Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

Writing the weekend recap from jury duty!

I don’t have much to report regarding the weekend. 

Friday night was pizza night.  A brought home pizza for us from Bill’s Pub and the rest of the evening was low key.

Saturday, I had really intense back pain.  I was actually in tears.  It was the third day in a row of experiencing constant sciatic pain.  I was miserable and felt pathetic.  Luckily, it was A’s turn to take W to school and he basically took care of W for most of the day since I was out of commission.  I was so disappointed – I had hoped to get lots done since we had nothing planned.  I was also looking forward to lots of playtime with W.  I did manage to order W’s toddler bed, make chicken noodle soup for dinner, and take some items to a local consignment shop, but that was basically it.

Sunday, I woke up feeling much better.  I tried to take it easy so the pain wouldn’t return.  Everything I read (thank you Dr. Google) said sciatic pain was common and likely the result of baby’s position.  Read: there really wasn’t anything I could do to make the pain go away… boo.  Anyway, Sunday was our usual routine.  A spent almost the whole day doing yard work and laundry.  Poor guy.  I made cheeseburger pie for dinner, which I thought was yummy.  Kudos to A for trying it.  W and I painted turkeys for Thanksgiving.  And that was basically it.

And here we are today – waiting in the most uncomfortable chairs to see if my number gets called for jury service while working with wifi that's slower than dial up… Fun times!

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