Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Final Days of Pregnancy

A:  You should have the baby this week.
Me:  Why?
A:  Because the Bulls and Blackhawks are playing on the West Coast.  We would be up late with baby and we’d have something to watch.
Me:  Rolling my eyes…

Me:  How much do you think this baby is going to weigh?
A:  I don’t know.  Ten pounds?
Me:  Wrong answer.

Boss: Talking to a client... C will be leaving me next week for a much younger man.  (I'm still laughing at that one)

Colleague:  (joking) Want a donut?
Me: No
Colleague:  Hamburger?
Me: No
Colleague:  Pizza?
Me: No
Colleague:  Sandwich?
Me: No.  If my water breaks, I’m heading to your office first.  I hope I make a huge mess.  I’ll be sure to sit on your chair.
Colleague:  That’s fine.  I’ll have bottles to collect it in.
Me: You know, it could have baby poop in it.
Colleague:  Eww.... gross.  Walks away.
Me:  Mission accomplished.  I win.
(I’ve known him for over 10 years.  We have a weird relationship.)

Yesterday I was asked by 5 different colleagues, "What are you still doing here?!?".  And I was also asked by at least 5 more colleagues, "Are you ok?  Are you feeling alright?".  Everyone who walks passed my desk has something (pregnancy related) to say.  I absolutely appreciate the concern, but it's been a bit much... especially when they're implying I'm huge and telling me there's no way I'll be at work on Monday.  Challenge accepted.

And then today... I arrived to these on my desk.  My boss's wife is amazingly creative.  So so sweet. <3  My group is also taking me out for lunch.  I love them.  And they don't ask me silly questions or tell me how enormous I am so they're awesome in my book. ;)

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