Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Recap

Another weekend come and gone.  They always go too fast.

Friday afternoon, W had another play date with his friend, Elena.  Elena’s mom and little sister also came over.  The kiddos were all so cute together.  W didn’t play with Elena as much as he did during the first play date, but we were at our house this time so that was understandable.  At one point W asked, “Elena, can I please have my garbage truck?”.  Parenting win!!!  After that, we went over to my mom’s house for pizza.

Saturday, we decided to hit up the amusement park again.  Loving our season’s passes!  S was cranky and I’m not sure why, but we still had a great time going on the rides.  At one point, both W and S were dancing and laughing on a balloon ride.  I live for those moments.

Sunday was our usual routine.  The boys were good in church.  S made a few noises so I whispered, “S, what are ya doing?”.  To which W very loudly replied, “He’s tryin’ to poop!”.  As if that weren’t bad enough, as we were walking out, my mom asked if S had slept well.  I explained that I thought so, but the monitor had accidentally been set on W’s room so if he had made noise, I didn’t hear it.  W then asked very loudly, “Mommy, were you making noise in bed last night??”.  Mortified.  And no, I definitely wasn’t.

After Starbucks and grocery shopping, I met up with friends for lunch.  I’ve known this group of girls since middle school.  So nearly 25 years?!?!  Holy crap, I’m old.  Anyway, they are all teachers and I love catching up with them.  I wish we got together more often.  We were discussing high school and agreed that we all really liked high school, which I think is very rare. :)

On to another week.  A returns to school this week.  I’m sad the summer is coming to a close.  It went by incredibly fast.

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