Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Recap

Last week was difficult.  On Monday, my group was called into an urgent meeting.  I knew it couldn’t be good news when I saw that the CEO and HR department were included on the invite, but I thought maybe one of the executives was leaving the company or retiring.  We soon learned that one of my coworkers had unexpectedly passed away leaving behind her husband and 12 year old son.  It was shocking and devastating to say the least.  I attended the visitation on Thursday.  Although it was extremely sad, I was inspired by the number of people there.  The line to share condolences stretched all the way around the building.  Many of those people waiting in line were my colleagues.  It’s easy to get aggravated with the people you work with and there are definitely times when people drive me crazy.  Heck, I was annoyed with my boss just last week.  BUT this group of colleagues genuinely cares.  They’re supportive and considerate and I consider myself lucky to work with them.

Friday was a work event, but I decided not to go.  It was in Chicago and included seeing the air and water show practice – something I’m just not into.  I opted to spend the afternoon with my boys instead and I’m so glad I did.  There’s a park near our house where trees are planted for family members who have passed too soon.  One of those trees was planted for my dad.  Despite the park only being 10 minutes from our house, I’ve never taken the boys because I thought the playground was meant for older kids and I wasn’t sure they would enjoy it.  For some reason, on Friday, I decided we would go.  We found my dad’s tree and the trees of other family members and it turns out that the entire playground was rebuilt and it was perfect for the boys.  I can’t believe it took me so long to get there.  Seeing the boys play near the trees and sit on my great grandparents’ bench was very healing and just what I needed after a sad week.  After the park, we met A for pizza.

Saturday, I attended a bridal shower and then we decided to go shoe shopping for the boys.  I knew W would need shoes soon and I’ve never had S’s feet measured – he’s always just worn W’s old shoes.  Turns out S wears an extra wide shoe.  I hadn’t planned on purchasing shoes for him, but thought he deserved a pair in the correct size.  And HOLY expensive kids shoes.  I paid more for their shoes than I do for mine.  What the heck, Stride Rite??  They better last until next year!!  And sorry S, but you’re going to have to keep squeezing your feet into your brother’s wide, not extra wide, shoes.  Either that, or I take out a loan for shoes. :P

Sunday was the usual routine.

W starts school this week.  He’ll be going 3 days per week for 3 hours.  Pray for me.

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