Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jury Duty

Day 2 of jury duty!

Monday was a lot of waiting and then we were dismissed around 2.  Fine by me.  There were a couple annoying instances - couldn't connect to wifi, parking lot gate got stuck which meant no one could leave the parking lot for some time, fire alarm went off.  But all in all, it was actually kind of nice to have some down time.  The courthouse is about 15-20 minutes from my house, which sure beats my 45 minute drive to and from work.  I also got home early and was able to make a yummy dinner - cheese tortellini with tomato cream sauce.  I think A even liked it!  And best of all, I got extra time with W. :)

Tuesday, I went to work because it was Veterans Day and the courthouse was closed.  I got to attend a colleague's birthday outing, but the rest of the day was just bad.  I won't go into detail.  I do like my job and colleagues and I suppose a bad day now and then is inevitable.  But I left very upset and actually feeling grateful for jury duty.  Weird, huh?

So far today, more waiting and more hoping I don't get selected as a juror.  The temperatures were frigid this morning - in the 20s!!  And the courthouse is right on Lake Michigan - that made for a very cold, windy walk from the parking lot!  Also W didn't sleep well last night.  The first time in over a week that he's woken up in the night.  I really hope this isn't the beginning of another sleep strike.  We were on a roll!!

This post was really pointless.  That's what happens when trying to kill time at jury duty. :)

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