Tuesday, November 18, 2014

28 Weeks with Baby #2

How far along? 28 weeks!  Officially in the third trimester.  Wow!!

Size?  Baby is the size of an eggplant.

Weight Gain?  Not sure.

Gender? Baby boy!

Sleep?  Well, it was getting very uncomfortable.  I'd wake up often with back pain and leg pain.  A suggested trying the pregnancy pillow and even washed it for me (thanks, hubby!!) and it really helped!  I'm still uncomfortable, but it's not nearly as bad as it was.

Movement? Still lots of movement, but he seems to have settled down a bit.

Food Cravings?  Nothing.  As in absolutely nothing sounds good and I struggle to come up with dinner ideas.

Labor signs? Too early.

What I Miss?  My regular clothes and sleeping on my back.  Also, being able to bend over - I seem to drop things about 254 times per day and I get annoyed every time!

Symptoms?  Lots of back pain throughout the day.  Any time I sit for a period of time and then try to stand and walk, major pain.  I would always see pregnant ladies walking really slowly and wonder... now, I get it.  I think my chair at work is part of the problem.  Think I can convince them to get me a message chair?? ;)

Happy or Moody?  Happy!  Happy!

Looking Forward To?  Thanksgiving!!  Lots to be thankful for and yummy food. :)  AND I took 2 days off next week, which means I only work 1 day.  Woohoo!!  Excited about purchasing furniture for the nursery.  A and I made a trip to Buy Buy Baby and picked out a dresser and chair.  I'm waiting for Black Friday to purchase, hoping they go on sale.  I'm also so excited to start decorating for Christmas!

Best Moment of the Week?  W has been trying to say so many words lately and it's amazing to watch him learn.  He did awesome at school - playing independently, exploring the classroom, trying new activities - I was so proud of him.  Also excited about my consignment sale finds!!  And A and I noticed that W has at least 3 of his 4 2-year molars showing.  That seems like a weird best moment, but it helps explain the sleepless nights.  I love having a reason/explanation for things!

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