Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Randoms

Prepare for another random/pointless post.  I warned you.

This week was heavenly.  I went from dreading jury duty to being so thankful for it.  I had to report to the courthouse Monday and Wednesday, but was not selected as a juror.  Thursday and today I had to call in to find out if I had to report.  I didn’t so I’ve been working from home.  Yesterday, I sat in the armchair with a blanket, computer on my lap, warm drink, and watched snow flurries outside while I worked.  It did wonders for my spirit (and for my aching back).  Today has been much of the same.

On a related note, W continually pointed outside and said snow.  So cute. J

Since I was feeling so peaceful and happy yesterday, I snapped a selfie… 27 weeks!  Feeling great this week and embracing my baby bump no matter how large some people think it is!!

We went to Bonnie Brook for dinner Wednesday night.  W was a little celebrity as usual and I also got quite a few comments about being pregnant.  Here’s a little sample… Elderly woman: “Oh I love his hair.  And it’s not a bright red; it’s a nice red”.  Different elderly lady to W: “Oh, you are going to have a brother or sister!”  Old man with her:  “How in the world did you know that?!?”  Old lady: “I can see.”  LOL!!!  And there were several other questions/comments throughout dinner.  Grandma G dressed W very preppy knowing we were going to dinner. J

I started watching Jane the Virgin.  I hardly watch tv unless it’s a few minutes of sports or the news.  Once in a while, A and I try to catch up on New Girl, but that’s rare.  I also try to watch A to Z (love) on Demand, but again, that’s a rare occurrence.  Anyway, yesterday I watched Jane the Virgin, uninterrupted!!  And I loved it. J

My nephew arrived today!!  Welcome to the world baby T!  I can’t wait to meet him!

Speaking of babies, here’s a sneak peak of our baby’s nursery.  I’m so impatient and want it done NOW.  But we aren’t even close – I still need to purchase a dresser.  W needs to move to a toddler bed so we can move the crib into the nursery.  And I need to figure out what to do about the glider – I either need to recover the current cushions, buy new cushions, or purchase a glider second hand.  Have I mentioned that I’m not crafty at all?  The current glider has green cushions and there’s no green in the nursery so it won’t work as it.  Knowing how much there is left to do is making me very anxious.

I'm so tired of seeing Kim K's butt everywhere... on tv, on Facebook.  My goodness.  There are far more interesting/important/worthwhile things to talk about.

I just returned from a consignment sale.  I was debating whether or not to go.  I typically don't find anything at these sales and had low expectations, but I figured it couldn't hurt to look.  I came home with a Little Tykes firetruck, table and chairs, Little People train, and Little People tractor.  I'm so excited!  The items were all in great condition and all on W's Christmas list so I'm saving them until then. :)

Happy Friday!!

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