Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Little Update on my Better Half

I don't necessarily talk about A a whole lot on here.  I obviously mention him in weekend recaps and when describing our family adventures, but I really try to respect his privacy.  That's also why you never see him in any pictures.  This blog has always been MY project, my thoughts.  More than anything, it's become my journal for documenting all those important family moments I know I'll want to look back on someday.

But I wanted to mention A's CF clinic appointment yesterday.  Mainly because it went well and when it comes to CF, I think all good news needs to be celebrated.  And because I'm really proud of him.

It was another clinic visit I was unable to attend and I hate that I couldn't go.  I'm determined to make it to the next one no matter what.  Ever since A was admitted to the hospital in June, I have a fear of clinic appointments.  I get nervous and worried that A's lung function will have decreased and it will result in another hospital stay.  No matter how many times A reassures me he's feeling ok, I still worry.

I should also mention that A has not been diagnosed with CF related diabetes.  He has been monitoring his blood sugar for years, but it's always been in the normal range.  He did, however, start insulin injections a few months ago.  His doctor believed it may help him gain weight.

Since I've known A, he's always been around the same weight.  I think he gained about 4ish pounds around the time we were married and has stayed around that same weight, which his doctors were relatively satisfied with.  I'd like to take credit for those 4ish pounds and say it was our marriage that influenced him to eat more, but it was all him.  Side note: when we were first married, I designed a points plan for A.  Sort of the opposite of Weight Watchers, if you will.  I am by no means a dietitian, but I thought I could come up with a plan that might help him gain a couple extra pounds.  It was worth a shot anyway.  Basically, A was awarded points for good fats and had to achieve a certain number of points each day.  It actually seemed to work really well and in a way, it was kind of fun.  We abandoned the points plan long ago, but initially, I think it was a great way to inspire A to think about what he was eating and how often.  I keep talking about this 4ish pound weight gain.  To most people, that wouldn't be much, but to A, it was really significant.  And it was important that he could maintain that 4 pound weight gain.  He's always struggled to gain weight (as most CFers do).

So imagine my shock yesterday when it was discovered that A was up 8 pounds from his previous weigh in.  8 pounds heavier than he'd EVER been!!!  He was actually weighed twice to make sure that number on the scale was real.  Also, he lost a lot of weight during the time he was admitted to the hospital.  So in a 6 month period, nearly a 20 pound gain.  That is nothing short of amazing.  I still can't believe it and I'm so proud of him!  I'm not even sure what to attribute it to because it doesn't seem like we've been doing much different.  Perhaps it's the insulin.  Perhaps A's eating greater amounts more often.  Perhaps it's because I've been cooking more... okay, I know that has nothing to do with it.  Regardless, I'm THRILLED.

A's lung function was also stable.  It was a great appointment.  I'm just sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate the good news.


  1. Why are you being so coy with us - A's preggers!

    :o) My stupid joke :o)

    Really wonderful news.

    And I bet that your upside down Weight Watches plan probably DID have a positive effect of how he thinks about eating.

    Awaiting your big baby's here news...

    1. Haha! If only guys could experience pregnancy!! I don't think they'd be able to handle it. :)

      Counting down the days until baby!! :)