Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

Every Sunday evening, I find myself saying, “The weekend went by SO fast”.  I think I said it more than once yesterday.  Lately, I just do not want to go to work on Mondays.  I'm not sure what it is.  I love my job and my coworkers (well, most of them ;)).  Maybe it's the busy weekends.  Maybe it's that W is old enough to realize I'm gone during the day.  Not sure, but I wish I could snap out of this funk.

I was listening to the radio on my way to work and someone mentioned that Halloween was this past Friday.  It seems like Halloween was ages ago.

Anyway, enough of that.  We had a great weekend.  Friday, the weather was terrible.  Very cold and we started off with snow.  It remained cold, but at least the snow stopped.  Nani took W downtown where the shops were having trick-or-treating and Halloween activities.  W wore his fireman costume.  He visited Papa at the bank and got his picture taken.  It sounded like he had lots of fun and I’m happy he got lots of use out of that costume. J  Also happy he enjoyed being a fireman MUCH better than a cow.
That smile... gosh, I love him.

Friday evening, I met A and W for pizza at The Silo.  We hadn’t been there in years.  It was W’s first trip.  Our pizza was delicious and we had fun seeing other customers dressed in their Halloween costumes.  Side note: maybe I’m just not fun, but I think it’s a little weird when adults dress up for Halloween.  If they’re going to a Halloween party then fine, but to dress up just for Halloween seems odd to me.

Saturday, it was my turn to take W to school.  I tried to convince him to play with more than the trucks, the rocking chair, and sandbox, but he just wasn’t interested in crafts or play dough.  So be it.  He knows what he likes. J  Afterwards, we met A for soup and salad at Sweet Tomatoes.  I love taking W there because it’s healthy and he eats for free!  Win win!  I’m also shocked that A doesn’t mind going there – he is NOT a soup and salad kinda guy.

Saturday night was the auction.  The event was at a nearby country club this year – so much nicer than years past.  The turnout was great despite a recent teacher strike and tension among the community.  It was really nice to see people coming together to support the students.  Also worth noting: jeans are NOT acceptable at a country club.  Just saying.  Anyway, there were a couple silly comments that made me roll my eyes, “you’re not going to have the baby tonight are you?”.  Umm baby would be very premature if that happened so let’s hope not.  I bid on a few items, but did not win.  Fine by me – I didn’t have to spend any money that way. J  Grandma G won a blanket for baby #2.  By the end of the night, I was exhausted.  My feet hurt and my back ached.  But otherwise, it was a great night.

Sunday was our usual.  There were park trips and outside time both days (of course).  My uncle came into town on Friday so I’m hoping he cooks something yummy while he’s here - I love his creations. J  Last night, W woke twice.  Sleep had been going much better until last night.  I officially hate daylight savings time.  Clearly someone without kids came up with that idea.  And here we are – another Monday…  I listened to Christmas music on the way to work and started working on W’s Christmas list.  I’ll understand if you judge me.


  1. W is illegally cute in his fireman's costume - total doll.

    Please don't take what I'm about to say the wrong way, but you gotta loosen up girlfriend!

    Adults dressing up for Halloween being 'odd'. Jeans 'NOT acceptable at a country club'.

    You seem like a smart, hard-working, trying so hard to do the right thing kind of person.

    And I understand the pressures of being a working/pregnant mom to an active little dude who isn't yet a reliable sleeper.

    But I suspect that some of your stress comes from having too many right and wrong rules in your life.

    And the person you're probably hardest on is yourself!

    Don't waste your energy, drain your spirit, by focusing on details that don't matter in the end.

    I speak from experience - I'm much older than you, have made the same mistake myself, and am finally, FINALLY, learning how to not sweat the small stuff.

    Hope this Monday has been ok for you - and that the rest of your week is great!

    1. Totally my own opinions. I've never really been a big fan of Halloween so maybe that's why I'm not into costumes for adults. As for the jeans at a country club... I'm sticking with that. Even the auction ticket said "business casual". But to each his own..

    2. And I wouldn't necessarily say I have rules, but I do have opinions. Though I fully respect other's opinions and realize many won't agree with me... And trust me, costumes and jeans don't cause me stress. :) Work, pregnancy, etc. sure, but not jeans and Halloween costumes. I appreciate the comment. :)

    3. AND thank you for the sweet remarks on W!!