Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy 23 Months, W!!

I had to sign a few documents for work and as I was writing the date, I realized you are one month away from turning 2.  You are 23 months old today. 

That actually made me tear up (naturally someone stopped by my desk just as I was reminiscing and emotional… sigh) .  I’m not sure how this year flew by as fast as it did.  I thought year one went by quickly, but that was nothing compared to this year.  And even though you’ll always be MY baby, it’s pretty obvious that you have grown into a little boy.  A sweet, energetic, perfect, unimaginably cute little boy.

I was trying to come up with ways to describe your personality…  For the most part, I think you are very laid back and go with the flow.  Since you were 10 days old, Da and I have taken you everywhere.  We are pretty active and wanted you to get used to our active lifestyle.  I have no regrets about this and I think it prepared you well for several outings and adventures.  For the most part, you behave really well no matter where we are. 

Although you are laid back, you also have a bit of a temper.  Da says you get this from me, but I say it’s just your age.  When you don’t get your way or are told no, a scream often follows.  And after that, objects may be thrown, you may lay on the floor, or you may run and face the wall to demonstrate your displeasure.  Luckily, this doesn’t happen too often or last very long. 

You are also relatively quiet.  I think you can say a lot more words than you actually do, but you prefer to take in your surroundings, explore things in your own time, at your own pace.  This is especially true in a group setting – you’ll play among other children just fine, but remain pretty quiet.  With that said, every now and then you’ll surprise us by identifying a letter at school or calling out an animal sound. 

Your fine motors skills are extremely impressive – you’ve always exceled in this area.  As a newborn, you’d swat at the toys on your activity mat and always make contact.  You’ve always been good at puzzles and putting things together.  You also have an amazing throwing arm – both in accuracy and speed, which isn’t always a good thing.  Poor Addie has been on the receiving end of many thrown objects.  You don’t always understand which objects are doggy toys…

I’ve mentioned it several times, but your ability to make connections still amazes me.  It’s one of your greatest strengths.  Wearing a striped shirt and then pointing to your striped rug.  Seeing the moon in a book and then looking out the window to find the moon outside.  Seeing a picture of a barn and finding the barn puzzle piece.  I think you are very advanced in this area.

Your fine motor skills and ability to make connections are what make me think you’ll be an engineer someday.  I’m probably way off, but it’s fun to guess what you’ll be and what interests you'll pursue. J

Anyway, let’s get to your monthly update.

This month, you said lots of new words.  And hearing your sweet voice say a new word never gets old.  The list includes: deer, nine, poop, snow, toot, bone (Addie’s toy), banana, moose, bar (part of the bath tub or stairs), and many more that I’m forgetting.

You’ve gone on the potty a few times (still not ready to potty train, but we’re inching closer) and you say poop whenever you have a stinky diaper.

I believe you have all of your 2 year molars at this point.  Your Da and I have definitely seen 3 of the 4. 

You’ve become more independent/less shy in public.

We had a really fun Halloween and made the most of outdoor time while the weather was still nice.  Other than that, I can’t think of any events.

You’ve started to love soup (yes!!) and Grandma G said you ate fried rice the other day.  Still can’t believe that one.  Regardless, I’m so happy you’re trying more foods.  For the most part, you still stick to meat and cheese pizza and any fruits/veggies you eat are in puree form.

You absolutely love Addie.  You ask for her every morning when you wake up and love chasing her around the house.

You still like books, Daniel Tiger, puzzles (especially numbers and alphabet), your farm, trucks, stuffed animals, your blankies, and push toys (alligators and dog).  Your most favorite thing is being outside, but unfortunately, the really cold temperatures haven’t allowed this lately.

We had such a fun month.  And I’m sure I’m leaving out some important highlights.  It makes me both sad and happy that you’re getting older – sad that you’ll no longer be a 1 year old, but happy to experience your continual growth and learning.  2 just seems SO much older than 1. :\  You are our everything and more, little man.

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