.  I also made Reese’s peanut butter cookie truffles.  They were amazing.  I had to improvise since the recipe called for a food processor, which I definitely don’t own (and don’t care to own), but they turned out great.  

A started to put together W’s toddler bed.  Let me say, that I’m a believer in “you get what you pay for” and this bed was cheap.  After working on it for well over an hour, A was nowhere near finished.  So we called it a night and the bed will be assembled sometime this week.  I had debated between twin and toddler bed and ultimately decided on toddler bed thinking it would be an easier transition for W (and did I mention it was cheap!).  I’m regretting that decision.  I think we should’ve just gone with the twin and forgotten about the tiny, cheap toddler bed.  Oh well…  In a way, I was relieved that the bed wasn’t ready.  I thought I was fine with W transitioning, but as we were playing in his room and the bed was being assembled, I got really sad.  I just can’t believe how much he’s grown in a short time.

Not sure if I’ll have any more updates this week since I’m off and have lots planned.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Thoughts

One of my colleagues’ favorite things to do is suggest names for Baby #2.  Here are a few they’ve come up with: Mustafa, Mufasa, Mustungo (yeah, I have no idea – I have strange colleagues), Max, Mikhail, Horatio (again, no idea), Cooper, Russell, Conner, and Phineas.  Whatever… I’m just glad we’re not talking about due dates, maternity leave, or how huge I am for once.

W’s last day of school is tomorrow.  Well, last day for a while.  There’s a mini session in January and also a spring session if we want to sign him up.  School has been such a great experience and I’m considering signing him up for everything.  I can’t say enough positive things about the program.  Also, I think it will be good for W to get out of the house and have his own activities once little brother arrives.

You know the saying, "Keep Calm and blah blah blah..."?  Where did that come from?  I've never really gotten the saying.  I know it's meant to be clever/funny, but I've always thought it was dumb.  I guess I just don't get the appeal.  I've seen it on t-shirts, FB, posters, etc. and I just find it annoying.  And most of the time, the thing I'm supposed to "keep calm" about, I couldn't care less about.  Maybe (probably) it's just me.  Hope the fad dies soon.

I think W is getting yet another cold.  I’m so over colds.  My mom reminded me this morning that the more activities he participates in and the more kids he’s around, the more colds he’ll get.  I know that, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.  We seem to have about 2 weeks of health followed by 2 weeks of snotty nose.  Uggghh.  It’s going to be a really long winter.

I have a one day work week next week.  Holla!!!  So looking forward to a break… AND Thanksgiving.  Bring on all the yummy food!

I occasionally read old posts and correct grammar.  Incorrect grammar really bothers me. :)

This deserves a post of its own, but I’m terrified of the transition from one child to two.  I’m mainly worried about how it will affect W.  He is very close to Ma and sharing me is going to be tough on him.  He’s had all of my attention for two years and I don’t want him to feel like he’s being replaced.  I’m probably being irrational.  I’m also extremely nervous about nursing.  Not so much nursing itself, but nursing and/or pumping while caring for W.  I ended up exclusively pumping for W and it worked well for us.  BUT it was very time consuming.  If I do that again, I can’t figure out how it will work.  I was pumping every 3 hours and feeding between pumping.  Yikes.  How do I care for W while doing that?  We’ll figure it out, right??  We have to…

I’ve reached the point in the week where I’m just done.  I don’t want to talk to anyone.  I don’t want to do anything.  The thought of setting my email auto reply to “Leave Me Alone” might have crossed my mind this morning…  Just not feeling it today.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy 23 Months, W!!

I had to sign a few documents for work and as I was writing the date, I realized you are one month away from turning 2.  You are 23 months old today. 

That actually made me tear up (naturally someone stopped by my desk just as I was reminiscing and emotional… sigh) .  I’m not sure how this year flew by as fast as it did.  I thought year one went by quickly, but that was nothing compared to this year.  And even though you’ll always be MY baby, it’s pretty obvious that you have grown into a little boy.  A sweet, energetic, perfect, unimaginably cute little boy.

I was trying to come up with ways to describe your personality…  For the most part, I think you are very laid back and go with the flow.  Since you were 10 days old, Da and I have taken you everywhere.  We are pretty active and wanted you to get used to our active lifestyle.  I have no regrets about this and I think it prepared you well for several outings and adventures.  For the most part, you behave really well no matter where we are. 

Although you are laid back, you also have a bit of a temper.  Da says you get this from me, but I say it’s just your age.  When you don’t get your way or are told no, a scream often follows.  And after that, objects may be thrown, you may lay on the floor, or you may run and face the wall to demonstrate your displeasure.  Luckily, this doesn’t happen too often or last very long. 

You are also relatively quiet.  I think you can say a lot more words than you actually do, but you prefer to take in your surroundings, explore things in your own time, at your own pace.  This is especially true in a group setting – you’ll play among other children just fine, but remain pretty quiet.  With that said, every now and then you’ll surprise us by identifying a letter at school or calling out an animal sound. 

Your fine motors skills are extremely impressive – you’ve always exceled in this area.  As a newborn, you’d swat at the toys on your activity mat and always make contact.  You’ve always been good at puzzles and putting things together.  You also have an amazing throwing arm – both in accuracy and speed, which isn’t always a good thing.  Poor Addie has been on the receiving end of many thrown objects.  You don’t always understand which objects are doggy toys…

I’ve mentioned it several times, but your ability to make connections still amazes me.  It’s one of your greatest strengths.  Wearing a striped shirt and then pointing to your striped rug.  Seeing the moon in a book and then looking out the window to find the moon outside.  Seeing a picture of a barn and finding the barn puzzle piece.  I think you are very advanced in this area.

Your fine motor skills and ability to make connections are what make me think you’ll be an engineer someday.  I’m probably way off, but it’s fun to guess what you’ll be and what interests you'll pursue. J

Anyway, let’s get to your monthly update.

This month, you said lots of new words.  And hearing your sweet voice say a new word never gets old.  The list includes: deer, nine, poop, snow, toot, bone (Addie’s toy), banana, moose, bar (part of the bath tub or stairs), and many more that I’m forgetting.

You’ve gone on the potty a few times (still not ready to potty train, but we’re inching closer) and you say poop whenever you have a stinky diaper.

I believe you have all of your 2 year molars at this point.  Your Da and I have definitely seen 3 of the 4. 

You’ve become more independent/less shy in public.

We had a really fun Halloween and made the most of outdoor time while the weather was still nice.  Other than that, I can’t think of any events.

You’ve started to love soup (yes!!) and Grandma G said you ate fried rice the other day.  Still can’t believe that one.  Regardless, I’m so happy you’re trying more foods.  For the most part, you still stick to meat and cheese pizza and any fruits/veggies you eat are in puree form.

You absolutely love Addie.  You ask for her every morning when you wake up and love chasing her around the house.

You still like books, Daniel Tiger, puzzles (especially numbers and alphabet), your farm, trucks, stuffed animals, your blankies, and push toys (alligators and dog).  Your most favorite thing is being outside, but unfortunately, the really cold temperatures haven’t allowed this lately.

We had such a fun month.  And I’m sure I’m leaving out some important highlights.  It makes me both sad and happy that you’re getting older – sad that you’ll no longer be a 1 year old, but happy to experience your continual growth and learning.  2 just seems SO much older than 1. :\  You are our everything and more, little man.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

28 Weeks with Baby #2

How far along? 28 weeks!  Officially in the third trimester.  Wow!!

Size?  Baby is the size of an eggplant.

Weight Gain?  Not sure.

Gender? Baby boy!

Sleep?  Well, it was getting very uncomfortable.  I'd wake up often with back pain and leg pain.  A suggested trying the pregnancy pillow and even washed it for me (thanks, hubby!!) and it really helped!  I'm still uncomfortable, but it's not nearly as bad as it was.

Movement? Still lots of movement, but he seems to have settled down a bit.

Food Cravings?  Nothing.  As in absolutely nothing sounds good and I struggle to come up with dinner ideas.

Labor signs? Too early.

What I Miss?  My regular clothes and sleeping on my back.  Also, being able to bend over - I seem to drop things about 254 times per day and I get annoyed every time!

Symptoms?  Lots of back pain throughout the day.  Any time I sit for a period of time and then try to stand and walk, major pain.  I would always see pregnant ladies walking really slowly and wonder... now, I get it.  I think my chair at work is part of the problem.  Think I can convince them to get me a message chair?? ;)

Happy or Moody?  Happy!  Happy!

Looking Forward To?  Thanksgiving!!  Lots to be thankful for and yummy food. :)  AND I took 2 days off next week, which means I only work 1 day.  Woohoo!!  Excited about purchasing furniture for the nursery.  A and I made a trip to Buy Buy Baby and picked out a dresser and chair.  I'm waiting for Black Friday to purchase, hoping they go on sale.  I'm also so excited to start decorating for Christmas!

Best Moment of the Week?  W has been trying to say so many words lately and it's amazing to watch him learn.  He did awesome at school - playing independently, exploring the classroom, trying new activities - I was so proud of him.  Also excited about my consignment sale finds!!  And A and I noticed that W has at least 3 of his 4 2-year molars showing.  That seems like a weird best moment, but it helps explain the sleepless nights.  I love having a reason/explanation for things!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Recap

Another (mostly) great weekend come and gone.

Friday consisted of a few great consignment sale finds and dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  Yummy!

Saturday was my turn to take W to school.  He did amazingly well!  I had to leave the classroom or walk away a couple times and he was totally fine.  No panic ensued, no chasing after mom.  It made me confident that he’ll be ready for preschool when the time comes.  W played with much more than the usual trucks, rocking chair, and sandbox.  He enjoyed painting, playing at the water table, coloring with markers, checking out magna tiles, sitting at the counting station… he tried EVERYTHING.  I couldn’t keep up with him.  His teacher remarked how he seemed more independent and another mom commented how smart he was as he was identifying a few letters.  This made my day – I know he’s a smart boy, but I still wonder about his somewhat delayed speech every so often.  Those confirmatory comments really warmed my heart and made me smile.  So proud of my little man.  He’s grown so much since starting school just a couple months ago.

That afternoon, we headed to Buy Buy Baby to check out dressers for the nursery.  I had forgotten how crowded the mall got as we approach the holiday season.  Holy. Moly.  It took forever to find a parking space.  When we finally got into the store, W had a blast running around the furniture and testing out gliders.  We chose a dresser and glider, but didn’t purchase them yet.  I’m hoping they’ll be discounted on Black Friday.  I was also afraid to ask what the shipping/delivery fees are… gulp.  If nothing else, I should be able to use my 20% off coupons – hopefully!  We also purchased a baby bath tub since the one we used for W was borrowed and has since been returned.  It was fun looking at baby items. J

Sunday was our usual routine.  One of our church friends made a comment about how W is always so good.  I think he took that remark as a challenge and was the epitome of terrible twos that afternoon.  There was just no making him happy – crying, throwing objects, refusing to eat what I offered, running over Addie with toys… yikes.  W wasn’t himself.  I’m fairly certain he’s getting another molar.  Combine that with a short nap and hunger and you get a very unhappy toddler.  We had a few high points – painting and coloring with markers, but for the most part… whew.  I even had to give W a time out – something that rarely happens.

So with the exception of Sunday afternoon, we had a great weekend.  And last night, the most shocking thing happened… W slept through the night and actually slept in and Addie slept in her bed the entire night.  That meant a whole night of uninterrupted sleep… Oh. My. Gosh.  I’m a happy mom today!  J

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Randoms

Prepare for another random/pointless post.  I warned you.

This week was heavenly.  I went from dreading jury duty to being so thankful for it.  I had to report to the courthouse Monday and Wednesday, but was not selected as a juror.  Thursday and today I had to call in to find out if I had to report.  I didn’t so I’ve been working from home.  Yesterday, I sat in the armchair with a blanket, computer on my lap, warm drink, and watched snow flurries outside while I worked.  It did wonders for my spirit (and for my aching back).  Today has been much of the same.

On a related note, W continually pointed outside and said snow.  So cute. J

Since I was feeling so peaceful and happy yesterday, I snapped a selfie… 27 weeks!  Feeling great this week and embracing my baby bump no matter how large some people think it is!!

We went to Bonnie Brook for dinner Wednesday night.  W was a little celebrity as usual and I also got quite a few comments about being pregnant.  Here’s a little sample… Elderly woman: “Oh I love his hair.  And it’s not a bright red; it’s a nice red”.  Different elderly lady to W: “Oh, you are going to have a brother or sister!”  Old man with her:  “How in the world did you know that?!?”  Old lady: “I can see.”  LOL!!!  And there were several other questions/comments throughout dinner.  Grandma G dressed W very preppy knowing we were going to dinner. J

I started watching Jane the Virgin.  I hardly watch tv unless it’s a few minutes of sports or the news.  Once in a while, A and I try to catch up on New Girl, but that’s rare.  I also try to watch A to Z (love) on Demand, but again, that’s a rare occurrence.  Anyway, yesterday I watched Jane the Virgin, uninterrupted!!  And I loved it. J

My nephew arrived today!!  Welcome to the world baby T!  I can’t wait to meet him!

Speaking of babies, here’s a sneak peak of our baby’s nursery.  I’m so impatient and want it done NOW.  But we aren’t even close – I still need to purchase a dresser.  W needs to move to a toddler bed so we can move the crib into the nursery.  And I need to figure out what to do about the glider – I either need to recover the current cushions, buy new cushions, or purchase a glider second hand.  Have I mentioned that I’m not crafty at all?  The current glider has green cushions and there’s no green in the nursery so it won’t work as it.  Knowing how much there is left to do is making me very anxious.

I'm so tired of seeing Kim K's butt everywhere... on tv, on Facebook.  My goodness.  There are far more interesting/important/worthwhile things to talk about.

I just returned from a consignment sale.  I was debating whether or not to go.  I typically don't find anything at these sales and had low expectations, but I figured it couldn't hurt to look.  I came home with a Little Tykes firetruck, table and chairs, Little People train, and Little People tractor.  I'm so excited!  The items were all in great condition and all on W's Christmas list so I'm saving them until then. :)

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jury Duty

Day 2 of jury duty!

Monday was a lot of waiting and then we were dismissed around 2.  Fine by me.  There were a couple annoying instances - couldn't connect to wifi, parking lot gate got stuck which meant no one could leave the parking lot for some time, fire alarm went off.  But all in all, it was actually kind of nice to have some down time.  The courthouse is about 15-20 minutes from my house, which sure beats my 45 minute drive to and from work.  I also got home early and was able to make a yummy dinner - cheese tortellini with tomato cream sauce.  I think A even liked it!  And best of all, I got extra time with W. :)

Tuesday, I went to work because it was Veterans Day and the courthouse was closed.  I got to attend a colleague's birthday outing, but the rest of the day was just bad.  I won't go into detail.  I do like my job and colleagues and I suppose a bad day now and then is inevitable.  But I left very upset and actually feeling grateful for jury duty.  Weird, huh?

So far today, more waiting and more hoping I don't get selected as a juror.  The temperatures were frigid this morning - in the 20s!!  And the courthouse is right on Lake Michigan - that made for a very cold, windy walk from the parking lot!  Also W didn't sleep well last night.  The first time in over a week that he's woken up in the night.  I really hope this isn't the beginning of another sleep strike.  We were on a roll!!

This post was really pointless.  That's what happens when trying to kill time at jury duty. :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

Writing the weekend recap from jury duty!

I don’t have much to report regarding the weekend. 

Friday night was pizza night.  A brought home pizza for us from Bill’s Pub and the rest of the evening was low key.

Saturday, I had really intense back pain.  I was actually in tears.  It was the third day in a row of experiencing constant sciatic pain.  I was miserable and felt pathetic.  Luckily, it was A’s turn to take W to school and he basically took care of W for most of the day since I was out of commission.  I was so disappointed – I had hoped to get lots done since we had nothing planned.  I was also looking forward to lots of playtime with W.  I did manage to order W’s toddler bed, make chicken noodle soup for dinner, and take some items to a local consignment shop, but that was basically it.

Sunday, I woke up feeling much better.  I tried to take it easy so the pain wouldn’t return.  Everything I read (thank you Dr. Google) said sciatic pain was common and likely the result of baby’s position.  Read: there really wasn’t anything I could do to make the pain go away… boo.  Anyway, Sunday was our usual routine.  A spent almost the whole day doing yard work and laundry.  Poor guy.  I made cheeseburger pie for dinner, which I thought was yummy.  Kudos to A for trying it.  W and I painted turkeys for Thanksgiving.  And that was basically it.

And here we are today – waiting in the most uncomfortable chairs to see if my number gets called for jury service while working with wifi that's slower than dial up… Fun times!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Thoughts

I think the last time I mentioned that W was sleeping better, it all went downhill really quickly.  So I’m not going to say anything.  But for the record, sleep hasn’t been horrible lately.

I’m not sure if I ever documented this so in case I didn’t, one of my favorite moments EVER happened a couple weeks ago.  W, A, Addie, and I were on our way to the park.  As we were walking down the sidewalk, W reached up and grabbed my hand.  It was incredibly sweet.  Definitely one of my top mom moments.

We don’t have anything planned this weekend and I’m really excited about that.  It’s supposed to be cold so I’ve been thinking about what to make for dinners.  Right now, chicken noodle soup, cheeseburger pie, and enchiladas are planned.  Yum!  I’m also considering purchasing W’s big boy bed this weekend.  I’ve heard horror stories about the transition from crib to bed – I’m hoping for the best.  W’s not a great sleeper anyway, so I figure it can’t get much worse. J

I have jury duty this coming week.  At first I was annoyed and dreading it.  I know it’s my civic duty, but I just kept thinking about missing work and having to pee constantly while serving (ha!).  But now, I’m actually kind of looking forward to a little break from work.  I’m still hoping I don’t get picked as a juror.  I just don’t like the thought of deciding someone’s fate and I don’t think I could handle any violent crimes (which is probably unlikely since this is not a federal courthouse, but I have no idea?).  Who knows, maybe I’ll find the whole process fascinating.

I created a registry for Baby #2 and had a blast choosing items.  We had three showers for W and our friends and family were far too generous.  I’m definitely not expecting anything this time around.  But I thought it would be nice to have an organized list of items we need and mainly, I wanted the registry discount. J  Some of the items on the registry are excluded on store coupons so I’m excited about that discount!

Work has decided they’ll hire a temporary employee to help while I’m on maternity leave.  I’m flattered, I think?  I believe work will be just fine without me and I’ve assured them I’ll check email every so often while I’m out.  I’m not supposed to do any work while on leave (strict HR rules), but honestly, keeping up with emails makes me feel human and prevents me from being way behind when I do return to work.  I’m also hoping to return sooner this time around, but part time.  I’ll still be taking my full FMLA leave of 12 weeks, but it will be stretched out a bit more and then I’ll return to full time.  That’s what I’m hoping, but not sure if work will be on board with that plan.  When I originally brought it up with my boss, she was fine with it, but I haven’t approached the subject with HR yet.

My lower back has been killing me the past couple days.  Not sure if it’s the chair I sit in at work or what, but oh my gosh… serious pain when I walk. L

I think I’ve snapped out of feeling self-conscious about my baby bump.  But I also think I’m going to start keeping track of the silly things people say to me.  This week it was, “So are you counting down the days?”  Me: “Until baby?”  Guy: “Yes.  Soon, right?”  Me:  “Yeah, 3 months…” J  Also this week: Multiple Coworkers (3 times in one day), “So when is your last day?”  Me: “Not sure, baby hasn’t told me his plans yet.  How rude.  ETA TBD.”  In reality, I worked until 38 weeks, 5 days with W and hope to work as long as possible with #2.  I prefer to use maternity leave when baby is actually here and not before.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

26 Weeks with Baby #2

How far along? 26 weeks!  Nearing the third trimester... holy moly!

Size?  Baby is the size of a head of lettuce.

Maternity Clothes? Yes.  (I think I'm going to delete this question next update - it's been yes for a long time!)

Weight Gain? About 20 lbs I think... I honestly don't pay much attention when I'm weighed at the doctor's office and I don't know what my exact starting weight was.

Gender? Baby boy!

Sleep?  Sleep is getting more difficult.  I'm just uncomfortable.  I have a pregnancy pillow, but I didn't love it during my first pregnancy so I'm not sure I want to bother with it this time around.  Also, the dog currently uses it - sad but true.

Movement? All the time.  During my last ultrasound, the tech wrote "very active" in his notes.  I'm a bit terrified of what that means for this baby's personality.  W was/is pretty laid back and I fear #2 is going to be a wild man.

Food Cravings?  Nothing really.

Labor signs? Too early.

What I Miss?  My regular clothes.

Symptoms?  Just as I was thinking I might avoid heartburn this time around and have a bald baby, it hit me early in the morning.  Holy burning sensation.  A few Tums and I was feeling like myself again.  Also experiencing back spasms when I wake up.

Happy or Moody?  Honestly?  A bit moody.  I've never been super self conscious, but the comments about how big I am have really gotten to me lately.  So much so that I don't want to talk to people, have a hard time choosing what to wear, and cringe when people ask about my due date.  I assume they're expecting me to tell them that I'm due in November when in reality they're probably asking because they're just curious.  I've even started saying EARLY February because I feel like that sounds a little better?  It's really sad.  I hate that a few stupid comments have made me feel so self-conscious and uncomfortable in my own skin.  I'd like to think I'm a strong person who doesn't let others bring me down, but I guess the rude remarks combined with pregnancy hormones have been a bit much.  I'm sure I'll get over it soon enough, embrace my large baby bump, and move on.

BUT on a very HAPPY note (and not pregnancy related), I just read that Vertex Pharmaceuticals submitted an NDA for a drug combination that would treat the most common form of CF... this is HUGE HUGE news for those affected by CF.  HUGE.  Also, this is what I do at work - I write NDA submissions/supplements so seeing this news from Vertex made me very excited. :)

Looking Forward To?  This weekend - we have no plans (other than school for W) and I'm thrilled about that.  Also excited about the upcoming holiday season.  My second nephew is due to arrive any day now and I'm looking forward to meeting him... as well as the newborn cuddles. :)

Best Moment of the Week?  We have a name!!  And now that we've agreed, I'm second guessing it.  Ahhh... boy names are really tough for me!  Participating in Halloween festivities with W was so so much fun... It's making me really excited for Christmas festivities!  I keep picturing the tree and W coming down the stairs on Christmas morning.  I can't wait! :)  In other news, the nursery is painted and I love it!!  Woohoo!  Let the decorating begin!!

Note the random fire truck and little people on the floor. ;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our Autumn in Photos

I think this autumn will go down as one of the best EVER.  Autumn/fall (whatever you want to call it) has always been my favorite season.  But having W around and experiencing the season with him, was so much fun.  I’m so thankful for him.  Also thankful for a good night’s sleep and Starbucks – starting off the day on the right foot!  Anyway, wanted to share a few of my favorite fall photos (prepare for picture overload)…
 Visiting one of our local farms
 Pony ride... He loved the first pony ride, but wasn't sure about this one.

 Scooping pumpkin guts

 A visit from a REAL ambulance during the Halloween party
 Trying on a fellow fireman's boots
 Part of the crew
 Park fun with cousins
 Trick-or-treating in our neighborhood
 Collecting candy is serious business!
 A fall favorite - jumping in the leaves

Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

Every Sunday evening, I find myself saying, “The weekend went by SO fast”.  I think I said it more than once yesterday.  Lately, I just do not want to go to work on Mondays.  I'm not sure what it is.  I love my job and my coworkers (well, most of them ;)).  Maybe it's the busy weekends.  Maybe it's that W is old enough to realize I'm gone during the day.  Not sure, but I wish I could snap out of this funk.

I was listening to the radio on my way to work and someone mentioned that Halloween was this past Friday.  It seems like Halloween was ages ago.

Anyway, enough of that.  We had a great weekend.  Friday, the weather was terrible.  Very cold and we started off with snow.  It remained cold, but at least the snow stopped.  Nani took W downtown where the shops were having trick-or-treating and Halloween activities.  W wore his fireman costume.  He visited Papa at the bank and got his picture taken.  It sounded like he had lots of fun and I’m happy he got lots of use out of that costume. J  Also happy he enjoyed being a fireman MUCH better than a cow.
That smile... gosh, I love him.

Friday evening, I met A and W for pizza at The Silo.  We hadn’t been there in years.  It was W’s first trip.  Our pizza was delicious and we had fun seeing other customers dressed in their Halloween costumes.  Side note: maybe I’m just not fun, but I think it’s a little weird when adults dress up for Halloween.  If they’re going to a Halloween party then fine, but to dress up just for Halloween seems odd to me.

Saturday, it was my turn to take W to school.  I tried to convince him to play with more than the trucks, the rocking chair, and sandbox, but he just wasn’t interested in crafts or play dough.  So be it.  He knows what he likes. J  Afterwards, we met A for soup and salad at Sweet Tomatoes.  I love taking W there because it’s healthy and he eats for free!  Win win!  I’m also shocked that A doesn’t mind going there – he is NOT a soup and salad kinda guy.

Saturday night was the auction.  The event was at a nearby country club this year – so much nicer than years past.  The turnout was great despite a recent teacher strike and tension among the community.  It was really nice to see people coming together to support the students.  Also worth noting: jeans are NOT acceptable at a country club.  Just saying.  Anyway, there were a couple silly comments that made me roll my eyes, “you’re not going to have the baby tonight are you?”.  Umm baby would be very premature if that happened so let’s hope not.  I bid on a few items, but did not win.  Fine by me – I didn’t have to spend any money that way. J  Grandma G won a blanket for baby #2.  By the end of the night, I was exhausted.  My feet hurt and my back ached.  But otherwise, it was a great night.

Sunday was our usual.  There were park trips and outside time both days (of course).  My uncle came into town on Friday so I’m hoping he cooks something yummy while he’s here - I love his creations. J  Last night, W woke twice.  Sleep had been going much better until last night.  I officially hate daylight savings time.  Clearly someone without kids came up with that idea.  And here we are – another Monday…  I listened to Christmas music on the way to work and started working on W’s Christmas list.  I’ll understand if you judge me.